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  1. Most disappointing because I will never be subbing to whatever their streaming service is. HBO turned it down over cost i believe.
  2. Well that’s just cruel and shitty tubby timmo.
  3. I always appreciate your candor and honest opinion meh. I found it a tense, well shot and decent epilogue to Jesse's tale.
  4. I'm in. Cos S1 was superb. The zombie episode was genius.
  5. Surely you could have just said your username?
  6. Man soon as I heard his voice in el camino last night I was pleased as hell to see him on screen again. Such a great character actor.
  7. I am so envious of you. Utterly incredible tv and films to catch up on. skip once upon a time in the midlands though.
  8. @Nate Dogg III What was the Edge score for it? If its been reviewed.
  9. Just listened to Northern Exposure for the first time in about 10 yrs. Good lord it never gets old or dated. Love it.
  10. It's up for me and halfway through. Jesus that opening was unexpected.
  11. Stop it I'm poor at the moment. Thanks new boiler.
  12. Could he appear with Blade maybe and that's Feiges plan?
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