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  1. Alas, the latest issue I have is #18. Apparently even as a horny 21 year old, that Sudeki cover was too much and I bailed on the magazine after that. Also flicking through a previous issue they gave Enter the Matrix an 8.5. Wow, Headhunter Redemption must be a real piece of shit. Massive wink.
  2. I was surprised that they left it weekly over here because everyone's already seen it, everyone already knows what happens and the package is even an avatar choice. However during the initial run it reminded me why weekly releases were the best way to go. I loved the week of discussions about one single episode, whereas anything on Netflix has it's discussion reduced to the final episode because everyone has binged it and then forgotten about it because they've had no time to sit and think.
  3. Noche audio question, does any UK version of Disney+ have Dolby Atmos? Certainly not the Xbox One X app. It's a joke that my "preview" copies of the Mandalorian are better than the final product.
  4. Oh my. I need to see if I've got that issue stashed somewhere. I loved the Headhunter games
  5. Yeah RDR2 controls bad by design.
  6. I'll take "is an announcement that should have happened two years ago" for $500
  7. No worries, thanks. Seems to be a morning thing.
  8. The village is so cute! Was crazy busy though, which was fun but I got a disconnect in the end.
  9. Do you have the stalk market? I'm after buying some nips but couldn't get the iron in time.
  10. The video that Boozy posted looks awful. I can't even tell if it's supposed to be technically impressive or not because it looks like an episode of ReBoot.
  11. This is interesting but out of interest, what do you do about cinema goers who spoil the experience for anyone else? That's the number one reason my cinema going has declined, unless I get a chance to go see a big film (Marvel/Star Wars) on opening day where everyone there is because they want to be. Any other time and it's a pot luck shit show. I wouldn't want to see them die, I just want to see them do better.
  12. Cinemas would be great if it wasn't for the other people. £20 for a new release seems quite fair considering the price of a cinema these days and you'd just split it with your friends/family. Good thing there's nothing going on that would prohibit social gatherings.
  13. Is there a way to watch The Skywalker Legacy without having to buy the film? Also does the documentary touch on the film at all?
  14. Yeah, multiple devs have said that if you're planning to buy from G2A then you may as well just pirate it and save them the headaches when that key you bought is linked to a stolen credit card.
  15. Well that trailer makes it look pretty awesome. I was a huge fan of Blackout when it was at it's height but it really felt like it was left to die, tucked away inside another game. I do worry about the kill streaks though.
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