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  1. I just got this bugger! Handling very carefully
  2. don’t worry, I read it. Stuff can either be delivered directly into your house storage (so pretty cool), or the Dodo will buy it at the Nook’s drop off box price (which I think is 80% of normal value? So probably not really worth bothering with).
  3. They should be able to pretty much isolate the F1 circus from the outside world; private flights, book out an entire hotel as close to the circuit as possible and no one goes anywhere else etc. I could see most governments going for that.
  4. Every system has a few classics I either wouldn’t mind playing again or even missed out on the first time round, but I generally agree. There are always more new titles to play than I have time for if nothing else! For me the biggest draw with backwards compatibility would be getting me to upgrade sooner if I could keep playing the last gen games from day one, because otherwise I tend to wait until there’s a new entry from one of my absolute favourite series before I make the switch.
  5. I heard credible rumours they rejected a buy out offer from a huge Chinese company few months ago, so I wonder if that could still be on the table?
  6. I keep meaning to check if Redd has a schedule or only shows up for part of the day etc. He hasn’t been back since that visit where he mentions he’ll be selling artwork from his boat, unless he’s only there for a few hours which don’t match up with when I’ve been playing.
  7. I’m open for a while: K2W0F
  8. But there’s a humanoid hamster living on my island Is this one of his children? What has Tom Nook got him doing to pay off his mortgage?
  9. Anyone with a half decent price open?
  10. I suppose the teams could have clearly defined race crews and factory crews and avoid the former coming back into the UK for the whole season, although I suppose the smaller the team the less able they’d be to do that, and there’s of course a big personal/family life sacrifice element to it for everyone involved.
  11. Doh, was in the queue since 8:50, and after getting the Dodo code had about 10 minutes of interference before I finally got in. I then arrived at Nooks to find it closed and the time was 22:03. Thanks for letting me try though!
  12. My big three have all been Mario based: Blown away by the amazing graphics when I saw Super Mario Bros at a friend’s house, at a point when we had a Spectrum at home and I didn’t previously know the NES existed. Blown away by the amazing graphics of Super Mario World at the same friend’s house a few years later, at that point only having a NES at home and not knowing the SNES existed. Blown away by Mario 64 in my own house when we got an N64 shortly after launch. Since then it’s all been gradual improvements rather than huge leaps, and I’ve usually seen pictures and videos before I play new games, so I’ve not had too much more in the way of totally jaw dropping moments. Certainly not on the scale of those childhood ones!
  13. Oh, that’s why a few people were leaving me NMTs as tips when I had a high sell price the other week! I was thinking “kinda cool, cos I’ll use them eventually, but I’ve got like 90,000 Nook points so don’t really get why it’s so common to be gifted these!”.
  14. I know I played Spectrum games before this (my dad and I both played Horace Goes Skiing, Sid Snake and multiple Dizzy games) and I may well have selected some myself, but this Spectrum 128k with the James Bond lightgun game was the first which was definitely mine.
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