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  1. Using Retroarch with Mame2003 0.78. Edit: And now I keep getting an error code 160 about system memory problems. Wonderful!!
  2. Cheers for the link you sent me @dumpster Managed to get the WiiU modded. Currently enjoying Elevator Action Returns on the Gamepad with a delicious cup of tea.
  3. teddymeow

    The Man Utd Thread

    Odds on drawing City in the next round though? #SodsLaw
  4. So it'd play the MKGP games?!
  5. teddymeow

    The Man Utd Thread

  6. teddymeow

    The Man Utd Thread

    Ander we're 1-0 up!! Need to get him to sign a new contract sharpish!!
  7. teddymeow

    What reasons are left for keeping hold of a Wii U?

    Ta. Some evening reading.
  8. teddymeow

    The Man Utd Thread

    Not sure how this is going to go tonight. Need to win after the PSG game but Chelsea seem to get the better of us in cup competitions.
  9. teddymeow

    What reasons are left for keeping hold of a Wii U?

    It's possible to mod the WiiU to play GC games with the Pro Controller?! Wow!! Is that natively on the WiiU or through the Wii menu? Is it easy to do? I started Googling but it feels like falling down the rabbit hole and getting spun around and around.
  10. teddymeow

    The Chase

    And a funny comedian too.
  11. teddymeow

    Yoshi's Crafted World - demo out now

    It's looks gorgeous and I loved the demo. Managed to get all the flowers. Is it me or is the map world running at a lower frame rate than the levels? Same thing happened in Wooly World.
  12. teddymeow

    Star Wars Episode IX (December 2019)

    That's one hell of a business card to pass out.
  13. teddymeow

    Gaming Myths

    I was 13 and I remember falling for it too and asking for MK for my birthday that year.
  14. teddymeow

    The Man Utd Thread

    Looks like we're staying in 4th place this evening too. I'd never have believed it a few weeks ago.

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