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  1. Just say it. Jack Whitehall was not the right actor for the part. It's as simple as that Imo. Everything else bar the yutes was great. But pratchett doesn't translate well. His medium of choice is key.
  2. Yup same here. I have pretty close to the exact same memory as Davros
  3. Wizzkids Manimal Blue Thunder Gemini Man Simon and Simon You can close the thread p, if we’re solely doing American shows.
  4. And with that he caught a sturgeon. Was exactly where it was posted earlier in the thread and I didn't need to use bait! Blathers has this one. Wonder what they sell for.
  5. 100% Fenric man. Ghost light is just too weird and I still love that too. Basically McCoy was fucking fantastic and one of the best Doctors we got. I'll even stand my ground and fight to the death to defend Happiness patrol and Paradise Towers.
  6. Living in a dystopian nightmare. Then takes the most sweetest and calm uplifting games ever and makes a new dystopian nightmare. Fair play man. Fair play
  7. Most of us in this thread have. It's amazing
  8. Man finding that fourth fossil proved problematic this morning. scoured my island three times. Turns out it was just above Tom’s. Only a bloody t-Rex as well.
  9. I'd loop it in with a When the wind blows and Plague dogs double header
  10. Ill be back online in an hour so cheers
  11. Bugger working again now and really need me some cherries
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