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  1. I enjoyed basement 2 and the boss battle in it. The only boss encounter I was disappointed with was the very last one. It lacked the character and creativity of ones leading up to it. I also found it significantly more tricky, which emphasised that even more because I spent more time on it.. Loved the penultimate one though.
  2. Yeah, hopefully us. A very winnable looking home tie against Boston for Wrexham should we scrape through against Rochdale in the replay. 0-0, but all reports suggest we were the better side yesterday and Rochdale were a load of shit for a league one side. I suspect we've probably blown our opportunity though and they'll improve at home. As Newport did against us last season.
  3. Right at the end of this. I think it's fucking superb. Boss fights are amazing, exploration with the playful investigation and interaction is aces, it looks and sounds as good as almost anything ever made, it's frequently laugh out load funny, and spot on difficulty wise. Was pretty disappointed with the way Yoshi turned out earlier this year, and was mildly concerned about this , but these lot have upped their game. From about halfway I couldn't wait to find out what was waiting on the next floor and I don't really want it to end. The Pikmin 3 of the Luigi's Mansions.
  4. The videos do make it look massively vom inducing, but it's a shame to find out that's the case in an otherwise ace looking game. I'm not good with that amount of movement at all, but look forward to at least giving it a go later on see how I get on.
  5. His general play is below conference standard to be honest, but to be fair to him he has shown an ability to find the net and I like his attitude. I don't know, he might be someone who could improve with a bit of decent coaching. And he's well up for the Tunnocks. Could be a key figure when we play the kids from Rangers in quarter final.
  6. Four were clearly not good enough from the off. Forward Harris started well, but dipped in form as the season has gone on. Attacker Redmond we expected much of but has been a massive flop. Ace striker Hooper is injured all the time. Most Wrexham fans were a bit underwhelmed by Keates coming back, but expect that he'd get us up the table a bit with some solid but generally poor football. Saturday's performance was typical of the previous time he was with us. We matched a surprisingly not that great Bromley side, restricted them to half chances, scored a cracker, and won 1-0. We've still got a core of decent conference players, but need to ditch the shit and bolster our squad with two or three better I think. Yeovil and Solihull aside, we play loads of sides towards the bottom of the table from now until the New year, so the chance is there to pick up a few points if we stay resilient and don't pick up any more key injuries.
  7. None of the players former manager Bryan Hughes' brought to the club started yesterday. We won 1-0 against the side top of the table Superb goal too.
  8. This season is in never ending mini loop of hope rays coming through the window and having the blinds pulled down on them. Whenever Wrexham show signs of picking up and getting back to full strength we go and put in a shit (sounding) performance and key players get injured. Against Dagenham and Redbridge on saturday star striker who has barely played Hooper went off to add to key defender Pearson out with hamstring issues. We've now got Torquay away tonight and presumably another defeat before probably a better performance on Saturday against high flying Bromley which will end in no more than a draw. Good to hear Rochdale are poor . Our FA Cup game against them has been moved to Sunday though for that multiple cameras at games thing on the BBC so I can't make it or watch it now which is an arse.
  9. The Champions' Balad is better at what it does than the main game is at doing those same things. It's more in line with the consistent high quality of the dungeon stuff of previous 3D Zeldas, meaningfully adds to the story, and give me hope that the sequel will improve on the elements in Breath of the Wild that weren't quite up to the standard of previous games. I loved it.
  10. And we twatted Chesterfield last night 1-0 in the replay. Best striker and keeper back from injury and a right back on loan who can defend has meant a bit of improvement on the pitch. Home against Rochdale next round. A shame we've got one of the smaller clubs from league one, but I'm pretty happy with that. A proper looking FA Cup game and a chance to raise our game, upset the odds, and bring a bit dignity to this so far awful season we are having. We'll likely get thrashed obviously.
  11. It's on the Epic games store on PC, but I just had to run it through Steam to get my controller working. Very early days ,but this is right up my street. Little story with a bit of character there and ace music that builds to go along with the pure puzzling. Particularly enjoyed working out the Trombone's movement.
  12. Really far into this now. I've finished all the main levels, with loads of coins and 43 out of 48 bees. It really is a wonderful platform game. Essential for anyone who likes these types of games. Its gimmick, the way overworld puzzles feed into and alter the platform levels, is pretty inspired too. Some are really cleverly done. The music is fantastic. The only thing I'm not convinced about is the impossible lair itself. It's very long with no checkpoints so can feel like like a bit of a chore to return to. And you do end up having to repeat the thing because it is challenging. You can't use Tonics either, so Laylee's extra air spin time one that I've been using since very early on and makes movement more enjoyable can't be used.
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