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  1. This really made me see Play to Earn as the horrible scheme it is. It's like Proof of Work, but instead of wasting CPU cycles you are wasting people's lives. A sweatshop with no product.
  2. 2024 is when TNG had pencilled in for a United Ireland to happen, funny enough. Maybe they'll explore that, eh. Bit o' politics! Picard/Steward crossover Brexit rant. Now how's that for a multiverse
  3. Really making full use of that PS5 I feel that some of those hours are inflated as I tend to play last thing at night and I often fall asleep.
  4. Yakuza at least if someone is watching you can just avoid the pervy bits, generally the main story is fine. For me it was God of War - not the latest one, pre-reboot. I loved the gameplay but the ultraviolence was off the charts. Like punching some guys head until it wasn't there anymore And then the sex scenes... And then there's stuff like Gal Gun, which is probably enough to put you on a register.
  5. Yeah, I just assumed I was going to be endlessly directed around a vast map twatting trash mobs Dyntasty Warriors style but they are very much worked in as traditional tightly focused RPG encounters. Very pleasant surprise.
  6. Holy shit, this is so good! How is this so good? I am a Persona fan but had been holding off on this as I imagined it would be some lazy reskin with a totally out of place Musou battle system, but it all fits together so well. I'm only a few hours in so it might be the honeymoon period, but I am very impressed so far.
  7. Agree, definitely worth a read. I like how he played with the programmatic nature of it in creating his ever-changing NFT, where ownership gives you a stake to change something which to me is the only innovative part of this whole business. That actually sounded intriguing and something an NFT genuinely can facilitate even if we are still grasping at actual real-world uses for it.
  8. Lingo is indeed strangely compelling. Amazing how much tougher it is against the clock. And giving you the first letter should make it easier but seems to make it harder somehow as it cuts down your word space and you can't use your 'super words' like @brawk has above. I mean, how often really do you NOT get a Wordle word? I think a part of its appeal is making you feel smart.
  9. Well how I see it, there are two reasons to buy NFTs. In the benign scenario, it allows the artist and the purchaser to enter a kind of mutual understanding that signifies that the patron has truly 'bought' the piece (albeit to my eyes via a ludicrously over-engineered method) In the profit motive scenario, it's not about art at all, it's a speculation vehicle - the link between the NFT and art is notional anyway. To be fair, 'real' art is often about traded on this motive too.
  10. Yeah, that's a bit of a nightmare alright. Wireless would have been nice but single wire is very acceptable (particularly as I assume it's going to be a USB-C that pops straight into the front). Annoyed the PS5 is so stingy with USB slots though. Using PSVR1 uses near damn all of them!
  11. Donlan has me covered https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2022-01-06-looking-forward-how-does-a-game-spread-online Seems a legit take, it's the share button, and those little mosaics. You see one, it prompts you to look into it, and you're hooked. And now it's hit a critical mass.
  12. Unfortunately so. On the bright side, I've had to do this 5 or so times and everything has always come back ok. But for now, no more rest mode for me.
  13. It's the NFT you are buying and selling not the art. It might as well just be numbered. NTF #395,245 for sale, get it while it's hot! The image is the pretty (or not) picture stamped on the back of your imagined coin, or the funky hologram on your moon land deed.
  14. I have a suspicion that it is certain games that cause it, specifically Ubisoft ones. They never played well with rest mode even back on PS4 (the older ACs wouldnt even let you go into rest mode for some reason), and it seems to happen to me a lot with FC6 or AC:Odyssey on rest. No solid proof though. Or as speculated it could be certain external HDDs.
  15. Why has this got so popular all of a sudden? It's EVERYWHERE. Good to see we were ahead of the curve anyway.
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