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  1. Technically, I think you may be both kind of right.
  2. Panzer Paladin comes out on the Switch July 21st. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/07/scratch_that_8-bit_itch_with_panzer_paladin_side-scrolling_onto_switch_this_month Flinthook is one of my greatest games of all time so I’m looking forward to this.
  3. My favourite part of watching movies nowadays is when the end credits role and my girlfriend tells me which actors have been in Home & Away.
  4. Finding it massively depressing that a rllmuk conversation about Margot Robbie can only begin and end with Harley Quinn. If you haven’t seen I, Tonya then hush your mouth, go watch that film and come back later. I, Tonya is a superb film that so easily could have been a total disaster and yet it not only avoids the many, many pitfalls of making a film about ‘the bad guy’ (unlike American Animals which walks into them over and over like Sideshow Bob and garden rakes) but deals with it with panache and flair. She appeared on the Kermode and Mayo film show to talk about it and gave the most insightful interview. She carefully explained the risks involved in making the film and the steps they took to deal with them. She came across as incredibly talented and smart. Definitely interested in her take on a pirate movie.
  5. Out of all the montage videos I've seen over the last few days this is my favourite. Superb choice of music. And that shot of the bouncing Dortmund fans. Oh my.
  6. Is it any good? How much of a conversion is it? Does it have a lot of modern bells and whistles or is it just an up-rezzed version of the N64 or Dreamcast game?
  7. Cheers. Couldn’t find it on Freesat so changed to aerial and found it.
  8. Afrofuturism. Regardless of what you thought of it as a film (I have mixed feelings) Black Panther looked fantastic. Despite needing to stay within the safe confines of the MCU's aesthetics it still managed to look completely distinctive, not just to the MCU but to just about any sci-fi movie. I honestly thought we'd have at least one big budget game inspired by it, but no. Everything has to riff off Star Wars.
  9. Just like to point out, in all the reminiscing about great Star Wars games, this has never been beaten. Carnage.
  10. Banlieue 13: Ultimatum, whilst not being a particularly good film is staggeringly left-wing. Basically, a bunch of crime-lords and drug dealers who inhabit the titular slums join together to overthrow the corrupt, upper class government. It’s very French.
  11. I really want to like Behold The Kickmen but I'm really not sure that taking all the fun elements out of a game and making you grind to get them as rewards is a good idea. Fucking hell it is awful at the start, an absolutely joyless experience.
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