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  1. How does it compare to 1970's Italian giallo soundtracks? Kelly Lee Owens killing it this year.
  2. I saw a trailer earlier and tbh it made me consider signing up for a trial again.
  3. Wtf how anyone can't find the debutante ball and that one girls reaction to her dad not batshit mental and hilarious. Needs to have a word with themselves.
  4. Really quite different indeed. Hit most of the same story beats in the main but did a lot dfferently. I may revisit the book again at some point. If I ever get back to ready anything other than sequential art.
  5. The ending felt flatter somehow than the rest of the season. But that's not to say it wasn't good. Just not as great as what has come before. Do love the possibility of
  6. Fantastic film. You can tell it's Sorkin mind. But when it's this good I don't care.
  7. Look I'm not biased cos I'm Welsh. However I think Kelly Lee Owens new album may be one of the best in two decades. It's special irrespectively.
  8. Impressed with a quick play of Katana Zero and OMG at the music.
  9. Well again I loved it. No issues at all with any of it. Never want to see the creepy ghosts again.
  10. Made me laugh. I've just added that YouTube channel to my subscribed list. Seems like a decent set of articles and interviews.
  11. And just hit the 10k. Finally I can play some good games again.
  12. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1302925245/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fab_XOtGFbJW9G5ZK Then go to the marketplace sellers and Booksetc is the cheapest there at £52
  13. Just read the DC omnibus release schedule upto March next year. Minimum of 6, I want to read/own Lucifer vol 2 Deadman Omnibus JLA by Grant Morrison Omni Batman Road to no man's land Omni Injustice Omni vol 2 100 Bullets Omni 1 Link if anyone is interested https://www.comicbookwire.com/all-upcoming-dc-omnibus-editions-now-until-june-2021/
  14. It’s the Omnibus that just came out. So usual deal its hardcover. However It’s smaller than the cardcover oversized Treasury Editions. But has the same thick old school paper inside. I like it a lot.
  15. Booksetc are really great. Excellent customer service and prices. That's where my X-Men Grand Designs was bought from.
  16. Just nabbed a bargain pre order on Amazon.de as well btw. They have She Hulk by Dan Slott Omni for €37 with delivery. That's over 800 pages for £35.
  17. Help me stop, that's this week alone and I have From Hell Master edition arriving tomorrow.
  18. Well Vambrace cold souls has a very quick and easy method to grab another 600 points in a few minutes if your interested. Guide on YouTube. I'm gonna do it later. It's on gamepass.
  19. I've not read the book so can't comment sorry.
  20. Been wondering if I was the only one watching this. Started it Tuesday night and now only have 2 eps left. Thoroughly enjoying the show.
  21. I don’t get that to be honest with you, as the Main arc is writ large across the entire season. So far.
  22. Just heard of another free easy 1000 Island Saver should take about 6 hrs to get to 1000. 86p of your time there 21.5p an hour to play a game seems ok to me.
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