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  1. monkeydog

    IO (Netflix Sci-Fi) - Anthony Mackie (18/01)

    Hmm. The Titan and now IO. That's some escalation in stupid 'we have to leave the Earth' plans from Netflix. Where next, the fucking Sun?
  2. I've no idea, but make sure to include "likes to Spiderman" in your profile.
  3. monkeydog

    Dune - Denis Villeneuve to direct!

    I could imagine him playing Stilgar. He's the wrong build for a Freman though.
  4. monkeydog

    Xbox One Console Thread

    I've just bought an S for my daughter's birthday. It's mostly for Minecraft, but what's the cheapest way to buy Gold and gamepass these days? Edit: oh, and sites to purchase digital codes for games?
  5. I'm glad physical media is dying. The vast majority of game discs are landfill in waiting. A total waste of plastic. There must be better solution to 2nd hand value and preservation than making millions of crappy blu ray cases.
  6. monkeydog

    Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

    I keep wanting to it to call it The Crimes of Grumbleweeds. Makes sense. I remember almost nothing about the Grumbleweeds and a few weeks after watching it, almost nothing about his film.
  7. monkeydog

    Doom Patrol

    CW really are crap at helmets and prosthetics aren't they! They always look like someone activated Goldeneye's big head mode.
  8. monkeydog

    Bumblebee - Transformers Spin-off

    I always had the impression Soundwave was a full size cassette recorder at the wrong scale. It's Blaster's fault.
  9. Fxguide have an article up about the visuals. https://www.fxguide.com/featured/why-spider-verse-has-the-most-inventive-visuals-youll-see-this-year/
  10. monkeydog

    Bumblebee - Transformers Spin-off

    Always. Even in the 80's Shockwave's* alt mode was only one step above the Big skyscraper robot. He was usually the t-shaped Cybertron lamppost in our household. * Soundwave. I won't edit out my shame and will live with it for the rest of forever.
  11. Empire's spoilercast suggested that the sequel should have a live action Tom Holland, Mary Poppins style. In the hand of the Spider-Verse team that would probably be ace!
  12. Mark Kermode mentioned the unrectified 3d look to some scenes in his review. It was his only, minor, quibble with the film. He spoke to the film makers who said it was to draw your eye to the foreground. Have to say it had the opposite effect for me too.
  13. It was 7-8Gb on PC.
  14. I really like the new night vision. It doesn't look great in screenshots and videos. In game, it has really nice layers of effects going on. Plus night sides of planets are now pitch black. Had a couple of really lovely sun rises happen in orbital cruise.

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