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  1. Do it in the order you’ve got there as there are things in Ant 2 and Marvel you’ll want to know before Endgame. Although if you’ve seen Endgame before it’s not a huge deal.
  2. Without spoiling anything and without knowing a huge amount about the character, isn’t that pretty much what they just made?
  3. It’s an absolute joke. 157,000 in front of me apparently.
  4. It infuriates me massively. I know that none of the retailers or Sony actually give a toss, and no doubt Game are actively happy to sell to the scalpers as was mentioned earlier, but it just sours everything for me. How hard would it be for each shop to just have a list, and hand them out in order like it’s the 20th century or something archaic like that? Might actually get some customer satisfaction that way.
  5. Seeing as I can’t find a PS5 for love nor money, I bought this in the PSN sale and have been pretending I’m playing Demon’s Souls . Anyway, it’s a bit good isn’t it? It feels like Bloodborne in a Dark Souls skin and has a load of QoL improvements over DS: Remastered which is nice. Loving it.
  6. The whole point of not having a payment method on PSN was that so when it does get hacked, whoever steals it can’t spend hundreds on V-bucks or FIFA cards or whatever.
  7. But getting my Credit Card compromised on CDKeys isn’t going to make me lose access to everything I’ve ever bought. I’m happier with the protection from the credit card company than from Sony.
  8. Mr Bean always has a special place in my heart because they filmed the swimming pool scene at my local pool where I did swimming lessons and in the car park of the local bowling alley. Simple things. Plus it’s great obviously.
  9. Apparently I can read German now.
  10. Yes you’re absolutely right and I’ve bought nearly all my credit from CDKeys so have never paid actual price for anything.
  11. From when I first got a PS4 I’ve never had a payment method saved, and turned 2FA on as soon as it was available, all due to the advice from the forum and Pockets’ experience with Watchdog. I have only ever used credit bought elsewhere to buy stuff from the store and even then usually only when it was on sale. In fact I think TLoU2 is the only game I’ve bought at full price digitally. Just through time I’ve built up a reasonable library of digital games. I now prefer to play downloaded games to minimise the faff of my 11 year old losing my disk when he wants to play something else (I didn’t f
  12. I really really wanted a PS5 and haven’t been able to find one, despite being ready at every supposed drop of stock checking every website I could. You can’t tell me that their pre-order process was anything other than a shambles. How hard would it have been for every shop that was getting some to have a list of people to sell it to rather than selling them all to the bots. I’m not paying scalper prices.
  13. I thought this was good. What I would like is an alternate version with the narration done by Charlie Brooker in his traditional wipe style, which I think would work better for a Brit audience who are more familiar. But then I really like Philomena Cunk and Barry Shitpeas so you might not agree with me.
  14. All your points are totally valid, it varies from being beautiful to janky all the time. There is an option in settings (which I don’t remember being there at the start) to have Cal auto-cling to climbable surfaces which might help? I’ve just finished my second play through. The first time I was playing it as Star Wars Uncharted and I found it really frustrating. This time (after some gaming education) I played it as Star Wars Dark Souls and got on with it better.
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