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  1. Can’t help it sorry. Never got through a lot of Buffy. Angel though is another story. It’s good TV
  2. Yes that black model does look rather nice indeed. Anyway this week has been more Nevercade than Evercade
  3. cassidy

    PC Engine Mini

    Nope do not use that. Think max amp it takes is 2. You want a 5V 2A charger.
  4. I have not laughed at anything on TV as hard as A very British hotel chain. It’s probably the most sarcastic yet heartfelt bit of telly I’ve seen in a long while. it’s on all4.
  5. cassidy

    PC Engine Mini

    Sorry the coolest is clearly the coregrafx. Cos I bought that one.
  6. And just seen the credits roll. I think this may be cementing Y's as some of my fave rpgs ever. Though I have trials of cold steel to start now, but I am day one for Y's 9.
  7. Yeah me too but no movement yet. Though I didn’t order till early May.
  8. Day 2 of not receiving a "your evercade has been dispatched" email.
  9. Will we get Clumsy Colin action biker sponsored by KP skips is what I want to know. Speccy version got played for hours by young me.
  10. There's another update on twitter from Funstock. Their deliveries have arrived and they will start shipping orders Monday. It might be in my hands Tues or Weds.
  11. Man I am loving Mcmillions. Doug is just amazing TV. Upto ep4 in one night and aim to finish the thing tonight. I know nothing about it bar the high level info so it's very interesting to see it all unfold.
  12. Quoting this for truth.
  13. cassidy


    This was rather good all told. Decent budget, well acted and holy shit its wildcat.
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