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  1. The Last of Us doesn't even have waist-high wall syndrome. I remember actively thinking how organic the cover system was, and how the cover never seemed out of place from the surrounding environment. There were plenty of times I was creeping around in fear of an imminent attack when nothing actually happened.
  2. God I love F-Zero X. I'd buy a Wii U if they made a new one that had exactly the same rubbish graphics but upped the frame rate so fast that your brain fuses as you take a corner. As OCTOMAN, obviously.
  3. Flanders

    Battlefield 4

    I'm delurking for this new generation and also because I reckon Battlefield is going to be unplayable if I don't learn it with some mukkers who know what they're doing. The shift to 64 players has left me truly, embarrassingly shit. I was wandering lost around the massive maps last night getting picked off for fun while my randomer team-mates were slaughtered around me. The CODification Moz is talking about doesn't help either. I spot all the time and throw ammo and medkits aplenty. Good at following orders too, just shouldn't be relied on to fly a helicopter or even hit someone when I've seen them first. I've stuck myself on the PS4 friend list and will hit a few people up, hopefully it'll help - I loved Bad Company 2 but my first go on this was discouraging to say the least.
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