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  1. Or he did he do exactly what he needed to get himself on the throne? If he hadn't revealed Jon's true parentage Dany wouldn't have been pushed over the edge, instead just defeating Cersei with a minimal amount of collateral damage and life loss in the Red Keep itself and then done her best to rule well with Jon Snow at her side.
  2. MrPogo


    This year’s done the opposite for me (albeit speaking as someone who had zero interest in it before Alonso’s first attempt); 2017 introduced me to it as a “mainly based on driving skill” event because someone I knew as an all time great came so close, but this year has said “Oh, no, actually it is another ‘you’ve got to be in one of the few competitive cars to have a shot’” thing.
  3. A lot of sites seem to consider the events of a GOT episode to be breaking news. Maybe they’ve toned it down in recent years, but during previous seasons I deleted The Guardian, The Independent and a few other random news sites from my Favourites list after I got up at 0640 on Monday morning and saw spoilerific pictures and headlines which they’d decided needed to go on the front page of the site as soon as possible after the US/2am airing. Never added them back either, despite previously being daily reads. I think on Monday I’ll be Rllmuk only (and well away from this thread!) until I’ve seen the finale.
  4. I definitely like to go into any show or movie knowing as little as possible, but the BBC an article the other week about people who actively seek out spoilers. The most common reasons seemed to be either quashing anxiety about not knowing what would happen and/or enjoying analysing the build up and spotting all the signs to what they know is coming. I do like doing that, but want to save it for a second viewing!
  5. Although in straight ticket prices it’s almost there, and cinema prices are cheaper now (at least locally. I think seeing Avatar in 3D cost me £12, but the same cinema is now £4.99 for 2D and 7.75 for the rare 3D screenings they still do).
  6. MrPogo

    Formula One - 2019 Season

    Dunno, but Hamilton would have at least continued looking for the win rather than giving up after turn one.
  7. That was just an optical illusion, cos the trees were in height order with the shorter ones closer to the water. Cut them all down and it becomes clear the land is flat. Believe!
  8. There was at least one shot where you could see into a massive city right behind Cersei. They’re definitely at the edge of the city proper rather than it just being another wall further out. It’s plausible that the trees have all been cut down at some point though, so I’ll go with that.
  9. Cinemas seem very confused about their stance on it. Odeon are running “See Detective Pikachu in 3D to get an exclusive card!” ads all over social media, but then the comments are full of people saying “but my local Odeon isn’t showing it in 3D!”, “None of the Odeons in London are!” etc. Even my local just has one screening out of the 13 a day on opening weekend in 3D, despite all the pushing for the format.
  10. For me it was mainly disappointing because when I saw the killing spree with swords I thought for a wonderful moment that they’d brought Deadpool into it.
  11. I thought he was kicked out which would have put him back in line, although it’s all a bit academic!

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