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  1. Finished this last night , i thought it was simply brilliant . Not sure what I'll play now as that consumed every minute of my game time
  2. Hoodedclaw

    PSX/PS1 rare gems

    I loved Bishi Bashi special , played it recently at Arcade Club in Bury and it's not lost it's charm , still batshit mental and fun . They also have all the Point Blanks there too
  3. Hoodedclaw

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    tough game that which we could of blew if Wolves were more clinical but you have to ride your luck to win this thing
  4. its worth it tbh
  5. Hoodedclaw

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    i didnt see this when watching it but it looks like he was trolling Jose with this celebration ... good lad
  6. Hoodedclaw

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Tesseract again .... fast becoming my fave player
  7. Hoodedclaw

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    TAA is now out as well , this list of injuries is getting worring . Can Milner play two positions at the same time , im sure he can https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/liverpool-defensive-injury-crisis-deepens-15550719?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar
  8. Hoodedclaw

    sega just announced outrun for switch (10/01/19)

    sega need to sort out that licence and do a HD collection or some shit
  9. Hoodedclaw

    sega just announced outrun for switch (10/01/19)

    What version of Outrun is it , any ideas ?? EDIT : just read its the 60fps 3ds version
  10. Just back from this it's friggin boss , doesn't stop and it looked gorgeous. I can't wait to grab this on 4k when it drops
  11. I picked that up as well as its the GOTY edition so should keep me busy
  12. Doom is/was £6 odd on PSN ( think it was about that on physical disc too ) I've already rinsed it before but for that much i re-bought it and plan on smashing thro it once again over the xmas period
  13. Hoodedclaw

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    I haven't stopped laughing at this , what a proper piss boiling way to win a derby . Definitely wearing my Liverpool top to work tomorrow . No wonder they are so bitter #fuckem
  14. I'm playing this more then Red Dead at the mo , i'm addicted to Kill Confirmed .... yet to play Blackout properly as well Does anyone actually play Zombies ??
  15. Hoodedclaw

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    sloppy as fuck tonight

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