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  1. sam16

    Dragon Age 3: Inquisition

    Nope. The only way to get a custom world state is to use the Keep. From what they've said, direct save game importing has too many bugs for them to use.
  2. sam16


    Hey, I usually just lurk here, but I'd be up for joining the guild. My character's name is Samcer. Be warned that this is my first MMO, so odds are I'll do something stupid sometime.
  3. sam16

    Batman: Arkham City - Reviews - Post #882

    For people who want to avoid the spoiler DON'T VISIT EUROGAMER. They've got it on the front page.
  4. sam16

    Mass Effect 3

    Or it's a very large
  5. sam16

    Dragon Age 2

    There's not actually that much pre-order stuff. If you go here, it lists pretty much everything you'll get if you pre-order. The only retailer exclusive item is a belt that's being offered by the EA store over here. There are a few items you can get by signing up with your EA account. There's a belt designed by Penny Arcade over here and there's the staff used in the cgi trailer over here. If you buy Dead Space 2, there's a code inside for a version of Isaac's armor. Unfortunately, Amazon aren't giving away the pre-order items, so you're SOL if you buy from them.
  6. sam16

    Dragon Age 2

    Just to clear things up, the approval system is still in but they've changed a few things. The approval system now tracks whether you agree with a companion or not ('Friendship' and 'Rivalry') and both paths have different content. So if you disagree with a companion on something, you'll be able to have arguments with them over whatever it is and possibly change their mind on it. You can still have companions leave you by doing stuff they can't stand, e.g. Leliana and the Ashes, Alistair and Loghain, but that's independent of the approval system. You'll also be able to start romances from either the 'Friendship' path or the 'Rivalry' path and the romance will be different depending on which path you're on.
  7. That's mainly because the actress from Chuck is providing the voice for Miranda.
  8. sam16

    Dragon Age: Origins

    For the people who want a closer look at game mechanics: http://www.gamebanshee.com/previews/dragonageorigins3-1.php

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