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  1. suzzopher


    That kid is going to be something special.
  2. suzzopher


    Holding must be awful in training to not even get on tonight.
  3. suzzopher


    Mustafi had given the ball away twice prior to that, surely Holding should have been given a go?
  4. Really looking forward to that. Good price too.
  5. I only got an Xbox One S in September and have absolutely loved it since then. Game Pass has greatly changed how I purchase games now and play games in fact.
  6. Mr Driller Drill Land trademarked in Europe I hope this is for Switch.
  7. Super Soccer on the SNES app?
  8. Dragon Quest all day long.
  9. The producer on Devil May Cry said to lool out for more info on DMC3 for Switch on the 16th...it’s happening isn’t it?
  10. suzzopher


    Massive improvement in the second half. Once Ozil got on the ball more often it changed the game. Really missed Terriera in the midfield.
  11. suzzopher


    Well this incredibly scrappy. They’re all panicking whenever they get the ball.
  12. I’ve been playing Fable II recently and despite the bugs I’m enjoying as much as I did back in 2008.
  13. Thought that was Playground Games? After playing Sea of Thieves I’d like to see Rare make Fable.
  14. suzzopher


    Yeah he’s been solid.
  15. suzzopher


    We wasted two seasons effectively on Emery. That’s on the people in charge of the club. They made the wrong appointment and have gone back to the man they should have appointments instead. What a joke the people running the club are.
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