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  1. What's the betting it uses the exact same battery, and the paltry gains are simply due to the smaller screen?
  2. Good to see Nintendo have at least learned a bit of forward thinking as far as their control methods go. I remember being astounded when I couldn't use the Wii U pro controller on NSMBU. (EDIT: this is in ref to the fact Odyssey has a fall back to non-motion controls)
  3. It does, I guess perhaps the smaller size means it wouldn't fit existing docks, and they don't want to make a new one? Also saved a few pennies taking out the relevant components, no doubt.
  4. On the bright side though, it will be good again in 2026! https://www.whencanireusethiscalendar.com/?y=1998
  5. Yeah, I remember the old Jet Set Willy bug where if you jumped onto another screen and hit an enemy it would respawn your next life at the same position and trajectory leaving you to howl in rage as you watched all lives burn away in the exact same way. Or how about this, jump from screen below directly into unseeable spikes. Good times.
  6. I really like how they explicitly show you the flow chart. Makes a decent metagame of scouring it for clues as to how to unlock the paths you haven't seen (and also stops you wasting time when you have found everything). I always liked in the Telltale games and Life is Strange how you got your choices laid out along with player percentages, this improves on that.
  7. Well like I said, the VERY DAY his video game out, with the extract where they say that "your peers have to see that clan members are spending money.. it has to be normalised", Clash Royale came out with an update adding these very mechanics. When you buy a "season pass", it plants a big banner in clan chat saying you have bought it, and your name appears in shimmering gold in clan chat. Exactly as the guy described the technique. So if it's not a strategy that works, Supercell didn't get the memo! Like that except the gold animates shining. Subtle it ain't!
  8. To be honest, I feel this is an example of a "not even wrong" argument. I have no idea what metric you are using, so have no idea how I could hope to prove or disprove what you are saying. Anyway, as I said, totally not what this thread is about, but by all means make a thread for discussion about how CPU architectures have developed. There's some knowledgeable tech guys on the forum could probably add a lot to it.
  9. I think what centurion is saying, in as far as he is saying anything, is that we shouldn't weigh the simplicity of a system in the judgement as to whether it is retro or not, as he contends that old chips like the 6502 are actually more complex than newer chips like ARM. I think this is both largely irrelevant to the topic, and wrong, as even if you consider the instruction set to be simpler (it isn't), the newer chip runs many order of magnitudes faster, and contains such sophisticated caching and prediction mechanisms that even the creators of the chips did not foresee the consequences of the implementation (see SPECTRE and Meltdown vulnerabilities). Also, his claim that the Amiga custom chips can out-perform modern graphics cards in certain specific aspects was last true circa 1995. The proof of this being trivial in the existence of perfect Amiga emulators.
  10. Games companies are 'worse' because they target children and vulnerable people, and use bait-and-switch tactics to lead people to gamble in situations they wouldn't normally expect. An addict knows to avoid a casino, but what happens when his favourite gaming series suddenly grows loot boxes? Sterling's points out the increasing costs argument is bogus too, as the reason they need more money is because the licenses get dearer, and the licenses only get dearer because the series is making more money. Due to gambling.
  11. I've tried to be even-handed of stuff like Antstream - I was a streaming sceptic, but I tried Playstation Now and was able to get a playable experience, so I am open to the fact the latency might not matter as much as we think. So no doubt Antstream can provide a playable experience for retro games. But good god, "no-one can name a law of physics" is one the stupidest things I have read on this forum. And I'd be happy if I never saw the word boffin again.
  12. Yeah, normally they don't do stuff like that, guess it's just cos it was a last minute swap.
  13. Yeah, it does figure. Stings a little more now I am paying actual money for the online, mind!
  14. Yeah, no one does branching stories like "Le Producteur", that's for sure. Something Telltale always struggled with - if you had to choose between character A and character B to live, then no matter who you chose, you know that the guy is on borrowed time anyway and will be exiting stage left before the end of the episode (or more likely, end of the chapter). With a Cage game, it's all up for grabs.
  15. PES has suddenly been swapped for Detroit: Become Human! Weird, but that works for me. https://blog.eu.playstation.com/2019/07/02/detroit-become-human-and-horizon-chase-turbo-are-your-playstation-plus-games-for-july/
  16. Yeah, complete a rota of selfless volunteers required to play a roster of terrible courses, all for the common good of forumites family life!
  17. Haha, the ultimate nerd comeback for an Apprentice contestant. King Sugar, or whatever the hell moniker he goes by these days, points at you: "You're fired!" "OH REALLY ALAN DID I PRESS THE 4,8 AND 9 KEYS AT THE SAME TIME?!?! BUUUUUUURN" Cut to Alan's face of utter, total incomprehension. (And even then, you'd be more lucid than Katie Hopkins.)
  18. My kid has made some levels which are sitting at a sad zero plays, so I logged on as myself to type in his codes and play them, only to find it doesn't seem to count as a play (count stays at zero, doesn't record my time), or let me like them - is this some sort of block against liking levels created by the same family account? If so, Nintendo really seem to focus on the wrong things sometimes. Or am I just doing something wrong?
  19. I think this is known as 'ghosting'. Some keys are on the same matrix, so when you press multiple keys it registers a ghost fourth. Or possibly jamming, Wiki gives the goods as ever: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rollover_(key) To link this into the retro theme of the thread, later spectrum models suffered very badly from something like this, with all a lot number keys being linked in this way. No big deal, except some fuckin' genius decided the best way to implement Sinclair joysticks would be to translate the directions to number key presses. So for Joystick 1, it used 6-0, for joystick 2, 1-5. Moves made on one joystick would cause ghost moves on the other. This made playing two player games actually impossible, despite there being two joystick ports. Possibly it was only Amstrad speccies that suffered from this, good old Alan Sugar mark of quality.
  20. One of the more inisidious techniques enumerated by that CEO sleazeball was the peer pressure one - where you make sure that everyone knows when their friends are spending money to normalize it through peer pressure. Then I fire up Clash Royale, who just this very day introduced a season pass - which when you buy puts a big banner in clan chat, and makes your name shine in gold!
  21. JPickford no doubt doing a comprehensive set of wrist and finger exercises right now, getting ready. "I gots me some serious NEGGIN' to do today"
  22. If it's like the 3DS version, it'll have multiple difficulty modes, infinite continues, and an option to start on any stage.
  23. Kinder eggs aren't illegal because of the gambling though, it's cos you aren't allowed to mix 'candy' with non-food in case some poor little tot chokes down the model car. Insert joke about stupid Americans/Brexit banning Kinder eggs here. (I think the crap two half-section egg you see sometimes is the approved US version?)
  24. There was an interesting article about this on the PS blog. It has an English dub (unlike Yakuza), and original audio which is the way I imagine us connoisseurs will all be playing it ;-) https://blog.us.playstation.com/2019/03/07/judgment-launches-june-25-how-the-yakuza-spinoff-reinvents-localization/ Thankfully, they did the subtitles twice, and didn't just re-use the English subtitles on the Japanese track. I didn't even consider that would be an option! Good to see them going the extra mile on this.
  25. There was a good review of a book in the Guardian recently which (paraphrasing) said something like "It comes with a recommendation from Stephen King but these are so easy to come by these days you could probably get him to put in a good word for you on your parole form" which tickled me.
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