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  1. I've been doing a similar RE run-through. 5 was a bit of a slog, and I've genuinely never been able to get through 6. It's such a fall from grace in so many areas. I absolutely adore the original PS1 trilogy, and loved the remakes.
  2. Eating green potted plants is a cure for all that ails you, up to and including gunshot wounds and maulings by sharks, dogs and 'other'.
  3. I loaded up and old save game in this yesterday, in the block of flats. Jesus Christ, this is one hell of a game. The tone and sense of menace hasn't aged a single day - so oppressive and bleak. Still probably the single most frightening game I've ever played.
  4. Started my 2nd playthrough of this when the patch came out, and I'm about to platinum it. What a game.
  5. Christ, I'm going to end up playing this again, aren't I. I'm a bit torn. The HD remaster is on PSNow, and I bloody love using that service. I also have the PS2 disc and a BC PS3, and bloody love using PS3 BC. Not sure which one I'll plump for.
  6. Well that's one theory blown out of the water...
  7. I'm hoping to God that Konami have seen how well Capcom have done with Resi 2 and 3 remakes, and are making a similar remake for SH1, with a view to doing similar to 2 and 3 afterwards.
  8. I heavily suspect that this will be on PSNow very soon.
  9. I'll defend Iron Man 2 until the day I die. Justin Hammer is one of the best protagonists that the MCU has had. He absolutely should have been the protagonist of Ant Man & The Wasp, instead of whoever the hell it was that Goggins portrayed. It also continued to set up the Demon in a Bottle story-line nicely, which went totally MIA for IM3. IM3 is the weak effort of the Iron Man trilogy, not IM2.
  10. I don't know anything about Agnes. I don't know why you're convinced that I do. Sorry if you feel like I'm spoiling this show for you by engaging in speculation, but it looks like a lot of the people in this thread think that you're being unreasonable in doing so. Maybe if you're so sensitive to spoilers and speculation, you should avoid this thread in the future.
  11. That's not something that I personally know from the comics, but cheers for confirming that that's what it is, thereby spoiling this show.
  12. Sorry - I realised my mistake and changed it as soon as I could. I apologise.
  13. Ok I just googled the cast and got a couple of pretty mind-blowing spoilers. And
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