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  1. Pokemon Go

    If it’s antthing like the pikachu event anyone who catches more than 40 odd of the thing willl have at least one shiny. The suggested rate on that day was something like 1:28.
  2. Pokemon Go

    A raid guarantees you 67% IV minimum (10/10/10). So it gets you a bit better odds.
  3. Pokemon Go

    I realise the above makes me sound like a spoilt brat. But i couldn't stop laughing at it last night around midnight when it happen. Non stop luvdisc searching and one random magiakrp
  4. Pokemon Go

    Over 300 bumfish clicked. No shiny. I did find a shiny Magicarp whilst searching last night. Never been so angry at a shiny (I've already had 4 magikarp and 2 Garys)
  5. Pokemon Go

    Our community loves Absol raids due to the shiny. Still don't get many done simply because travelling to do that seems a little extreme (for them, not me). In a medium sized town (Woking) the vast majority of things are driven to so it can be hard to get people to head all the way across town for it sometimes. But I'm extremely lucky to have a very active community. 200 people in a WhatsApp group gets stuff done. Prob at least 5-10 legendaries done per weekend day and maybe 3-5 on a weekday. Even managed a triple legendary set one day after work last week!
  6. Pokemon Go

    Yep. Until 14th if I remember correctly.
  7. Pokemon Go

    Friend in our group just got one for Australia. Where they holiday’d in September. I don’t think he’ll make it. Meanwhile my second account just got one for a gym they have only ever spun. Never raided it. Never battled it. Never berried it. My main got it too... they’ve only ever raided it solo and not since about October.
  8. Rllmuk's Official Sales Figures

    Arstechnica did a piece on the "peak" playstation family sales years... https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2018/02/has-the-ps4-peaked-annual-console-sales-are-flat-for-2017/ Their suggestion is that its historically been year 3/4 with the question of whether the same will be true for the 4 (This is shipped not sold)
  9. Rllmuk's Official Sales Figures

    If you assume each owner will buy a certain number of titles to an extent (within some range) regardless for quality (assuming they’re not complete tripe) and won’t buy everything that comes out then maybe. You’re splitting each owners spending over a smaller set. 100 people with a budget of 1 game from a range of 10 could be 10 per game. 100 people with a budget of 1 game from a range of 100 could be 1 per game. It is of course throwing a lot of assumptions that aren’t reasonable about player distribution. I would suggest it’s true to an extent but not as even as that.
  10. Pokemon Go

    Since the gym rework last year. So yes, ever since it’s been possible to feed candy in gyms. It’s rare and I suspect people often just don’t notice as it’s just the little animation in the corner of the screen.
  11. Pokemon Go

    My area got much more detailed. But it's a mess. The game map engine doesn't have enough range of track sizes and so every little drive way is a full blown road. Some roads are about 3 times wider than usual as there are so many driveways coming off them
  12. Pokemon Go

    And this is my XP graph since 4th September (it's the wrong way round with latest date on the left and oldest on the right but you get the idea).
  13. Pokemon Go

    This week I've done (approx): 80km walked 2200 catches 500 evolutions 120 egg hatches 1000 Pokestop spins 40 legendary raids And all my badge stats (I capture them most nights)... Badge 30/11/17 Jogger 1220 Kanto 148 Collector 17282 Scientist 2555 Breeder 1201 Backpacker 15261 Battle Girl 3066 Pikachu Fan 617 Johto 95 Berry Master 4277 Gym Leader 4788 Fisherman 79 Youngster 161 Unown 13 Champion 176 Battle Legend 476 Ace Trainer 41 Hoenn 5 Schoolkid 760 Black Belt 329 Bird Keeper 6034 Punk Girl 1978 Ruin Maniac 1194 Hiker 455 Bug Catcher 911 Hex Maniac 1458 Depot Agent 270 Kindler 689 Swimmer 4202 Gardener 876 Rocker 1342 Psychic 1622 Skier 573 Deliquent 683 Fairy Tale Girl 859 Dragon Trainer 93
  14. Pokemon Go

    Congrats on the 100% legendary. That makes me crazy jealous... done 476 legendary raids, 180 normal raids and never even seen a 100% from one!

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