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  1. I play pretty regularly and would love to team up - I enjoy BR solos but much prefer team stuff. I'm on xbox - I'll add you Swallow
  2. Muz

    Xbox Series X

    Do microsoft tend to offer decent deals with games/accessories or everything is just rrp? (though with an immediate £80 saving it turns into an amazing deal already)
  3. Did you complete it? Really debating whether to continue or not
  4. I'm on chapter 9 and about 15 hours in. Apart from a few nostalgia hits i did stop yesterday and wonder if I'm actually enjoying any of it... Clearly if I'm wondering the answer is no. It has felt really padded so far and i get so little time to game that I'm considering stopping even though ff7 is one of my favourite ever games... I'm compelled to carry on but am finding it a real slog, especially when I'm aware I'm probably not even half way through. Might stick it on classic and just get through it to see the story out
  5. Modern warfare single player campaign. 8/10 I've had the disc for a while and never bothered with the campaign. It was brilliant! Linear but didn't outstay its welcome and had some clever set pieces. We'll worth going through given it only took me 6 odd hours
  6. Will you get charged for an exchange rate fee? Think that happened to me when I bought a game off the Russian store and the hit made it almost the same cost as UK eshop so I haven't bothered since
  7. I agree that there is a lot of fiddling. Was there map voting on previous COD's? I have no idea why they don't have this as an option - I initially thought it was because they were concerned about everyone voting for small maps and therefore getting ahead of the intended xp gain curve but they've had shipment and shoothouse on there for last couple of weeks. I also agree that this new solos mode is great - for someone who is average at the game, I'm getting into more engagements and learning more about how to win battles. I know there were reports of 50 million players but when trying to play trios/quads with my mate, the majority of the time we don't get a third/fourth member so I wonder if they restrict warzone playlists to safeguard from fragmenting player bases and empty lobbies - doesn't make sense though given most people are playing with crossplay.
  8. Plunder (if you don't mind it) - is great for xp. Even if you're solo, just run around doing contracts and you'll also level guns at the same time. I got bored with it but was surprised at the amount of xp you can get. It seems like matchmaking and lag are a bit better but I haven't played much last couple of days to know for sure. My mates are sadly against trying again because their first experience was so awful and rarely does everyone get a hall pass at the same time
  9. Got three old mates together for the first time in years to play this last night...absolute mess which ruined an evening. Laggy, audio would die (we were using crossplay chat) and matchmaking sometimes took 10 mins. We had one game where we were in the last 3 squads and one guy came into a house solo and then disappeared - when he reappeared 3 of us were suddenly dead and my mate panicked and lost the 1v1. I'm completely naive about programming but given how few issues there were prior to the patch (for me at least) and that it's a patch, by nature you would assume most of the code would remain the same so I wonder how it's gone from excellent to a mess within a one week update. Also none of my challenges are tracking which is annoying as I'd spent some time trying to get the new LMG and then it just resets to 0 everytime I log in. Rant over - great game, hope they fix it before it becomes too frustrating to go back to.
  10. Yep - been awful for me and it was great before I updated
  11. I have managed 5/15 on the challenge but I have no idea of what counts...googling it suggests all of the options: only you in smoke, only enemy in smoke or both you and the enemy must be in smoke! So from what you're saying, I'm better off popping a smoke by my feet and then getting kills whilst inside it? Enemies don't need to be in the smoke?
  12. I've had terrible lag and often end up on my own when trying quads or trios - it definitely doesn't seem as smooth or efficient as pre patch to me
  13. I'd love to play with more forumites as randoms are driving me insane - why join quads or trios if you are just going to run off solo, die, quit and repeat?! Whats the best way to group up? Add people as friends or join the regiment?
  14. I'm assuming online coop will be platform restricted? Nothing concrete came up when I googled about crossplay
  15. It's brilliant - I played it on gamepass and felt it would have been a perfect switch title. I hadn't played the first one though it's not a story heavy game
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