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  1. That's really awful. Game design by people without children or commitments. Can you at least set the machine to sleep, to put the game into pause or does it kick you back to the menu when you boot it up again?
  2. You're missing out! Watching poor Jake Dennis struggle to find out where he was supposed to be looking as the announcer tries to direct his gaze to the worlds worst positioned, low quality webcam was a thing of "he's behind you" pantomime. I'm glad the spark of amateurish lives on with the series as it becomes more polished. Leave that roughness in there and don't try to emulate the more boring series, fun is good. Related to that I hate that whatever TV deal they have this season is way worse than last. Not only is it still not on television but you are now required to watch qualifying on
  3. I can't believe you left out the ICONIC Formula E podium selfie in your list of weird bullshit! I love the efficiency angle of the racing. In the first Valencia race where everyone got caught out by the safety car, Sam Bird managing to finish a whole lap with 0% in the battery was amazing. I know they flashed up earlier in the race that he was top of the regen leaderboards but still, what an achievement to finish when everyone else around him in the same situation was floundering. Having been trackside for multiple Formula E races, they're a lot louder
  4. Formula E is one of the most exciting racing series to watch. There's always something going on and there's often more overtakes in one race than an entire season of F1 and I say that as someone who's rather enjoying the current F1 season. I hope they don't change it to appease flat cap wearing old men who want everything to remain the same.
  5. Why are you reading the comments? Is this your first day on the Internet?
  6. Bathurst is an amazing track, not sure why there's such a dislike. Lots of nice fast sections with a technical part that feels like skiing in a car.
  7. Agree with Team Ray. It adds so much to the game, that I'd even stick it out at 30fps just to use it. First game I've seen where it offers a genuine tactical use when navigating areas in stealth. Makes me want a ray traced Splinter Cell. Also, like @deerokus says, the game isn't that good anyway.
  8. I put unsure for the first question as I am probably still not fit enough to do the endurance races. However by the time I got to the bottom question I realised I'd love to have my name put in the hat for track/weather selection so I can inflict some Kyalami in the pissing rain.
  9. This Ratchet and Clank backlash is like when I found out people hated Gremlins/Ghostbusters/Terminator 2. You're all weird.
  10. Not sure if serious but you know the cars can hit 170mph? You sound like Clarkson mocking the Tesla.
  11. He's literally using alt-right terminology in the tweet posted by moosegrinder, so either he's massively, massively ignorant or that's where he is politically aligned. His frequent use of it would lead me to believe the former. I wasn't comparing the acts, just saying it's OK to like the creative output of a person without dying on a hill for them. A more apt comparison probably would have been the Oddworld games, despite Lorne Lanning being a 9/11 truther.
  12. That might be the case if it was a one off but he has consistently posted bad stuff over the years, shown no remorse and because of that the deleting them seems he was more sorry to be found out rather than sorry for his opinions. You can still enjoy his games without having to try and defend a shitty person. I think Skull Island is an amazing movie, made by an apparent sex pest. I enjoyed the first episode of The Nevers, despite it being a Joss Whedon endeavour. You won't see me sticking up for the people though.
  13. There's only one specific type of person who uses the term "far left" and they more often than not end up being banned from here when they let the mask slip.
  14. He often complains about cancel culture and the far left, said that women aren't biologically designed to be interested in tech stuff and went on a now deleted epic covid conspiracy twitter rant about how it was made in a lab by the Chinese. Also he said Breath of the Wild was shit. Jonathan Blow is a complete asshole package.
  15. Good, another reason to say fuck Jonathan Blow. The whiny right wing misogynist. I hope everyone plays his game wrong and he has another melt down.
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