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  1. That photo looks very 'Tales from the Loop', I imagine if you crawl inside you'd start aging backwards or something.
  2. I think the cruelest prizes these days are those radio ones where you have to answer the phone with some stupid phrase to win. Imagine getting rung at 8am and you answer the phone half asleep "hello" and some twat roars at you "oh noo! that's not the phrase we wanted, I'm afraid you don't win the £10,000" <click> <brrrrrr> Now how's that for a way to start your day. Imagine if your were in financial dire straits, and that happened. Surprised someone hasn't went straight into the garage and strung themselves up.
  3. Hey, this is actually pretty cool! The leaderboards and challenges are great. Played a bit of SlamTilt, latency seems fine. I'm unlikely to dip too deep into games this old but its fun to have a go with.
  4. Good call on Void Gore! Had great fun playing this last night. I love how the upgrades just ramp it up until you are spraying the bullets like a firehose! You'd think it'd be boring with the fairly limited enemy set but the gameplay is so pure. It's like one of those old fashioned game and watches, it just has you do what you need to do then gets faster and faster and faster til it breaks you. And I'm 5th best in the world at it, I must be amazing (I guess it is also possible no-one bought it yet). I wish they had put more thought into the trophies though. Popping a platinum after
  5. Something odd about CEX and the digital model. They say they sell them for £360 which is.. RRP?! But they are out of stock! And if they are only offering £220 they aren't trying very hard to get them in. Odd.
  6. IIRC it more or less holds up for the main game, you might be able to get away with one or two DLCs too. It's more down to length of time playing, it seems it keeps spawning new objects that eventually overwhelm the PS3s paltry RAM. Choose wisely!
  7. THIS IS THE ONE THING... etc, etc. In theory I suppose an RPG should allow you to roleplay as a disgusting creep if you want, but he should at least have tried to disguise it a bit with a few more innocuous options too. More intrigued by this calling the enclave fascists issue being too 'on the nose'. Who are they afraid of offending there? Fascists? The Enclave?
  8. Done to great effect in Dishonored 2 as well. Wonder who came up with the idea first, as on the face of it one of them is a rip off of the other. But maybe it was one of these fortuitous parallel developments.
  9. Don't watch the dub man! You can pick subs instead in the audio menu. It's watchable, though really quite ludicrous.
  10. Some of the side missions are actually the best, the main line ones weren't great I agree. Do the investigation ones at least. The rendition of Paris and sense of place is amazing, I enjoyed it just for that. But it did mark a dip for the series storytelling. It started to go so far into alt-history that it popped out the other side back into just normal history. Like the Templars are the Revolution and the Creed is on the side of the aristocrats? Not sure that works at all. The nadir of this was in Syndicate where you get missions from Queen bloody Victoria. Thankfully they jacked
  11. Although it very easy to fake such a thing given the order screenshots have all identifying info blurred out. Before Christmas there was a pretty funny meme on Twitter where people would pretend to be scalpers and post obviously internet sourced pictures of various freaky looking people saying 'just dropped off a PS5 to another satisfied customer'. Trolling, in other words. And this 'carnagebot' is trying to extract money from people for their bot service, so it could well be a fake.
  12. It's fine, good to keep abreast of the fact that somethings are started to move if nothing else. Personally, now I have missed Christmas I am going to just wait however long 'til I can get the plain console instead of being suckered into a bundle. (Before Christmas, desperation might have kicked in).
  13. Sadly, I have to agree. It has an almost kids TV vibe to it (except they swear a lot so it isn't). Very simplistic, one of those dramas where the omniscient hero makes complicated plans where everybody does everything he expected them to do at just the right time, and even the things that look like fuck ups are part of the plan.
  14. Nice attempt to quarantine then Eneloops chat to its own thread! Anyway, all I can say on the matter is even though I have had a few PS3 controllers (no PS4 yet) die on me likely due to the battery, I never thought "If only I had spent the previous three years repeatedly rotating chargeable batteries from charger to controller I could have avoided this sad state of affairs"
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