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  1. …and then the greatest two and a half minutes in the entire MCU. https://youtu.be/OxL1p99EVCQ
  2. "Gender neutral crushing disappointment every summer" raised a proper laugh, stopped dead in it's tracks by the realisation that this is unequivocally true.
  3. Ban or severely restrict gambling on their platform.
  4. The Swindle for £5.99. Yes!
  5. I think you might need somebody else.
  6. One of the best live shows I’ve ever seen on tv. She’s up there with Prince in the list of all-time-greats as far as I’m concerned. Absolutely fucking insane.
  7. What a time to be alive, in a world where we have Janelle Monae.
  8. City of Brass and Warlock of Firetop Mountain are both in the current sale. Are they any good? Reviews seem mostly positive although quite mixed for the former.
  9. I’ve definitely got the taste.
  10. I've been watching a few games but I haven't had much enjoyment from it yet. There's been some good skill and great moments but all the matches I've seen have been ridiculously one sided, attack vs defence. I'm looking forward to the knock-out rounds where hopefully the competition should be fiercer.
  11. What till you see the sequel. It’s amazing.
  12. Does three instruments count as an orchestra?
  13. I’m rubbish at rhythm games and I find Crypt of the Necrodancer to be bastard hard. BUT, it’s not the keeping time with the music aspect that’s particularly hard. The vast majority of the time you’re just tapping out a 4/4 beat and the consequence for dropping a beat is usually just losing your score multiplier. The difficulty comes from the fact that the music encourages you to make a decision with every single beat. Imagine playing a rogue like where you have to make a move twice every second. The game is actually very simple, it’s just that the pressure causes you to make hilariously stupid decisions. It’s on sale at the moment, it’s an absolute bargain and the price is worth it just for the soundtrack. The Switch is also the best platform for it. The d-pad is perfect for it.
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