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  1. No one i have raved this movie too has watched it. Philistines the lot of em. @Matt Defis
  2. cassidy

    Best New Music 2019

    Yup that's a cracker as well. @Shoes thanks for recommend will check it out.
  3. Monstress is a bit good isn't it. Stunning artwork. Haven't got a clue what's happening so far but I'm intrigued.
  4. DC just announced a new Hellblazer title as part of the Sandman Universe. Si Spurrier writing. This makes me happy indeed
  5. Cheers @Flub Sadly I don't like reading digital that much, so I'll look if there any Omnis or tpbs available.
  6. Ryan Sook is awesome. Loved his work on Seven Soldiers and his cover work is superb. The actual interior in that link are great. Would love to get into the legion but there's a lot of back story to get through.
  7. And done and this was great after all. Loved it. Did not expect
  8. Well this scores highly cos there's a bit in ep6. Where they literally play what sounds like a version of John Harrisons Day of the dead score. Literally one of the best slices of 80's synth ever, being called out.
  9. cassidy

    Best New Music 2019

    They were meditative antics and thank you.
  10. cassidy

    Best New Music 2019

    Anything else like this? Cos it's amazing and gave me the most wonderful time with some psychoactives the other week.
  11. Thanks for the tip just spent a swedge of cash on the GL Omnis. Expensive addiction this is. Finally hit an average bit of Infinite Crisis. The Raan Thanagar war mini. Only enjoying the Reis artwork in that. Should I consider the final crisis omni? I do love Morrison?
  12. After only reading a third of infinite crisis I would have to agree. The shocks just keep coming with it. Oddly enough my next planned purchases are the 3 John's GL Omnis. The blackest night 10yr anniversary omni and I'm scouring the web for a decent priced 52 omni. Not read any of the above and I have to say I'm rather excited by it all. Wish my Batman by Morrison Vol2 would turn up though. Amazon appear to have issues getting me a copy. Monstress hardcover next week. Can't wait for that either as I've not read it and heard nothing but praise.
  13. Transmet ref? Ive heard great things saying its seems to be calling back to Gotham Central. I'm thoroughly addicted to DC at the moment. Just started the Infinite Crisis omni (christ it's big) and loving it. Next plans are the John's GL Omnis and the blackest night omni.
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