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  1. I tend to go for the elite key though on act 1. Still not beaten the heart as silent many attempts this weekend and failed on the heart twice in a row. So close yet...
  2. Yeah that bit was jarring thought I was watching SS experiment camp or an Ilsa movie for a minute. Saying that though I am enjoying the programme, it's well written and acted and holding my attention.
  3. Nope its not just you. The show is missing its specialness and I think the blame is Chibs writing and Jodie just not being Doctorish enough. I now want her to regen into Gillian Anderson and someone else, anyone else to take over as showrunner.
  4. Well I didn’t spot Eli Roth is directing so I’m out anyway. Interest gone
  5. Mazin writing instantly has me interested.
  6. So I treated myself to that Harleen Black label hardcover. £15 on ebay Well worth it for the lovely cover and dust jacket. As only the first printing will have the see through dust jacket. It's already going for above rrp on Amazon at £25 so I'd get on it now if you can. Heard its a great read as well and the art is certainly nice.
  7. I too am loving the 321 streams.
  8. @ChewMagma So I'm still struggling to get a Silent heart win after over 150hrs. And that's after hitting A6 with Ironclad. So that tip above to focus on a poison dec may prove helpful cos last weekend saw me get there 3 times without a win. I rarely play any other games though this game consumes me like no other has in decades.
  9. It's so good reading it all in order though so yes 100% agree. One of my fave moments in comics ever maybe even is
  10. cassidy


    Downey Jr does nail a Welsh accent. Though it's apparent he had training from Michael Sheen
  11. Disappointed!! I have a slightly broken heart tbh and have had to apologise to people in work. Cos I harped on about this amazing comic for years now... Maybe those expectations were too high.
  12. Yeah this was great for the morning commute and that Don't tell anyone line made me lol.
  13. Not bad laughed out loud or twice but the highlight was the fight choreography. Fantastic for a few of the set pieces. 3/5 better than Suicide Squad.
  14. Yeah frankly first two Eps didn't work as well for me. I'm a bit sad.
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