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  1. You need to phone Ewing stat and consider working together. Ain’t saying it for shits and giggles.
  2. Well I really enjoyed Fear Agent, and Black Science and Deadly Class. Tokyo ghost was only ok but did have lovely Sean Murphy art.
  3. Final arrival for the month Black Science Vol 3. I now have the complete tale.
  4. Defo got a problem! Worst thing is I need a new Kallax and cant go to Ikea to get one as lockdown in my area and can't leave to go furniture shopping . So have a few stacked up awaiting shelf space post reading. Forgot to post this one as well that arrived yesterday. What do you think of the Absolute New Frontier btw?
  5. This show is comedy genius. Looking forward to a glass of wine later and catching the latest one.
  6. Well laughing horse in episode one just got me. As did cellar guess who.
  7. Oh you are in for a treat. I got that for last Xmas. It's a thing of beauty. God I love Darwyns art.
  8. I'll be honest mind, my marvel collection is far outweighed by DC.
  9. Doesn't seem like too much is missing and it's contents are all material I've not read before.
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