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  1. So it's the fast versions of the songs that are sounding particularly distorted and rubbish on Beat Saber. That Pop/Stars one a good example. It's crap through the speakers, but fine through the headphones that came with my PSVR. Do the fast versions sound noticeably shit for anyone else?
  2. Fatsam

    Nintendo Switch

    Stick length is irrelevant for precise aiming in Breath of the Wild.
  3. What are peoples experience with shitty audio on this? I've had the little bit of static noise thing I've heard mentioned before, but it's been a minor issue and not bothered me. It seems much worse tonight. Beat Saber sounds like complete shit on some songs through the speakers. Bunged headphones on and it sounds okay. Not amazing, but no obvious distortion. Is this a known issue with a fix? I've turned the thing on and off and restarted the game and that stuff. Had to change my Quest on launch day, I'm not going to have to replace another one because my speakers are fucked am I?
  4. Demise is barely in it though, he's the Imprisoned for most of Skyward Sword. Ghirahim's the star baddie of that game. I did miss having a main baddie with a bit of character in Breath of the Wild. It's an obvious area that they can improve upon fairly easily in the sequel.
  5. Fatsam

    Beat Saber

    Wouldn't listen to the Imagine Dragons outside of the game, but they do work well. Feels a bit like you're beating away at the front of a marching band at their best and a nice change from the other tracks. Can't wait for those 360 ones.
  6. Fatsam

    Beat Saber

    Just had a go on that track on fast. There's a new name at the top
  7. Been pointed out a billion times before, but it's the lack of those Nintendo racers that's the killer. Star Fox, Wii Sports, Wario and Pikmin were all on the Wii U. It's now 12 1/2 years since Excite Truck was released. Fucking hell, Wrexham were in the football league more recently than that.
  8. Fatsam

    Beat Saber

    One disadvantage of the Quest version. Hearing Jehovah' s Whitnesses ringing your doorbell can lead to missed block swipes.
  9. Fatsam

    Beat Saber

    Just checked. Only ticking faster, disappearing arrows, and ghost notes increase your score.
  10. Fatsam

    Beat Saber

    That's probably it. Looks like you can miss one or two and still get a better score than a normal speed perfect run though. Just up to 65th in the World on the Beat Saber song on hard. And now the 13th most sweaty man in the world.
  11. Fatsam

    Beat Saber

    Holy shit yes, I'd never thought of doing that. Just added about 15 thousand points to my previous score on $100 Bills hard and snuck up to 67th in the world That's on faster. Battery Power says it doesn't increase your score so I didn't click that.
  12. Prepare to be bewildered by an even better sequel then. There's load of room for improvement surely. Understandably as Breath of the Wild was a new direction for the series. In most areas, but if you're into dungeons in Zelda then it's quite clear where improvements can be made. They actually did make them with the DLC.
  13. It's just gobbledegook backwards if you reverse it. There's a video on youtube. That's the Twilight Princess Ganondorf being resurrected presumably. I mean, it has to be with that magic glowing hand placed on exactly the same glowing weak spot Link rammed the master sword into at the end of the game.
  14. Yeah add me Fatsam12345 for Beat Saber everyone. Sent a few requests out myself. Going to jump on for more today, although my arms are aching like fuck. Also played a bit more of Shadow Point last night, which has been a bit stop start with having a sickness bug that put me off VR for a bit and my nephew deleting my save. The puzzles with the were great. Having to
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