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  1. Yes, it will always be triangle to start the action (the may be further QTE style prompts after that though). It appears fairly central in the screen, it should be hard to miss! Best to try it when holding a weapon and heat charged, it will definitely happen then once you get close enough to an enemy. EDIT: By jove, I checked it and am lying to you. It's top right, could see how you could miss it:
  2. Heat attacks you can do by building up your heat meter until it glows, then when you have an opportunity to perform one you will see a triangle prompt. Easiest way to trigger this is if you are holding a weapon, these all have their specific heat attacks. The environmental ones can be much more situational (standing beside a wall for example). That's the basics of it.
  3. SozzlyJoe

    Atelier Series

    I think if you get to the 'post-game' you can indeed do this. It's the type of game that invites two play throughs, the first to get a handle on it and the second to do it RIGHT. @Flub I guess it is too early to say, but how does it work with no time limits, are you given tasks and then graded on them but the game continues regardless? Or have they relaxed into more straightforward JRPG mechanics?
  4. SozzlyJoe

    Atelier Series

    It depends on the game, but it generally translates into getting the proverbial "bad ending", and/or the game ending without opening up new post-game areas. I think some of the earlier games have a succession of hard deadlines throughout, which would lead to game overs. Rather like the Persona games actually. Thinking back I had a lot of fun with the ones I played, gameplay is solid and aside from the pervyness they are pretty good natured, but totally agree with @deerokus, probably a couple of them is all you ever need to play as they are very samey.
  5. SozzlyJoe

    Atelier Series

    I mean, it's not the worst out there. There's just always this background anime level pervy-ness. Tied to the fact that the characters are teenage girls (with age bumped from 14 to 17 in the 'translation', now there's a red flag) it's not a game you might find entirely comfortable playing. But it's all Carry On level stuff.
  6. SozzlyJoe

    Atelier Series

    I played two of them on the Vita. Gameplay is very enjoyable, and it's a good solid RPG series. Suprisingly demanding too, you can drift your way through the game thinking you are doing ok only for it to tell you at the end you failed miserably. That difficulty does not manifest up front, particularly as the battles are (for the most part) pretty easy. What you need to be doing to pushing yourself forward at as breakneck a speed as possible, unlocking new areas and items. In a way it's worse with the games with no time limit as you only realise what you should have been doing when you get your final grade! I haven't played the more recent ones above though. It's got the whole creepy sexualisation vibe going too, which is off-putting.
  7. The soulsborne games usually beat me, though it's never at a boss. I will go through whatever blood sweat and tears are necessary to defeat whatever boss I get as far as, then be so drained by the experience I can't quite get the mental reserves to start the next area. Also Persona 4: Golden beat me - I had completed it on the PS4 so rather foolishly decided to do the new play through on the hardest difficulty. I got a fair bit in, but the amount of grinding required is ridiculous (not sure it's even possible!)
  8. I'm going to wager he thought he was in The Witcher thread. I don't know where Deputy Willie fits in mind!
  9. SozzlyJoe


    Yeah, I imagine they were forced to do it by something contractual and just couldn't be arsed to get engaged in it. Reading between the lines, the journalist was not impressed and let a little of that show in how she wrote it up.
  10. It is very clever, but I felt the transitions between scenes took away some of the pleasures of the walking sim. You were not allowed to explore the environment at will, but kind of propelled through it. That and the silent protagonist made it one of the lower tier walking sims for me. Great story though,.
  11. Preach on, brother. One of the sad moments of my youth (I had been an avid stamp collector) was to read that countries just pumped out these sorts of stamps for the collectors market, very few of them ever saw any sort of use on a letter, or were even ever on general sale to the public. I had thought that other countries just had the most exotic stamps (I see the UK is well in on the act now too though). Another sad notch in the timeline of the death of my childhood! Still, I love that Dizzy stamp! Agree that the very best use of these would be to put on a letter to someone who would appreciate it.
  12. Cheers for the explanation. When you put it like that, it's better that it acts as a shortcut rather than introducing yet more complexity. As your RDR example shows, devs don't need any more encouragement to create esoteric control schemes! Just remapping functions make you feel like you are getting one over on them, like being able to map all those awful claw camera PSP games to an actual second stick on the Vita. Transcendant!
  13. I presume you can only map these buttons to existing inputs, they can't count as 'new' buttons? Thinking back to the heady days of 'L3 - WTF is L3? What is that picture of the stick trying to tell me.. there's no button on the stick... OOOOH RIIIGHT!!'
  14. I have the v1 PSVR. Never seen that message, on anything! Hopefully someone else can help.
  15. I got Everest in a recent sale, it was about 3 or 4 quid. It's very much an educational product. I had always found it hard to wrap my head around what climbing Everest actually involved, and this answered the question to a decent extent. It's nothing amazing, but worth the price I paid for it.
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