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  1. We may have a very different understanding of what "well meaning" actually means. EDIT - I don't know why this has posted the entire thing instead of just a link. This seems awful but I'm not going to fix it.
  2. Girlfriend Reviews? I'm not sure of her name but the Youtube channel is one of the best things to happen in gaming coverage recently. I hope she hasn't been outed as a secret nazi racist while I've not been looking.
  3. Lumping in the brilliant Syndicate with those other games and then leaving off the great games like Asura's Wrath and Chaos Theory, while decrying the selection is a bit disingenuous
  4. If you don't try and turn F1 into something resembling a good racing series then what do you do? Let it continue to bleed viewers until even the die hard don't care anymore?
  5. Does anyone know if this game has HDR? Can't find any information either way and it seems odd in 2019 to see such a big release without it.
  6. Only Idiots Taste Nutella Bullets?
  7. It felt like if Ricky Gervais tried to emulate Tim & Eric
  8. The forum should have an auto correct feature so that when people type Liam Fox, for exanple, it changes to 'disgraced former defence secretary Liam Fox' and on the gaming side when people type PlayAsia it should change it to 'gamergate supporting PlayAsia'.
  9. Isn't the fact that they're killing their employees the far bigger thing to get upset over?
  10. I don't even know why I'm spoiling this because it's just a brief piece of foley work with no connection to the actual plot and is definitely not worth hanging around for
  11. Not sure if this has already been mentioned but there are no extra scenes during or after the credits so those with weak bladders can feel free to run to the toilets. There is the usual cast animatic just after the filmd end that's quite nice though.
  12. Not sure why surprised? Assassin's Creed Odyssey was considerably discounted shortly after launch as well. Anyone buying a game on day one is a mug these days. Kingdom Hearts 3 is also £15 off on the Xbox store for example. Looking forward to getting Division 2 for a nice cut price in a months time.
  13. Not to rag on Vincent but during the Left Alive Quick Look he is running down a corridor filled with enemy markers and it takes him quite a while to realise their are bad guys down there despite it being the most obvious thing ever. Still funny though.
  14. Oh it was just everyone commenting on how fun it is to see disingenuos right wing trolls get annoyed at the film and then you popped up.
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