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  1. Fortnite

    They changed the game logic recently so the local device (console or PC) isn't processing the entire game world at once, only what is visible. This greatly improved performance on consoles and I suspect what paved the way for this 60fps mode (it did lead to visible pop in of objects though, but I suppose you have to make some sacrifices). The rest of that stuff stays on the server where it belongs. So while I agree Fortnite Switch is probably a pipe dream, never say never!
  2. Yeah, add them to your Library regardless, you never know. Besides, silly to complain about something extra - it's not taking a slot from regular games.
  3. Nintendo Switch

    They pulled that trick on the 3DS too, different screen types, one of which had a distinctly yellowish tinge. No way of telling which one you would get!
  4. Fortnite

    Their decisions aren't bad ones in themselves, it's just the lack of notice means that you will quite likely have acted on the old information (i.e. squandered V-bucks or bought tiers). Myself, I'm just annoyed because I keep announcing Fortnite based info to my kids like some sort of oracle then Epic change it making me look like a right chump. Cynically, I wonder if they are delaying Season 3 as they haven't got the stuff for it ready yet!
  5. Fortnite

    I'm in the same boat. Only the main account can get it! My kids were gutted, even though the skin is the most vanilla thing you ever saw. In other "Epic don't do what they say" news, they have changed the end date for Season 2 to the 21st (think it was the 19th before). I suppose whether you welcome that depends on your circumstances.
  6. Disable 'Featured Content' on your PS4!

    Stupid feature. I guess it kind of harkens to some imagined future where super-fast internet flows like water and you don't notice or care that 14 Gigs downloaded itself. I don't get this concern with data caps though. If you are on a data cap and running consoles, you are already dead, what with patches and outrageous game download sizes.
  7. Fortnite

    Grind them (ridiculously slowly) or buy them. It's probably a better system over all to have the battle pass as V-bucks, just be better if they hadn't said you had to use real money until 4 days before! Though of course, as with all games with virtual currency, the cost of the item never matches the size of any of the amounts you can buy. Odd that.
  8. Fortnite

    Those lying shites. My kids frittered all their v-bucks on useless crud.
  9. Is "Game" finished?

    I've seen PSP games in Poundland before, alongside the DVDs. Obviously they just buy warehouse contents of unsold stuff as a job lot and try to flog it on, interesting to see how their more targeted approach works. I hope it's just not old FIFAs and shit like that.
  10. Nintendo Switch

    I held it down, but from looking at videos people just do a quick press. I thought that was the sync button, TBH. I'll try again when I get home, cheers.
  11. Nintendo Switch

    My right joycon won't sync any more, anyone had and resolved that problem? Works when connected, when not the sync light just spins listlessly and nothing. Hoping its not a repair job. Tried the usual restart/resync but no help.
  12. Fortnite

    It was on Fortnite itself - when buying the first one it said something like "all future battle passes must be bought via microtransaction" or some such. This seems to confirm : https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/forums/battle-royale/royale-with-cheese/133275-battle-pass-season-3-questions
  13. Fortnite

    Got bad news for you, bud. Only the first one was to be buyable with V-bucks, all subsequent will be for real money.
  14. Fortnite

    If you push square you get some stats, and see your gained XP. Strange how low key this is, when games like Overwatch and COD fire it your face. Nice in a way, to actually downplay levelling up and unlocks (somewhat spoiled by the fact some costumes cost TWENTY QUID).
  15. Fortnite

    No-one's saying Fortnite isn't a rip of PUBG, we are just saying we don't really care. Games have cloned and riffed off each other since time immemorial (what if CS:GO or whoever had 'copyrighted' the idea of a no-respawn free for all mode?). Fortnite brings something of its own to the table. You're just choosing to ignore the building aspect of it, as others have pointed out that has become an absolute key part of the game. And saying that its only so popular because PUBG is not on PS4 rather overlooks the fact they accepted a deal from MS to make this specifically the case.

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