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  1. David Lovering is a drumming grandad god Rest of ‘em aren’t bad either.
  2. This week, this: With 5 in his last 4 games, he’s going to run out of wrestling memes before the end of September at this rate. Also, 4th goal in 3 for Kayden Jackson and one from Flynn Downes, to keep us top. Early days, I know, but I’m very much enjoying this season so far.
  3. James Norwood, ladies and gentlemen. Not one for the bland roar or fist-pump goal celebration gif. First this: ...then this, with reply from The Rock himself: Added to his apparent love of baiting Norwich fans on Twitter, the lad’s settling in well. Oh, and he’s scored one or two goals as well.
  4. The only source for that was a one line comment from Anna Gunn on the One Show when asked about the tweets. There's literally nothing else out there about them releasing their own tequila, and until they do their big reveal, I'm going to keep hoping otherwise.
  5. (If this really is tequila marketing, I’ll be sad.)
  6. ‘Ever’ might be stretching it a little, but finding a lot of beauty in the pure melancholy of this recently.
  7. A couple of things there. Not all town fans wanted McCarhy out, and a fair proportion of those who did also recognised that what he had achieved with no money to spend was amazing. Which leads onto the second thing - if wasn’t just about results or the type of football being played, it was down to a complete breakdown in the relationship between fans and manager. He was an awkward and stubborn bugger towards the end and had developed a weird siege mentality in relation to the fans. Go and watch a the video of his reaction to our goal in his last East Anglian derby - screaming at his own fans to fuck off, and they’d been nothing but behind the team that day. It was weird and sad to watch it all unravel (although a complete picnic in relation to what followed). I liked him a lot, and definitely appreciate what he did for us, but it was completely untenable by the end. On a a more positive note, seeing this kind of reaction from the fans immediately after relegation was confirmed and following the worst season in a lifetime makes me proud to follow the club, whether or not we deserve our plight in the eyes of others with a bit more distance from the situation...
  8. What went wrong was that we took a gamble on a promising young manager, who sold off our two top goal scorers plus a number others and replaced them with league one and two players, or in the case of some of the strikers, just not at all. Losing Waghorn, Garner and McGoldrick without adequate replacement was a big part of it. The level of change in the squad over the summer was crazy and even though a large chunk of the fans got behind Hurst on account of the brand of football being more attractive than what McCarthy had been serving up, the results were woeful and we were adrift well before Christmas. The club were uncharacteristically ruthless in getting shot of Hurst and bringing Lambert in, but we were in complete free fall by then. Lambert has done an awful lot right in terms of getting the fans on board despite the results, but even with the benefit of a January window (albeit with little to spend) the improvement in performances haven't been translated in improvements of results. I think most fans have faith in him to get us straight back up, but there was a bit of a wobble a couple of weeks back when he made noises at a press conf which suggested he might not be here next season. That would be a complete disaster. He's since come out and said that unless the owner sacks him, he's staying, which has settled some nerves, but you've got to wonder where the original wobble came from and whether he's not getting the support from the owner he feels he needs...
  9. Was bored of being in the championship anyway. It's been more or less a certainty for months now, but still feels like a kick in the guts. I'm hoping that this will be the kick up the arse the club needs, and I have a lot of faith in Lambert to rebuild, but fucking hell - league one.
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