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  1. i did a Trentemoller mix some years ago of all this early works for my radio show at the time as i was a bit of a fan boy , not really a fan of the direction he went musically tho
  2. Nike Senior Director Heidi Burgett moved quickly to appease Liverpool’s supporter’s fears that a move to Nike would mean watered down, generic strips over the length of the deal that’s worth a supported $40 million per year. "We're ditching the templates,” she tweeted. “For the 2020 kits, Nike designers had 65 chassis options available to them across varying necklines, sleeves, cuffs, badge placement, etc. From hand-drawn prints to custom fonts, each team’s look will be its own.”
  3. Officially the biggest piss take for updates this game. Also seems to stop downloading when I put the PS4 into rest mode wtf
  4. apart from on Bridge level which is still a snipe fest
  5. bloody hell this is looking insanely good - Spoilers ahead obv
  6. yea you get enough CP from completing the battle pass to purchase season 2
  7. Totally in awe of this team , it's not if we win it but a matter of when
  8. Downloads for days these updates are taking the piss !!!
  9. Just read Alisson did that celebration to emulate Reina's against United that time
  10. Thought I was out , got this for Xmas off my wife now I'm staying up all hours grinding the living shit out of the game. It's as good as it gets for CoD for me
  11. Carcassonne is goto family game on the Switch now after getting it in this sale. Highly recommended for just under a £10
  12. I'm happy about our draw and good to see City finally getting a tough one for a change
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