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  1. It's the same on the X. Bad frame rate at times, even at 1080p.
  2. Counterpoint, I'm on chapter 3 and the game really struggles when using the vehicles. I mean really really struggles.
  3. That's definitely one of the worst video game adverts I've ever seen.
  4. Because it already came off a City player's arm before that?
  5. Even better for steeper slopes that you'd run down regardless
  6. Is this from their first podcast discussion or have they talked about it again? Both Vinny and Alex said they had a good time with moments in the game. They've certainly played a lot more than me, as I'm only eight hours in, but everyone said those were supposed to be the slog but I really enjoyed them. In fact, I wish Kojima had the balls to just make a wasteland postman simulator because anything that involves running away from black goo is the fucking worst. Flat out not fun, so I can see why people would sour if there's more of that. Navigating a bike full of packages up and over a mountain is a game. I don't need my bike to suddenly vanish into a pile of black goo and scatter my cargo to make it interesting, the navigation was already a fun enough challenge. Earlier a friend asked me how it was and I said "I don't know, I've only played six hours".
  7. Has he though? It feels so odd coming from the excellently written The Outer Worlds to this, which appears to be forged from a stoned sixth former's film studies project script. I love the presentation in this, it's almost unparalleled in video games but damn I wish he had an editor he could trust. There's so much extraneous information in the cutscenes, concepts and plot points repeated in quick succession as if he has no trust in the audience to be able to figure things out unless he hammers them into their brain.
  8. If you're playing on Xbox (maybe the PC Gamepass version too) then that's one of the stats it tracks on the Achievements/Progress page. I'm on 55 completed quests heading into the point of no return.
  9. After almost a week of podcast discussion and various reviews, this seems to share an awful lot with Metal Gear Survive, a game everyone pre-hated because it didn't have Kojima's name on it and the split reviews of this seem to indicate there might be a case of Kojima's new clothes with some people just liking it because they think they should. Or it could genuinely be good. Either way, excited to find out tomorrow thanks to my mate buying it and glorious game sharing.
  10. The best bit of that IGN review was when they describe the encounters with the large enemies as "winning a food fight, only to be told the prize is a mop and bucket." Even when something cool happens it's fucking work. I was holding out hope for this but it just seems like Kojima is trolling his fan base to see what they're willing to put up with or what he can get away with. This game is going to be so shit that I can't wait for it to win RLLMUK's 2019 GOTY .
  11. I can't see what's so controversial that it'll cause a fuss. It's not exactly No Russian as you're playing as the good guys and the sight of terrorists attacking a major city isn't exactly new. We (unfortunately) had London Has Fallen a few years ago where the entirety of the Met were all secret terrorists so I doubt this will register. It's been the highlight of the game so far for me.
  12. I've played six or seven missions and that's what it seems like so far. Even the two Spec Ops missions I've played involved slaughtering an entire country's army and then their allies join. That mode has been massively disappointing so far, hoping for some gold later on because it was the thing I was most looking forward to and so far it lacks the level of creativity found in the original Spec Ops.
  13. The campaign is an awful lot of noise. Terrifically designed noise with some of the best audio I've ever head in a game but the pacing is just constant action and it can get a bit boring.
  14. Wasn't it more a case that he loves Death Stranding but he understands it's going to be a game that divides people and for GOTY stuff he's going to need the RDR2 crew on board supporting his takes as, so he was placating Abby from Brooklyn making amends for his rants last year
  15. Saltiness? I think every Liverpool fan here acknowledges that the Mane goal came off the hand and should have been disallowed. It's just the Utd goal shouldn't have stood either
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