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  1. Yeah, the current game times really aren't suited to mobile at all imo. It surprises me Valve and Drodo have chased that so hard immediately without adjusting the formula.
  2. It's definitely complicated in terms of resource management because of the clock. And there's is a fair chunk of chance that means you need to be playing the odds. Valve have mentioned on Reddit that they're investigating a turbo mode to reduce game time, which I guess would be most important for mobile. I think it's be hard to trim too much without upsetting the balance or overall feel of the game.. too fast and it becomes maybe too heavily about click rate and loses some of the fun.
  3. Yes and no. In the end it’s going to be quite a personal thing this I think. It’s dependent on your internet connection, your sensitivity to input delay and the types of games you like/choose to play on it (although Antstreams retro focus could limit that a bit). If Digital Foundary come out and say it’s amazing, it has only X lag we will gasp. We will wonder how they’ve done it. Then we will wonder if X is actually lot or a little. Then we’ll have to try it to see if there number from one place in the world on their internet connection means literally anything to what we experience. Of course if they say omg it has so much lag. Then we’ll roll our eyes, say of course, and move on.
  4. thesnwmn

    Pokemon Go

    First up... remember that you need a ticket if you want to go. They cannot be purchased on the day. Im going Friday. Staying in Düsseldorf this time and get the train over on the day itself. Got a hotel just round the corner from the station so I can get an easy early train.
  5. thesnwmn

    Pokemon Go

    As for "worth it". Hard to say. As a single 30-something with disposable income it's a good excuse to take some days off work and escape. But it's not cheap really what with travel and accommodation on top of a ticket.
  6. thesnwmn

    Pokemon Go

    I'm going this year, and was there last year. Last year was great (other than a hiccup on Saturday where they locked everyone's account it they used insense until about 2pm!). But being unticketed meant it was queued like crazy on Saturday but you could easily take a big group. There were about 12 from my local group there so could split up, meet up and chat, etc. This year is a Go Fest (rather than Safari zone). So we'll have more stucture. Special research for Jirachi. Habitat areas for different spawns. I enjoy them for the increased shiny chances and unowns. I also went to Safari zone in Stockholm the year before last which was a lovely place to explore after the event on a long weekend.
  7. Well, it’s zoomed but take this shot I just grabbed from the treehouse video (1080p60). Obviously it’s not perfectly representative but it’s clearly got very little detail. Flat leaf texture with no real modelling too. And whilst capturing it I noticed an NPC just before it suddenly appear about 20 metres away, as if the level of detail just didn’t render them until up close. I’m not expecting wonderful things graphically, it looks functional. It lacks a spark and style that I think Nintendo first party is capable of. It doesn’t necessarily need more detail... but it needs more “style” to make it look good.
  8. Having never played a Dr Mario game unlike the look fo the gameplay. But then there's time refilling energy and consumables to purchase. So fuck that unless it has a one off payment to remove the energy concept entirely.
  9. Oh and the solution is clearly being online for all money transactions and well use blockchain... AC Coin incoming!
  10. The problem is that it’s an inconvenience for the masses to prevent a few abusing the system in a non-competitive game. Why do Nintendo care if a few cheat if most people gain peace of mind from a cloud save system.
  11. It told me I was shit and maybe I should try non-beat mode or whatever it's called. Its actually quite nice for learning the enemy movements as you have complete control. Fun to just explore atm.
  12. Personally I see no issue with not being able to import. The bank serves as a statement of your ongoing lifetime global dex in its own right. Having a living dex there should the purpose. A monument to your commitment to the series. Adventuring in different regions and bring back its unique species to add to your personal Zoo. The problem is that they charge for the bank. Threfore the Pokemon you put in it has to be “worth” something, like importing it into the next games and using those Pokemon again. Caveat... I don’t and have never used Pokemon Bank.
  13. Quite the flurry of spin offs for this coming: * the original developer (Drodo Studios) is building new versions for PC (Epic store exclusive) and mobile (in beta now I think on iOS) * Valve are building Underlords (open beta in a week) https://kotaku.com/valves-auto-chess-game-is-called-dota-underlords-open-1835495579 * Riot are building a version for LoL (out this month) https://www.kotaku.co.uk/2019/06/10/it-looks-like-league-of-legends-is-getting-in-on-the-hype-around-the-dota-2-mod-dota-auto-chess
  14. thesnwmn

    Pokemon Go

    108 onix encountered in this event. Mostly tasks but maybe 10 raids, 15 wild. No shiny
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