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  1. SozzlyJoe

    PlayStation VR

    God, RE7 is amazing, isn't it? Just an incredible feeling of being there!
  2. I love how you guys threw out the rulebook and took the camera away from the player to linger on and watch the crash (I see you are doing it again in your new game!) Such a ballsy move, totally seems like it shouldn't work, but who wouldn't want to watch a massive pile up you managed to cause? Somehow it never got old! (And also was kind of even a game mechanic in itself as you could trigger it before a tough bend and let the CPU take you round it!)
  3. SozzlyJoe

    Gaming for free....

    I think buying the lowest tier of every single Humble Bundle is as close to free as makes no difference and you'd have a stack of (mostly very good) games.
  4. SozzlyJoe

    Clash Royale

    A fair perspective, and a less cynical one than mine ;-) Can't deny the value I have gotten out of this game over the years and the fact it is still engaging me after all that time is incredible. Ain't that the truth - I did a double take at that £99.99 pack they had on the shop recently!
  5. SozzlyJoe

    Edge #327 | Nintendo

    I agree - and if you think about it, given the restrictive nature of the Tetris license the speed is literally the only gameplay variable they are able to tweak between levels (of the main mode anyway - they go for it with Mystery mode and others). Shows how much work the aesthetics are doing!
  6. SozzlyJoe

    Clash Royale

    What do people think of the new update? Not sure I like the new "battle pass" style idea for the tournaments - you get your free tier rewards, or can pay extra for the premium tier of rewards. Seems like a bit of a grab to drain everyone's gems. Unless you are a whizz at tournaments you will get basically slightly more than what 500 gems worth would buy you of coins anyway, so it seems to be just a way of forcing your hand to get rid of any you have hoarded. I suspect they are moving to embrace microtransactions more (you can buy single emotes with gems now) and want to clear you out of them so you start to buy them with real money. I do like the leaderboards with your clan mates on though.
  7. SozzlyJoe

    Fallout 76 - Prepare Your GaaS Masks

    Item duplication is running riot too. One guy logged in and he found he had literally hundreds of items he only had one of before. The engine is so obviously so badly geared for online, they must do as much as they can client side and only sync occasionally. Hence you get people crashing and somehow losing half an hours progress - if it was server side you would never lose that much. Bethesda games are known for their huge and unwieldy item databases - it's what fucked New Vegas and the PS3 version of Skyrim and they were only single player! I can only imagine the horror of trying to sync that across clients.
  8. SozzlyJoe

    Fallout 76 - Prepare Your GaaS Masks

    I had a look at the last two places that were cheerleading the game (ResetERA OT and the FO76 subreddit) and even they are at the end the their rope. The last patch made things even worse. You have to get your character naked before you log out or else when you log back in your carry weight is messed up. Paid for skins went invisible. One poor chap spent 8 hours grinding some material for a mod, only for said mod to auto-scrap for 2 steel when he was making bullets (he was since informed that the material he was grinding was not even required, it was just randomly greyed out in the GUI). Some other guy unloaded a days worth of loot to a vendor, only for the game to crash and when it came back all his sold loot was gone, but he didn't have the caps for it. You have to laugh really.
  9. 3DS can't die (or rather, the 2DS now), it's their budget option. Switch is still too damn dear to buy for smaller kids, I think. It'll need to be cheaper before they can converge on that as a single platform.
  10. True, mentally I had that as out already as I keep seeing the bundles popping up. And give them their due, that does seem to be a proper 'new' version, and not the Wii U one over again.
  11. I admit I am surprised the Switch has been as popular as it has been, fair play to them for flogging that horse. Do you not feel the wheels are starting to come off though? I mean, the next big release is NSMBU FFS, does that not feel like they are coasting?
  12. Mario Kart is as much a symptom of the malaise as a plus point for Switch, I feel. MK7 on 3DS isn't that different, and MK8 on the Wii U really isn't that different. There's your portable/couch portable/TV setups all covered without the need for to upgrade.
  13. Haha, I hear that. Same game you got for free 3 years ago on PS+ (probably PS4 and Vita crossplay too) and never played? Now it's on Switch for £19.99 we're all over it #PerfectForSwitch That's my only real gripe with it though, the Switch tax (and the fact they seem to be coasting on Wii U do-overs). It does have a lot of lovely games, and is a very nice little machine.
  14. SozzlyJoe

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    I imagine the only reason they would do that is if running under those settings is somehow unstable? DF seemed to think the only logical reason for forcing 50Hz mode was that it couldn't run fast enough for 60Hz. I guess we'll see! Anyway, one positive is that a machine this slapdash will surely have no security to speak of.
  15. Agree with the slight dissonance around American Louis, though at least for actual French words and names he has a stab at the correct pronunciation! I also think the balance is a little messed up, and some of the gameplay systems don't quite hang together (like, it is supremely easy to get at least level 1 of every single talent then cheese your way through just about everything with consumables). I forgive them for it all though, it's such a unique and daring game concept. Really makes me look forward to what they come up with next - hopefully they can build on the success of this (assuming it was successful...)

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