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  1. clips are already appearing on you tube with very, very spoiler filled titles. I think unfortunately you have two options: 1. Watch the episode now 2. Have it ruined for you in the coming days
  2. DNStuff

    Pokemon Go

    Got myself a Mr Mime today (the stuff of nightmares). Definitely a lot more of these popping up than usual. The first time I'd ever seen one was yesterday and since then I've seen another 2.
  3. DNStuff

    Pokemon Go

    I barely spend any; my mindset was at the beginning that there wasn't any point using it as I will just collect higher Pokemon in the wild later on. This has remained true pretty much since. For some reason my mind has set 200k as the minimum; so I spend a bit on higher cp mons when it builds up. i'm level 24
  4. DNStuff

    Pokemon Go

    Just got enough candy to evolve my 100% perfect magikarp today. look at those moves... Fucks sake
  5. DNStuff

    Pokemon Go

    Fucking yes! Best catch ever; now to harvest some candy so I can evolve this bad boy
  6. DNStuff

    Pokemon Go

    New tracking looks great!
  7. DNStuff

    Pokemon Go

    New update for both iOS and android
  8. DNStuff

    Pokemon Go

    I'm nearly at lvl 24, Pokedex stats are: seen 118, caught 117. How anyone has hit 40 yet I have absolutely no idea.
  9. DNStuff

    Pokemon Go

    283 km according to the app, but realistically it's probably more than that, as I've noticed the distance taken to hatch eggs is more than it is supposed to be
  10. DNStuff

    Pokemon Go

    Same here; it's an eevee and squirtle hotspot This is my current gym buster
  11. Six feet under is the perfect example of a series written to completion. The most satisfying ending to any series I've ever seen and one of my favourite series ever. It's hardly recent though. Finished about 10 years ago now, after 5 seasons. Worth a watch if you haven't seen it.
  12. DNStuff

    Tame Impala - Currents

    Tame Impala have a new album out. I'm not quite sure what I think it just yet, but this in particular is brilliant: http://youtu.be/HS1gL8RuX7k I wish I had written that baseline.
  13. DNStuff

    Jurassic World

    well I liked it. It was more a monster film than what I was expecting from a Jurassic Park film though.

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