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  1. Muz

    4K Blu Ray - anyone collecting?

    I keep seeing youtube black friday video's for 4k discs on sale for $8-$10 from amazon, bestbuy etc whereas over here I can't find any decent sales. Does anyone import from the states (or elsewhere) at a decent price?
  2. I got a seed from the campaign and two more from blind well for my titan so I'm guessing you can do that. Of course, if there is a non rng way to get a seed then even better
  3. Only during a raid do you get panic quotes such as 'Sorry guys, had to shout at my dog as he was sucking his own cock'...resulted in a wipe as so many of us were laughing. Raid is amazing so far
  4. I see - I thought getting the nodes for sleeper was bad!!
  5. Are these the weapons you get from the vendor engrams? You can buy the relevant materials from spider and cash them in... I spent 200 shards on mats and got 3/4 back after sharding everything I didn't want to keep
  6. This made me laugh http://www.kotaku.co.uk/2018/09/14/the-top-five-loot-drops-in-destiny-2-forsaken
  7. Cheers guys. Will be on later in the afternoon for a few hours if anyone is about
  8. How does infusion work? Can I only infuse a scout rifle into a scout? wtf is a data lattice?!
  9. I see... Thank you. Also, is it still possible to join the clan? On PS4
  10. Guys can someone advise me if I have any options here please?... Last night I digitally ordered the forsaken collection for £55. I just read that destiny 2 is now free on ps+ so I imagine that if I got that then forsaken would only cost me £40? Am I missing something? Can I get a refund and do this?
  11. Just bought the forsaken collection, very excited (and oddly nervous due to fear of addiction) about jumping back in with everyone!
  12. Muz


    Just completed this for the first time last night. Needed something I could play whilst being knackered from the kids... Ended up completing it in one go and my wife sat up to watch it all! Loved it... I can see why headphones are being suggested. We had a chat a couple of times through it and that took away the immersion
  13. Muz

    4K Blu Ray - anyone collecting?

    Where is everyone buying from? Amazon?
  14. Muz

    Clash Royale

    On another self imposed exile guys so feel free to kick me. Hoping I can hold out for good but I'll likely be back in soon
  15. Muz

    Burnout Paradise

    Given I've just completed forza horizon 3 (loved it but got a bit sick of the volume of challenges), is this different enough to warrant a purchase?

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