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  1. What happens if the first game is postponed due to Covid? Will they reschedule it for a date after the trophy has been won by another team for the following season? Obviously that cup is even shitter these days, but the final we were in against Southend at the Millennium Stadium was fantastic fun and a bit special. The players clearly loved it too. There was an interview with Ben Foster the other day where he mentioned the game as the turning point of his career. We had him on loan from Stoke, Alex Ferguson was watching his son play for us, Foster was amazing, and Ferguson snapped
  2. It was intentional. You were controlling Link on a flying bird and not the Loftwing directly.
  3. Cool, I was hoping for this to be 60 fps. Played a bit on Dolphin last year, but you can't do 60, so held back in anticipation of this for yet another play though. Slightly enhanced waggle should be good. Hopefully the lack of automatic sensor bar recalibration won't send the sword wonky. Be nice if they upped the text speed a touch, but other than that, I wouldn't want them to change a thing. Magical as fuck this game.
  4. Chesterfield have been taking the piss a bit by furloughing unwanted players and then signing new ones. Including one of ours. Non league has always felt a bit like the wild west. And the people who run it have always looked self interested, amateurish, and erratic. The unfair distribution of initial grant funding, which appeared to favour the clubs of National League board members along with their current floundering come as no surprise.
  5. I share your displeasure and frustration NeoElite. We arguably played our best football of the season against Dagenham and Redbridge before sitting back on a 2 goal lead and ultimately and quite predictably conceded an equaliser in the 95th minute. Keeps us nicely on course to finish 8th though. Keates has us sitting back on 1-0 leads all the time and it's stressful as fuck. Given we had a makeshift defence today with only one recognised centre back in a back three it was madness. His days are surely numbered though. Our Hollywood takeover was rubber stamped by the FCA yesterday, s
  6. King's Lynn owner Stephen Cleeve illustrated how he's not in the slightest still bitter about his failed bid to take over Wrexham a few years ago by deliberately allowing our media team to travel all the way to Norfolk to commentate on the game today before banning them from doing so right before kick off. This is the man who had dodgy business dealings too unpalatable even for UKIP and had to stand down as a candidate. A man who actually goes around looking like this. Thankfully we beat the cunt 2-0
  7. 01 - Little Simz - Drop 6 02 - Run the Jewels -RTJ4 03 - Squarepusher - Be Up A Hello 04 - En Attendant Ana - Julliet 05 - Denzel Curry, Kenny Beats - Unlocked A stripped back lockdown EP from an ace UK rapper, arguably El-P's best, a Squarepusher album I actually like, a melodic indie album full of jangly guitar and warm brass that reminds me of the kind of stuff I particularly Ioved at about 18, and a great little snappy hip hop record that, if not quite as good, matches the RTJ one for attack and energy.
  8. We do have a tendency to do well against better opposition. Even though we almost got relegated last season, we had some good results against the top sides in the league. Our way of playing tends to function more effectively against sides who expect a victory. So while we've just had a frustrating loss against Altrincham, I do think we are in with a chance away at league leaders Torquay on Saturday. We might be a bit short of strikers though and there are always doubts over our stand in keeper Dibble who had a torrid time last season. We'll see. Enjoy your game back at Sutton. They're a strong
  9. Bromley 1- 1 Wrexham Oh and... EDIT Sorry this was meant for the other football thread, but fuck it. Peter Moore is going to be working in an unpaid advisory role at Wrexham. He's been rumoured to have been involved in this ages ago. He's from the Wrexham area, played for my village team, watched us loads in the 70s, and possibly could have been a factor in why they wanted to buy us.
  10. A surprising and rather ace 4-0 win against second placed Sutton last night. Think we possibly got you at the right time last night Cosmic_Guru, I've come to expect tough competitive games against Sutton, but that's comfortably the worst I've seen you against us. Players stuck on a train on the way up can't have helped, maybe you've had one to many games recently too, but you were sluggish and to be honest a bit rubbish at both end of the pitch. We defended well for most of the game, took our chances, and looked like a side capable of getting in the playoffs. It's just
  11. It's coming! 3.45 - 7.45. Fortunately I do have to go to work in an hour so will be spared the anguish of the wait. Back at 10 pm for some late beers and Atrobot
  12. The Hartlepool commentator fancied pronouncing Durrell like superman's dad throughout the match last night. We should have been behind after 45 minutes, then played better for half an hour, scored with one of two shots on target before getting everyone behind the ball defending countless corners and hoofing it up the pitch for 20 minutes. Your classic conference midweek in November 1-0 away win. Challinor has got Hartlepool playing it around a bit like he did with Fylde, but they were really poor up front.
  13. I'm not massively worried about them being delusional or ignorant to be honest, although my guess is that they probably don't fully grasp how difficult it is to even get out of the conference. There have been no fanciful promises of promotion to the Premier League. McElhenney, who appears to be the big sports fan and principle driving force behind the takeover, was even a bit hesitant to talk about us winning games in League One which absolutely should be the goal. This is not your typical sugar daddy takeover either, I actually don't see them putting that much of their own money in beyond the
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