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  1. thesnwmn

    Pokemon Go

    It's funny how the challenge had changed. I remember we used to need 10+ to do Lugia comfortably. Last time it was out we did it with 4 (and two not great teams). Doing Kyogre and Groupon with 4 easily. (Not meant as a brag, just the quality of Pokémon available has made stuff much easier)
  2. thesnwmn

    Pokemon Go

    Normally takes me 30+ to get legendary shinys. Only 7 this time and got this beast.
  3. thesnwmn

    Pokemon Go

    I’ve go over 2000 legendary raids too so yes, I’ve sent real money. And a fair bit of real money. I imagine it averages out to something like £50-100 a month since legendary raids were released. Not something I’m particularly proud of and hard to really justify but made so many new friends playing it and save easily that on beer and other games. And for bad shiny raid luck... I’m at 98 shiny! Finally got a mawile the other day... on my 83rd attempt.
  4. thesnwmn

    Pokemon Go

    At the tail end of last year I started to get fixated on finishing the non-legendary raids gold medal. Started doing a fair few and over the festive period it got a bit out of hand. I finally finished it last weekend, with 66 raids over the two days.
  5. thesnwmn

    Pokemon Go

    Oh my. That's a thing of beauty.
  6. thesnwmn

    Why are Nintendo fans so annoying?

    Nothing specific about Nintendo fans here right. People of all sorts be they Sony, Microsoft, Apple, Google... What ever the field you find nutters. But to be fair I'd say Nintendo games are some of the only to commonly earn it, at least partly because they're a little different than today's gaming standards.
  7. thesnwmn

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    I think it's bad. And wouldn't want it. But I can sort of see the grain of an idea. Maybe just a "smart rewind" would be better; jumps to start of scenes/cuts. And no need for the prompt.
  8. You could trade from Pokémon go if you play that. But yes, it's frustrating.
  9. Have to be online at the same time. So you need 2 switchs.
  10. No. And only in that players of each version have some Pokémon the other won’t.
  11. thesnwmn

    You (Netflix Series Thriller)

    Having finished I’d probably agree. Enjoyed it right to the end but maybe a few two man switch backs and twists in the last two episodes.
  12. thesnwmn

    Bird Box (Netflix Film) - Sandra Bullock

    How would you check otherwise? I guess you could ask. I enjoyed this well enough although I am a sucker for all things Sandra. The premise was enough to carry me through most of it. Makes me interested in the book.
  13. thesnwmn

    You (Netflix Series Thriller)

    Up to episode 7 myself. Really enjoying it so far. Funny. Charming. Creepy. Never quite sure who I should like/dislike.
  14. thesnwmn

    Pokemon Go

    Over the moon with this, finally.

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