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  1. I think Superhot VR played wirelessly on this in enough roomscale space has a legitimate claim for being the best game ever.
  2. I ditched my plans to get a PC and a Rift S and grabbed one of these from John Lewis yesterday after I read that they had custom Beat Saber songs working already. As as someone who has played a ton of PSVR, the external camera-free tracking and lack of wires feels like actual witchcraft. It’s also super impressive graphically - way better than I was expecting from a pretty old mobile chip. I do find it way less comfortable than PSVR though. I find it harder to keep it tilted up enough to hit the sharpness sweet spot and it feels like the straps don’t do a good job of redistributing the weight of the front of the unit. I don’t know why they didn’t copy the PSVR style halo thing, but that’s pretty much the only negative thing I have to say about it. I can’t wait to finish all the games I bought on PSVR but never actually finished cos setting it up was such a hassle.
  3. Has anyone had any luck getting a refund from a physical version on the basis of it melting PS4 consoles? I wish I'd gone with Amazon rather than ShopTo for this as I reckon they're way more likely to accept it.
  4. Argh. After playing this for a week with no issues at all, I've had three of the terrible crashes where you need to re-attach the power cable to even get your PS4 to turn back on. It looks like the last crash almost took down my external hard drive with it. I'm enjoying the game but shit like this makes me almost afraid to play it.
  5. You can't combo from a same element primer and detonator, right? I was trying a Living Flame/Burning Orb thing on my Storm and couldn't get the combos working at all.
  6. I think if this game was just a single big room where endless enemies spawned in and you could hover above while freezing and them thunderbolting them as Storm while that combo noise played, I'd still enjoy it. I don't know why you'd play as a different javelin
  7. I'm playing as a Monk this season (following on from Witch Doctor in my first season) and it was tough going until I got the second lot of season set armour. Bosses and elites were taking forever to kill. That all changed when I got the obscene damage boost to the Seven Sided Strike from the seasonal armour set. Now bounty bosses, elites and rift guardians are dead in two button presses max. The ice cyclone to pull enemies in followed by blowing everyone up with exploding palm is an extremely satisfying loop. The endorphins from seeing massive groups of enemies explode at once will easily carry me through to the end of the season.
  8. That was an excellent way to spend 25 hours, 28 minutes and 4 seconds. I loved how battles that seemed impossible at first (Big Boss/Samus comes to mind), get finished first try once you come back around armed with new spirits and a better understanding of how to play. I've got a wired LAN adapter and I'm ready to try and make a go of this online. Playing so much single player spirit battles has given me so many bad lazy habits but I'm still really enjoying it. Looks like we haven't had much success getting a rllmuk lobby going, but I'm up for trying again. I'm SW-6456-0289-5304. Anyone up for some games tomorrow afternoon (Sunday)? Lunchtime Smash? Something in the evening? Let me know!
  9. I’ve been playing World Of Light for 24 hours and 14 minutes and I only just discovered you don’t have to physically walk back to the gym/shops/expeditions to pick up your spirits. I’m at 599 spaces cleared now. I never imagined I’d enjoy a Smash Bros single player mode as much as this.
  10. I really enjoyed my first season with my Witch Doctor. What would the recommendation be for something that plays very differently? I imagine not the Necromancer as I don't want another pet/summon class.
  11. I managed that Pauline spirit battle (with Peach on the Donkey Kong stage) by using the staff weapon (Cupid spirit, I believe) and another one that boosts shooting items. If you can jump up and shoot her, then catch her again in mid-air, it should do enough to knock her her off the stage and finish the fight in about 5 seconds.
  12. My god. Fair to say that things step up a bit when you complete the seasonal set. I just did my first greater rift with all six pieces equipped for the full set bonus and the damage numbers get ridiculous. I can cast Wall of Death every 8 seconds which puts my damage figures into the hundreds of millions per hit for each of my pets/summons. Without even really trying or paying much attention, I just cleared the level 25 greater rift in 5 mins 15 seconds and the rift guardian died in (no exaggeration here) 3 seconds max. I tried to save the video in disbelief but didn't realise the Switch only saves 30 second clips, so only succeeded in saving a clip of me upgrading some legendary gems. I kind of feel like I'm done for the season now I'm doing these sorts of numbers. The other seasonal goals only seem to offer portrait frames and I think this is a good spot for me to play something else until the next season starts, when I can't wait to do it all again with another class. What a game.
  13. I just did this. It took almost 2 million gold’s worth of re-rolling, but I eventually got a socket and my final two green set pieces. Make sure you press Y on the stat you’re re-rolling to make sure the socket is in the list of possible outcomes.
  14. I also feel like I've just hit the 'proper' game. This weekend I finished the story, hit level 70, got Kanai's Cube, gained a bunch of paragon levels and have done the first three parts of the seasonal journey. I'm rocking four green pieces of my seasonal set and feeling more powerful than ever melting enemies with my acid rain and gang of zombie dogs/gargantuans/piranhas. Making the jump up to Torment difficulties now for part 4 of the seasonal journey and it's all very exciting. Is this the point where people generally start playing multiplayer? It's all been 100% solo for me so far.
  15. I had an 10 hour flight yesterday. Switch plugged in to the at-seat power, headphones on and ready to hit level 70 and start playing properly. That at was the plan until the game crashed on me 15 minutes in meaning I couldn’t connect to login using my seasons mode character when I restarted. I was furious. I just sat there and angrily watched Mission Impossible Fallout as a poor Plan B.
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