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  1. Ah yes that makes sense like I said, hungover
  2. Fascinating read. Maybe it's because I'm a bit hungover, but he posted a line of C# that I just cannot parse: It looks like he's instantiating a variable here but I don't get what's going on there at all. The first set of brackets and first colon throw me. Can anyone shed light?
  3. I had to stop playing Elden Ring because it kept making me feel depressed. A combo of the bleakness of the map and the soundtrack.
  4. The labelling of PS1 and PS2 games is an utter disaster. Sure, they can be PS4 applications under the hood, but for god's sake, they shouldn't be labeled as such in the store or on your PlayStation's UI. They should have their own 'PS1' and 'PS2' labels and metadata tags. The fact that they have actually rolled out specific PS5 builds at all is utterly baffling to me.
  5. I beat this on Friday night. Pretty good game, a bit rough around the edges. I think I encountered 2 progression-blocking bugs, but a reboot sorted them out. The combat was a bit janky, but the presentation, and especially the excellent dialog, redeemed it.
  6. I don't understand why. Have they been a hindrance to you? I don't see how they could be. On a different note - I was thinking about the PS5s storage. SSDs are still only good for a limited number of read/write operations, right? So is the PS5s internal storage doomed to eventually fail, and in 20 years time a working PS5 will be a rare thing indeed?
  7. The new beta firmware does a great job of making it easier to quick-launch games from an activity rather than boot to the main menu. I'd really like their to be an option to launch via activities as the default behaviour.
  8. I really like how they're releasing all of the Yakuza games in one go, and they released practically all of the Ass Creed games. If they went ahead with the entire Gran Turismo series, and the entire Metal Gear Solid series, I'd be over the moon.
  9. I was hoping that they'd release huge swaths of retro games every month. End up releasing really interesting niche retro titles that I've always wanted to try since I was a kid. Oh well.
  10. I'd love to play MGS again, but the mechanic of being found kind of kills it for me. Waiting for however long it is for the guards alert to go down ( if memory serves you have to wait for both an alert and caution timer to count down) absolutely kills the forward momentum in the game.
  11. Does anyone know if there's any difference in performance between the PS4 and PS5 PS1 emulators? I'm defaulting to PS4 versions on my PS5 so they can be stored on my external drive.
  12. I've already double-dipped this game, and played the utter shite out of it. So, despite this being my favourite game of all time, I'm happy to wait for its inevitable appearance on the PSPlus game collection.
  13. Can confirm that cats heavy feel the representation in this game.
  14. Ok so this deluge of new games now means that my internal storage and my external drive (2Tb) are now full. Storage is going to be a real problem for this gen.
  15. Have they actually added every Assassin's Creed game, except the first one? What if you haven't played the series and want to play it in sequence?
  16. So we're not actually getting Dino Crisis?!? A whole extra tier only gets 2 retro games. Fucking disgraceful show, Sony.
  17. What exactly have I spoiled for you? That an actor has lost a few lbs?
  18. I kinda thought the same of Chris Pratt in Love & Thunder.
  19. I worked QA for GTA IV multiplayer, and to this day cannot control the cars in this game worth a fuck. After release, I would routinely come in last whenever I tried any multiplayer races.
  20. That final reveal was basically just lazy. Continuity via soundtrack.
  21. Just watched this. Thought it was really fun. The goats were excellent.
  22. Quackshot was nothing short of utter, utter fire. A truly superlative game.
  23. Paul Giamatti would have stomped that role.
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