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  1. Please stop paying to see PR/IP branded content instead of actual movies. You're killing cinema. You were never really here was released this week.
  2. no it isn't. I also wonder if the rise of the Unlimited card has cheapened the movie going experience somewhat, whilst simultaneously helping to save it. More people willing to take a punt on something they though they might not have enjoyed but equally you'll have people being dragged to films they wouldn't pay for because it's free and just sit checking their phone because they didn't pay for it so they've lost nothing.
  3. A. Tomb Raider isn't shit. B. You moan about art house films being driven out of the cinema but isn't that the absolute worse place to see them? Not remotely on the same level as some of the films you've mentioned but I remember going to see Jarhead and during the almost silent scene where they're collecting the artifacts of the deceased all I could hear was the man behind me going to town on his popcorn. I'm not sure that's what the team behind the movie had in mind for that scene but I could be wrong. I'm sure I am one of the many cinema lovers who now only go and watch blockbusters on the big screen because that's where they look and sound best, even if you've got a great home cinema. The smaller more intimate films I can enjoy at home without a bunch of teenagers snapchatting away their boredom and my immersion. Cinema has changed because people have changed. For the absolute worst. On the other hand I got to watch Annihilation the day of release, in my home without and fucker to ruin my experience. So the death of cinema at least has some benefits.
  4. Pacific Rim is an amazing film. You're clearly deluded, have terrible taste and will be telling us how bad Speed Racer is next.
  5. Went to see this last night and thought it was really rather good. Could have done without the the obvious father daughter plot dragging it down but that's the only negative I would throw at it. Alicia Vikander is incredible as Lara and absolutely nails the character from the rebooted series.
  6. Noclip - Videogame Documentaries

    but that's not the point of these docs. He's so much better than the screaming youtube personalities. If you want to listen to him have fun then listen to Shift F1, a podcast about speedy race cars.
  7. Nintendo Direct - March 8, 2018

    Luigi's Mansion is 17 years old. There are people who weren't even born back then who could legally have sex and have a child that won't be born when this one comes out. It's the same thing when everyone rolled their eyes at WWII games coming back. Just because we lived through that phase doesn't make us representative of the entire gaming population. We're just old. I think it's great that people who missed out on a Wii U or were swimming around in some testicles get to experience these classic titles.
  8. Good the first point of order is to change last years results so that dumb cat simulator loses out to DOOM 2016 as Jesus intended, DOOM will also be GOTY 2018 because of the X patch making it legal. There done. That was easy.
  9. I'm sure that's what Theresa May thinks as well.
  10. Rainbow Six Siege: Outbreak & Year3 details!

    I'm not sure about the input lag but since shortly after launch they offered you the choice to turn vsync off in the options on the console versions. This gave you horrific screen tearing but allowed the Xbox version of T-hunt to run at around 45fps up from 30fps. When the X launched the game ran at 59fps with no screen tearing without any additional work but this latest patch has completely unlocked it by the looks of it. Not sure if multiplayer is locked at 59fps still but saw T-hunt hit 145fps earlier on.
  11. I definitely don't think it's easy to guess what is going into the top twenty because we've already had GT Sport and FFXII! At this rate I'm expecting Starfox 2 to make an appearance.
  12. Yeah but by that point, who cares? Congrats at Zelda being number one also here's a list of other games that no ones going to read because all the results are in. Where's the suspense there? I do like your write ups though. It'll no doubt be higher than Forza 7 too which is just fucking bonkers but we do have more Playstation owners here. Or maybe a lot of people didn't get a chance to play much because you're right, from everyone's write up it sounds like the most miserable experience.
  13. No games outside the top 20? If I had realised thats how it was going to be I wouldn't have wasted my votes on games that had no chance. Even worse, two of those inside the top twenty are GT Sport and a port of the most boring Final Fantasy. The Mukies ladies and gentleman. While the top three were so easy to predict I could not have seen this coming
  14. Rainbow Six Siege: Outbreak & Year3 details!

    If you had it set to Vsync off it was a solid 59fps on X according to the frame counter. You also got the the free Vsync afforded by X on top of that so no down sides. Now it's just ridiculous.
  15. Rainbow Six Siege: Outbreak & Year3 details!

    For those playing on an Xbox One X the frame rate is now between 90-120fps.

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