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  1. FFVII Remake upgrade is 10th June according to the PlayStation UK Facebook page. I thought it was 6th October due to the way different countries wrote their dates. Cool!!
  2. Crash looked nice. Returnal is going to be bonkers awesome. Deathloop has had me since the first shot was fired! Solar Ash looks gorgeous and the movement reminded me of The Pathless which is no bad thing Kena just looks FFVII getting a PST boost probably means no PS+ version for a while Too much Oddworld
  3. Physical copies are £17.99 in Argos et al so worth it for that!!
  4. It seems that it doesn't matter anyway. Got to the front of the queue, added to basket only to get an error message that there was no stock. Clown shoes!!
  5. I'm in the queue for a Series X with Game. I. Have. No. Idea. Why. I need an intervention.
  6. Imagine if Kena is the PSPlus games for PS5 in March?! Ember Labs have also said no physical release and less than $60 too.
  7. I recently had to take my Dual Shock 3 apart to reinforce the padding where the ribbon for inputs sits on the motherboard. I also had to use the foam fix for my left JoyCon when I had a full-day Switch. Apart from that my 360, Xbox One, PS4 and PS5 pads have been fine. It's weird that some get drift and some don't.
  8. Hopefully a release date for Kena during the State of Play.
  9. Jim Ryan GQ Interview Talking about new VR, GT7 delay, PC games and Horizon: Forbidden West THIS YEAR!!!
  10. It's a real shame that, thanks to Covid and lockdowns, that we won't Get Lucky and be able to see them do a stadium show One More Time.
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