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  1. I just find it so frustrating because everyone was told not to be a prick through Eau Rouge on the first lap. I'd even switched to the Ferrari because it was more stable and there was less chance of me wiping people out. Then it's race over in under 20 seconds. I know we don't want to have to give penalties out but speaking as someone who might have been on the receiving end of a penalty this season, we might have to if stuff like this is gonna keep happening. In the hope that people don't do it in the first place because of the fear of place drops post race. I'm just a bit ranty a
  2. That should definitely have been a restart.
  3. Did the stewards leave their red flags at home? After the qualifying I was buzzing for the race. 3 points behind Valver, 4 ahead of Meerman. It looked to be a fight for the place in the championship but instead we got carnage. I wish I'd kept my head down but it was so demoralising I just stopped paying attention and messed up corners left right and centre. Disappointed in myself as I think I could have at least caught up a bit after repairing the damage.
  4. Thanks for the offer but after the initial, opening eyes excitement, my rational brain has caught up and I'm gonna wait for a bit having pre-ordered a Series X due to intial unavailability of the card.
  5. It won't let me check out, been trying just after you posted last EDIT - and the product is now out of stock according to the shopping cart message. It's fine though, at least they're getting regular stock updates.
  6. Yup, lock those cars going in baby! A one off team event with driver swaps could be quite fun using the league results. Putting the best with the worst and so on for an hour ish of fun would be a nice event before season 2.
  7. So many words I want to use without getting banned from the league! Well jealous. I desperately wanted one to replace my 970 but, well we all know how the pre-orders went. Looking forward to Thursday just being you in the Discord ooooohing and aaaahing over how pretty it all is.
  8. I just can't believe he's breaking everything before the final race of the season. Or alternatively that he's now getting that sweet super all graphics bump and can see the rain drops approaching in the distance. I think 3080 owners should be disqualified for breaching some sort of technical rule.
  9. Did you try a different browser? I had a friend try Chrome, Edge and Opera with the page not even loading. I suggested they download Brave and it worked first time when clicking on the shopping cart. I use Brave by default so was confused why they were having so many issues as mine went through first time.
  10. You mean putting out one of the best games of the generation? Yeah, I sure hope they don't do that.
  11. RDR2 is shit though, so a broken clock and all that.
  12. I only own an original Rift. Does Oculus Link not just work with Steam games then? Why does it need to run through virtual desktop? I was thinking of upgrading to this system for the much higher resolution but if playing Steam VR is a faff then I'll hold fire.
  13. I may as well be watching someone play Pac-Man with those night replays. It's just a series of lights moving around in the dark.
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