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  1. thesnowman

    Pokemon Go

    Aron is probably mine. 1219 seen. No shiny.
  2. thesnowman

    Pokemon Go

    Yeah, it got boosted sometime on Monday. I think 19 is the new max (not seen anyone report 20).
  3. thesnowman

    Amazon Prime Video

    I rarely use Prime but have been watching a few things recently (Patriot and Homecoming off the back of the threads here, and The Purge). My god it’s terrible compared to a Netflix, which is by no means perfect (or even remotely as good as it could be). I hate the interface (at least on my TV app) but the really ugly thing is the ads between episodes. It’s like when you’re paying Sky for the privilege of watching their overprices sports channels and still have to put up with boat loads of ads. Given it’s all just ads for other stuff on their own service it also seems somewhat pointless. Just let me enjoy the show I’m watching seamlessly and maybe offer some you also might like options when I’m done.
  4. thesnowman

    Ever been totally hooked on one game?

    I had ~140 days (3360 hours) played one single WoW character in the course of about 9/10 months during the 4th year of my degree. I did almost nothing but play it.
  5. Yep... Normal Bottle Cap once a day from fighting the fairy trainer on the pier where the S.S. Anne was. Gold bottle cap on the floor of the Game Corner. There are 6 loot points (use your partners waging tail to locate them initially but ther never move). They are randomly assigned. Save outside and loot them all. If you don’t get the gold cap then restart the game and try again, you can also get a normal bottle cap. I’ve normally got it within about 10 minutes or resets.
  6. You can use bottle caps to max out IVs for level 100 Pokémon. Normal caps max one IV, Gold caps do all 6. I think the guy to do it is in the daycare. There’s one normal and one gold bottle cap available daily (the later may require resetting as it’s random).
  7. thesnowman

    Pokemon Go

    Marowak raid also counts for the cubone quest
  8. Yes. Think they're all the same level. Many are setup with good counters so they're super effective against you. Levelling Pokémon to 100 isn't actually hard post game though. Chaining chanseys in cerulean cave can be 10-90k XP a time!
  9. thesnowman

    Pokemon Go

    I’d agree. “Use X berries to catch” Pokémon quests are generally just how many berries you use.
  10. Exactly. You have to encounter him to see as he's not shiny on the map or the precanned animation. You can skip the animation pre fight if you enable it in the settings. With the charm it's approx 1/1000. Approx 1/4000 without Imported one from Pokémon Go so I could hold off catching in game to do this
  11. Imported one from Pokemon Go so I could complete my dex and get the shiny charm (enhanced shiny rate) so I could hold off to try for this shiny one.
  12. So I've just got somewhat lucky... Took about 3 hours of resetting so not bad compared to the odds.
  13. You can fight the elite four again for about 40-50k a time. Also the gym trainers. There is also one daily nugget and big pearl.
  14. thesnowman

    Pokemon Go

  15. thesnowman

    Pokemon Go

    Oh, and I get badges made for each community day using some graphics by the Silph Road community. Today's...

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