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  1. Mohiam

    Black Mirror

    I used to work for a games company in that building...
  2. Mohiam

    This is Hip-Hop.

  3. Mohiam

    Toilets in games: A Picture Thread

    "Unfortunately drinking too much lager makes your weeometer rise so you have to visit the toilet upstairs"
  4. Mohiam

    Games featuring Helicopters

    zombie zombie - 'copter/zombie set intersection
  5. Mohiam

    Games featuring Helicopters

    combat lynx - tower defence ancestor
  6. Mohiam

    Games featuring Helicopters

  7. Mohiam

    Lost - The Full Series Thread

    Jack or one of the other candidates replacing Jacob seems plausible, however not sure that this is the case for Smokey. I'm not convinced that these are two equal combatants engaged in war - it's more like Jacob has been keeping Smokey prisoner. Now that Smokey's killed his Jailor, he just needs to get out of the jail perhaps - with the temple, or something within it, being the next part of that.
  8. Mohiam

    The iOS gaming thread

    If I may be so bold as to pimp my game - its a top-down racer in the super-sprint/supercars/super off-road mold, 59p and good fun: Revs!

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