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  1. Enjoyed this a lot. But... I'm worried that once again the show is starting with a big story rather than being the procedural which I think of Star Trek as. Yes they evolved wider plots which were great but at its core I enjoyed the show because I didn't know what it would be about week to week.
  2. Oh dear. That was utterly terrible. First episode just about fine, too much happpened and they’re therefore discarded most of the source material there and then. Everything in episode 2 and 3 was horrifically dull and completely devoid of any point. This is an example of where I’d love to meet the people behind it. To ask if they can watch it and like it. What their concept was. What they thought they were adding via their butchering of the source material.
  3. Yes. That and the Pikachu you can get do not evolve.
  4. I pick up new eggs as they’re available. At the moment I’ve ended up on two hatch sets of 2 and 3 eggs. I’ve got a pokemon with the flame body ability at the top of my party to decrease egg hatch time.
  5. It has two forms it switches between. I'm shield form it takes much less damage. Most damage can be done when it's in sword form
  6. Oh, and for anyone who doesn't know why you'd want one... Breeding a Pokémon from different regions (i.e. foreign ditto and local other pokemon) with the shiny charm (from complete dex) makes shiny odds 1/512. Which is as low as they can be I believe.
  7. If you want a foreign ditto people are using link code 4448 to trade dittos online. Check their summary for any three character country code before trading.
  8. 72 hatches using a foreign ditto and the shiny charm
  9. As someone who lives in Woking it's funny how out of date this photo is. Much of that isn't there any more. The car park and toys r us on the right is a building site. There are two huge towers under construction this side of the road where that small red brick building (old fire station is) and across the road is a big Premier Inn. On the topic of the show. I wasn't a massive fan of episode one. The lack of a slow unscrewing of the capsule and the sound to go with it was annoying. I feel like it's skipped much of the build up for me. Maybe that'll be fine but so far it's a bit too fast.
  10. At 60 hours in and I need just 7 more for my dex. Been a slog but lots of fun. Been sitting around with others playing too and it's lovely how the switch's portability enables that
  11. I found the whole thing easy up until the final champion fight. Managed that with my last Pokemon and used lots of max revives as I cycles through trying to get the right typings in place.
  12. Not sure. We could try a random trade to see if your pokemon shows up as JPN for me
  13. Are any of our Japanese residents playing this? I’m after a Japanese ditto for breeding.
  14. thesnwmn

    Pokemon Go

    Same in Woking Finished the Giovanni quest line. My shadow legendary reward has IVs of 0/1/4. For fuck sake.
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