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  1. Sorry to burst into the thread this late with such a basic bitch question but: is this a turn-based game that can be played slowly?
  2. Totally addicted to TITS at the moment. Finished I yesterday and already started on II. The friendship bond stuff is activating some Persona pleasure centres. The games are very ‘talky’ but the dialogue is good enough to justify that. Even the non-essential stuff like cooking is enjoyable. Recommended to anyone who misses old school JRPGs.
  3. New Thom Album is streaming now. I like it loads
  4. I really wish Switch did cheevos. I know that they’re bullshit and all that but I love them
  5. @SpagMasterSwiftis that the white vinyl pressing?would quite like that
  6. The eleven minute funk improv track is quite fun, with Thom going “it’s like Station To Station!” (It’s really not like Station To Station}
  7. Yeah that’s some hot tat. The mug and the drink mats are things I would like to own.
  8. I don’t know how to embed twitter links! Search @perpetua
  9. No chat around the 18 hours of OK Computer sessions that’s leaked? I’ve been listening to a condensed playlist of the highlights that Matthew Perpetua put together. It’s very enjoyable although I don’t know if I like any of these versions more than the released stuff, but Airbag done in a High And Dry style is cool.
  10. Me too, but maybe there’s not enough buttons
  11. Oh god now I want Morrowind on the Switch
  12. I love Day Of Radiance! So good to have a non-noisy pressing of On Land though.
  13. Hard to get tickets for this If I see it in 3D will I regret it?
  14. I’m psyched AF for RSD tomorrow. There’s never any RSD release I want (maybe the 808 State or the Bark Psychosis, neither of which I will see) but it’s always a great day in Melbourne with bands playing at all the stores. My favourite store always has a discount on all their stock - last year I got the first Dr Octagon, Can’s Landed and the first Black Moon LP. Zero interest in a Stones compilation on orange vinyl but.
  15. Really enjoying the new These NewPuritans record. Less quiet and Talk Talky than Field Of Reeds but still feels like a step forward
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