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  1. MrPogo

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    I think it usually goes that almost everyone could mathematically still win with two races to go if they managed a couple of perfect scores, but no one has come close so far!
  2. MrPogo

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    I wasn't at all suspicious until Kimi freely admitted he was at fault. No driver ever admits they're at fault. Even the most slam-dunk case against them gets no better than "it was just a racing incident, I don't see a need to blame anyone".
  3. I think they said they had a five season arc planned out, which I suppose doesn't necessarily mean the studio had guaranteed they'd fund all of it.
  4. MrPogo

    Pokemon Go

    Glad you mentioned it here. I saw a shadow this morning but just assumed it was another new mon who'd be sticking around for a while. Went out and caught one just now.
  5. MrPogo

    Pokemon Go

    Spoke too soon! No Yellow takeover yesterday, but a weird occurrence as someone knocked out just my Pokemon overnight. The rest of the line up has stayed the same (for sure; includes a mon of my brothers and a really weak Sentret), except for a new edition who’s replaced my Snorlax. Could be a random person defeated one then gave up, but I’m kinda suspecting somebody with dual accounts just made space for himself.
  6. MrPogo

    Nintendo 3DS

    And Game seemed to have switched off their Streetpass points now too (at least in Norwich), so there's really not much point lugging it around any more
  7. MrPogo

    Pokemon Go

    This is working out very nicely; each morning I've been waking up to a Red gym (my colour) with one Pokemon in it, so add one of mine. It then remains a Red gym until early evening when some Yellows kick it out - more or less earning me the full whack of coins - then at some point between when I go to bed and when I wake up the Red guy clears the gym out for me to add to again in the morning
  8. MrPogo

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    Hamilton fucked by Mercedes not pitting him then?
  9. MrPogo

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    They seemed to have pole position on the wrong side at the start. He was still in the lead by a few inches when they reached the braking zone, but because he was on the outside was the one who lost out.
  10. MrPogo

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    They almost definitely won't, but probably should (although by not issuing a "just in case" team order at this stage of the season they're pretty much guaranteeing full compliance from Bottas should it become vital later on; not ordering the drop from 1st to 2nd today means he'll be far more compliant if asked to drop from 1st to 6th and 1st to 4th in the final two races should he already be out of the title hunt and that's what it takes to get Hamilton the Championship!).
  11. MrPogo

    Smashing Pumpkins

    Yeah, that’s pretty much the best spot to be sat. It’s where I was when I saw them there in 2000. You’re going to be as close as as anyone in the general admission standing if nothing else!
  12. I was sure I’d seen it ID people (like the Delos executive woman; seem to remember someone scanning her with no idea who she was, before suddenly realising she was super important as a name came up on the screen and going into full grovel mode), but could well be wrong of course!
  13. MrPogo

    Pokemon Go

    Glorious day! It used to be half a mile to the nearest Pokestop and 1.2 miles to the nearest gym (getting to the Pokestop isn't too bad, but as a 2.4 miles round trip the gym is a bit too time consuming to do regularly), but last weekend they added a new Pokestop about a minute's walk from my front door, and today it's turned into a gym! Looks like I was the first person to ever lay claim to it too.
  14. MrPogo

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    I assume the people who voted Vettel driver of the day forgot that if not for his own fuck up at the start he’d have finished at least third.

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