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  1. Not just quoting myself for ego's sake. Finished Batman The Telltale series on Monday. 5 in a month so far.
  2. cassidy

    The Medium

    Seeing as it's missing and I'm feeling generous. I'm gonna go for 78.
  3. It should have been updating your points as you were unlocking achievements. Have you not noticed your points increase?
  4. Sorry should have clarified. Just the cut and paste bit. Which doesn't show me lifetime points on the site on Chrome for some reason. Have earned 11200 so far in Jan mind. And still not finished the 10k.
  5. Where do you find this info btw?
  6. Well maybe I got my users mixed up but there was a bit of chatter around the series when it was broadcasting. If so I'm sorry.
  7. Does he talk about his time on Who much? Or even mention the second coming. Cos I thought that was one of the best things he did
  8. cassidy

    The Medium

    I liked layers of fear.
  9. Thank you John. I know I'm not talking shit here, generally I can talk shit. But not about this. Holds breath awaiting stopwatch jpegs to be posted.
  10. Ok you win. I hold my hands up to your superior timing of all movies end credits and their length against my experience of most Hollywood movies. Are you watching the BBC or ITV mid afternoon edits? I've got more important things to do than shit like this. Like clean the toilet.
  11. No it's not. And the longest part was the shout out to the people who translated it for those who don't speak English and that voice cast. Stop being so small minded. Apologies for sounding so harsh but that's the truth of it. Many people get no credit.
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