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  1. This is a ridiculous amount of effort for a nine year old game that's better than any GTA ever made unless there's going to be some sort of announcement of a new game. It looks stunning and it's out now! What a time to be alive.
  2. Yes! The Danny Trejo episode is amazing. He sounds like an awesome guy.
  3. I completely forgot to mention that I visited around lunch time and left a tip behind Mazel's(?) house. It's definitely behind a house that backs onto a river.
  4. My biggest disappointment was when she Also there has to be a way to unlock Roo right? That's too much of a tease damn it.
  5. I primarily game on my X because that's where my friends are and the games look better but the PlayStation exclusives are in another league entirely. Microsoft needs to up their game... pass.
  6. Because it was Jon Favreau. You can even see him on the set all the time in the making of show that's on D+. He assembled his team and made it work, two of the directors are women and no one has any issue with their work. Kathleen Kennedy presided over two back to back cluster fucks in Solo and Episode 9 and her reward was a contract extension. People aren't annoyed because she's a woman doing a bad job, they're annoyed at the bad job part. To be fair, we don't know the exact details of what transpired and sometimes replacing creative talent works but it didn't here and someone needs to take the blame for it. If you're the one firing Lord and Miller and then Solo is the result then people are gonna question your judgement.
  7. I think there should be an automatic one week ban for anyone who thinks the new Yakuza looks shit. It is peak Yakuza and it will devour me. I'll join in with the fun negativity and say that if you like Scarlett Nexus then you're a filthy anime pervert who probably can't go to sleep without their body pillow. Also how could you get excited for it when they showed zero gameplay. Sure, they showed footage from behind the player as they attacked enemies but it was quickly cut with other footage from behind the player as they attacked enemies and their was no HUD or anyone using a controller. I thought it was a shame almost the whole trailer was this because we were promised gameplay.
  8. I'm shocked that the person who said you'd have to be a cunt to buy an Xbox One has this take about an Xbox briefing. It's 2013 all over again.
  9. Yeah there's some "look at me and my take" hyperbolic posts in here. The new Yakuza looked fantastic, I mean it'd be great on the current gen anyway so I guess it doesn't count? Also interested in NOT Alien and NOT Silent Hill. They're not exactly next gen wowy but they at least look like interesting games. Also those dinosaurs in NOT Turok: The Co-Op Wars came apart in satisfying chunks that it looked to be a fun evening spent. I can't remember if that was one of the Gamepass games announced.
  10. It's just as good on every platform, even Switch but it is on Gamepass on both PC and Xbox if that's a consideration
  11. Using Joy2Key you can. Other keymapping software is available but this one has an unlimited trial.
  12. Thanks for the advice and hopefully it helps some others but I'm using the Xbox app because of Gamepass. Free* games for the win! *Not free
  13. Fighting Stick EX2. Sure it's 12 years old but Windows 10 recognises it just fine as does every other game. All I get shown is Controller is Disconnected in the input menu. I mean I complained but it's a very quick fix all things considered and makes it awesome to play the game. It was my first time doing multiplayer and some of the team up moves you can do are outrageous. Was a real hoot.
  14. I've just had to install Joy2Key in the year of our lord 2020 because the game doesn't recognise my Hori arcade stick. PC games ladies and gentlemen. I will say that it's completely worth the effort because with cross save I was able to seamlessly continue my progress from the Xbox but with an infinitely superior control method. The game just flows so much easier with that three button layout.
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