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  1. When you get the island designer and can reshape the river it'll be possible to manipulate it so you can get bridges into better positions (I assume, not got this far yet)
  2. Use a shovel not an axe. The swing is faster
  3. All my rocks have strategically positioned fences to keep me in place. On nook islands I use dug holes to do the same. The money rocks aren’t chances of bags. They’re the same every time. After the 4 coin drops (cannot remember their values) there are bags of 1k, 2k, 4K and 8k.
  4. Blue flowers spawn peacock butterflies. Good money at 2.4k I think given I have an almost constant spawn when no rain. I just catch the one. Run off a little and come back and there's normally another.
  5. This reminds me. Do things actually spawn whilst on screen? I run away from my blue flowers to spawn my peacock butterflies and maybe I don't need to
  6. I could see this happening a mile off and still did it
  7. I got this one done today. Wasn't really focusing on it but then noticed i was on 70 when searching for the golden trout. Nerve wracking after that.
  8. It may also be throttles. Didn’t Sony announce they were throttling downloads. Maybe Nintendo have decided on the same.
  9. You need to unlock the ladder by progressing the island growth over a few days.
  10. Not on my island Meanwhile Katt took the time to tell me about her latest dream...
  11. It took a lot of effort but I got in. feel like scum.
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