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  1. cassidy


    That's the fixed one I believe. Same as mine and no audio issues
  2. cassidy


    Hoople heads never listen.
  3. That was shit on top of the worst experiences a human could endure. Apathy and a total lack of understanding. Unbelievable scenes in this.
  4. cassidy

    Sleaziest film ever made

    Combat shock is up there with Street Trash Imo. Wanted to bleach my soul and eyes after seeing it.
  5. cassidy

    Rami Malek is Freddie Mercury

    Just watched this tonight and put me in the really enjoyed it camp. Good film.
  6. cassidy


    Yeah brilliant telly as always. Long may it continue. Has anyone watched the US version yet. Is it worth trying?
  7. cassidy

    A movie watchers blog

    Kill list does that so well. Its mainly cos its proper fucked up. One of my fave films in recent years.
  8. cassidy

    Good new horror films

    I've head nothing but good things about Terrified.
  9. cassidy

    There She Goes - BBC4

    Now seen upto Ep4. This is really good telly. Just cried like I was watching an episode of This is us.
  10. cassidy

    There She Goes - BBC4

    Just watched the first episode. Really funny if you like your humour dark and difficult. Honestly shocked by how good the writing was so a big thumbs up from me.
  11. cassidy

    Doctor Who

    Sorry, Whittaker was better this ep.
  12. cassidy

    Doctor Who

    No the overnights have fallen. In an era of TV where no one gives a fuck about em anymore. Anyway first episode Chibnall has done that I really enjoyed. Jodie brought a lot more and it was a good one because of it.
  13. I'll be honest the trailer sucked but 4 Eps in now and this is decent telly. Yes it's superhero telly but it's good superhero telly.
  14. cassidy

    Doom Patrol

    They did pretty well introducing Doom patrol in Titans tbh. I'm rather excited for the series and loved the fact Caulders mansion was on Danny Street. Let's hope that's not just a throwaway ref.
  15. cassidy

    Daredevil - TV Series

    Nowt wrong with that Karen episode. Consistently great S3 is Imo.

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