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  1. The method is valid but you need to go big for two reasons: Firstly, and obviously those two reds together at the end only have a 1.6% chance of producing a blue flower (when they breed). Second is not shown on the picture. The orange and purple breed in the final step can produce four different flowers. Two of them are white and two of them are red. They might look the same but because of genes two two reds are not identical. And only one of the two can make blues when bred with itself. The other red is useless. And the issue... you have no way to tell them apart. Because of the second point you need to churn out lots of these reds. Normally I’d say clone after you have one of what you need and scrap the breeding pairs. But because you don’t know what’s good or bad here you just have to keep spawning more reds from the orange/purple combo. You also want to plant in blocks not specific pairs (basically you want just enough spaces for new flowers to spawn into). This way different pairs breed each night so you’re mixing up and hoping a good pair breed. You might also consider moving the flowers around occasionally to mix them up again. Your big block of reds is going to spawn more reds. These should be mixed back into your planting as some of these reds can make blues too (but not all).
  2. Couple of recipes I’m after if anyone has them spare: Natural garden chair Shell lamp I have some going spare if needed in return: Floral swag Golden toilet Gold rose crown Ironwood bed Rocking horse Tiny library Shellfish pochette Water flooring Garden bench Ironwood chair Trophy cas
  3. Can I get your friend code? I’d like to visit Celeste and cannot see it in the sheet Ignore me, we are already friends
  4. More than being useful it would just be so much more positive than endless days of no news. It really fucks me off every morning. If there’s no news just don’t show me Isabelle. I don’t want to resent her.
  5. With hybrids you will always see this sort of thing. If you were trying to make more oranges then separate your two. If you’re trying to make another hybrid then patience.
  6. No personal experience as I play solo (although run two accounts on my island to give more rooms to decorate). I think if you let your kid be mayor you should be prepared that you might want to play on their account sometimes to progress the game.
  7. It's much better than the tiny hammerhead.
  8. Spoilered in case others don’t want to know
  9. Stitches is th first villager to get one or my character jumpers from Able's. Team Blathers!
  10. Yes. To get the full set you need to pick up and then recheck your beach occasionally.
  11. Just you. But it worked out for me. I lost the mums wand recipe I’d been given and got lunar surface instead
  12. Phew! Fixed by having a friend visit and enter
  13. So I have a villagers house I cannot enter. They appear to be in but I cannot knock on their door. No statement that they're out or ill and no knock.
  14. If you’re prepared to travel to other islands on here then you’ll make a killing without issue really. if you’re not then you can make a profit but likely not huge unless you get lucky.
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