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  1. taurusnipple

    Top Gun: Maverick

    Health issues aside, it sounds like Val Kilmer has a part in this!
  2. taurusnipple

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    Dont worry, I'm sure that's Star Wars story to tell in a few years.
  3. taurusnipple

    Xbox One X

    I got my X a few weeks ago and it's loud on Gears 4, can't say I can hear it during 4k Bladerunner. I did get an extended warranty though.
  4. Enjoyed it myself and was pleasantly surprised to see it was filmed in parts of Boston too.
  5. taurusnipple

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    Guy is lost
  6. taurusnipple

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    I don't like the Sky Broadcasting team, sorry. The grid walk is really low energy, guess I was spoiled with NBC Sports. And the live video/sound is out of sync.
  7. taurusnipple

    Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    I'll never get the Renner hate. SWAT, Angel and Wind River are just some of his good stuff. I think he's great and Hawkeye is pretty cool for a grounded superhero. Don't know anything about this Ronin persona though.
  8. taurusnipple

    Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    Maybe they can do one for the villains.
  9. taurusnipple

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Just saw the full trailer, still of the same opinion. The little I saw showed a charisma void Solo. But I'm obviously biased here. I'm curious about the Falcons shape and the role of Woody, that's it.
  10. taurusnipple

    NFL 2017

    Think that's just the raw emotion of the game talking, the guy likes to play and matches Brady's aggressiveness on the field. Pats get back into Massachusetts today and there's plenty of press's oppurtunities later so we'll see. Osi Umennoyora is a Brit? I had no idea! Thanks guys.
  11. taurusnipple

    NFL 2017

    So I think this is the first Englishman to get a Suoerbowl ring? Running back Jay Ajayi just did an interview on the NFL network, that was a pleasant suprise seeing him draped in the Union Jack.
  12. taurusnipple

    NFL 2017

    Give it to Blount!
  13. taurusnipple

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Keanu Reeves trailer makes everything better guys.
  14. taurusnipple

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    I may have been interested if they used the tech to de-age like they do in the Marvel movies, but even after watching that, I can't muster ANY enthusiasm for this. Let's see what tomorrow brings.
  15. taurusnipple

    NFL 2017

    Amazing final 2 minutes to the Saints, Vikings game. The stadium is insane right now! Saints have left the field and we need to finalize the game with the extra point.

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