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  1. Has that actually been confirmed? It could just be about her.
  2. Mine said code not available until 1300gmt. I mean, I'm at work all day but it could be downloaded on my PC. I'd own Shenmue 3!! 1300 lunch and a bit of pain trying to copy and paste a code via remote desktop I feel...
  3. There's an offers or something like that option on the profile/settings screen. I think.
  4. It's not to badness continues until you become really quite fond of it. If it follows the book anyway. There's a gentle moreishness to Pullman's storytelling.
  5. Thanks for that. Setting up Nitro, getting the GP code, cancelling Nitro felt naughty!
  6. Tomorrow's only an hour away in Japan! Can I have my code then pls!
  7. monkeydog

    Apple TV +

    I might, if For All Mankind is good and I can't fit it into a week. Also when Foundation comes on, if Goyer doesn't ruin it.
  8. I found it a bit to discombobulating in the book, but maybe that's the point. I'd have preferred something in between what we had and
  9. I've heard it might catch up with the present and then into the future. Not watching it yet. I was planning to be cheap and bing it on a free trial once all episodes are out in December.
  10. Caterpillar sex garden should be its own genre.
  11. It think they just put it out at 1080p knowing that 99% 4k set owners can't tell the difference.
  12. I assumed that the old design was due to some Jon Peter's level executive producer, but it's hard to pick an obvious one out.
  13. This horror happened in iPlayer after I finished watching EP2. No, I'm not clicking that! (or Houseshare for that matter)
  14. Do you take photos of the resume/play screen for every film you watch? I NEED TO KNOW!
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