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  1. The Fairs Cup isn’t even a real competition, you didn’t qualify on merit (it was invite only like a lot of pre season tournaments are) and it wasn’t sanctioned by UEFA who to this day don’t recognise it. It seems to have an elevated status on these shores because they recycled the trophy for the UEFA Cup/Europa League and Newcastle United list it as their most recently won honour.
  2. The team who finished 2018/19 definitely did. There were a lot of comings and going’s over the summer (a team full of loanees and thirty sometimes in the final year of their contract will ensure that happens) but we did make three of the loan signings permanent and it probably would have been four if Manchester Utd hadn’t decided to recall Axel Tuanzebe so he could play 180 minutes of football this season. There still seemed to be a good vibe at the place, the jury is still out on Dean Smith but he got us promoted when we were left needing snookers before his appointment and then kept a hugely inexperienced squad with (apparently) the third lowest wage bill in the league up. He does seem to be capable of instilling a good atmosphere in the place and based on the evidence of the past two seasons that seems to be important. We are at a crossroads this summer though. Again.
  3. I felt the same about Villa about a year ago, then I found out that everybody in the Premier League had much better players than we did.
  4. He’s slowly transitioning into the Heavy from TF2. When he shaves his head and signs for Leeds don’t be surprised if he starts speaking with a Russian accent.
  5. I think he'll take a break and wait for a decent mid table Premier League job to come up when someone inevitably gets sacked in October or November.
  6. He used to play for Liverpool so I think he’s legally entitled to an easy job in the media post retirement.
  7. I'm sure the social media team will be full of glee that they get a weekend's worth of content out of drip feeding photos and videos of the new stuff. I'll probably end up picking one up this year, my son has just started to get into football properly and this is probably the first time where we can have the same shirt (actually we both had the yellow away from 2015/16, but he was too young to remember it, the lucky bastard) so it might be fun grab a couple and wear them to the match together if/when we are allowed back inside stadiums. Gonna wait on the away and GK shirts before I do anything though.
  8. Clarissa Oakes by Patrick O'Brian which is book 15 in the Aubrey-Maturin series of novels. I've waxed lyrical about these before and this one is off to a strong start too. I think it's probably been 18 months since I read book 14, and as is the case with all of the series so far this one picks up mere moments after the last one ended and it's incredible how quickly and easily I got back into it. The overall plot still doesn't matter that much as the books have always been more about conveying a sense of time and place than anything else. O'Brian is such a good writer that he doesn't need to create suspense and mystery to keep you going, the quality of the prose and the strength of the characters are more than enough to go by. I just love the gentle humour in the series and I've already laughed out loud despite only just picking it up. Again, the series is a hard sell (18th century naval fiction with a high emphasis on accuracy) but once you realise it's about people and relationships then it's as good as anything out there. I think O'Brian might just be my favourite author.
  9. Make you wait until August. Release a video which looks like it was lit by a strobe light at midnight. Hopefully some stills will be along soon. Still here. Not sure about the incredibly harsh lighting here, I'd like to see something a bit less 'stylised'. Last year they just had some models go out into Brum and get photographed in natural light which looked much better.
  10. 12 point deduction next season.
  11. I'd like Brentford to go up because it's just such a good story.
  12. I carry two third party batteries with my Fuji, mostly because I got a battery grip for free when I bought the camera body and it takes two additional batteries which weren’t supplied. Even if I don’t carry the grip with me (which is most of the time) I’ll have the batteries in my camera bag and they get used interchangeably with the OEM battery which was bundled with the camera. I’ve never noticed any difference with the performance of the third party offerings. They are branded Patona if that’s any use yo you, I’m sure they’d make Canon fit batteries if they make Fujifilm ones.
  13. Cancel the entire competition or test the rest of the Real Madrid squad?
  14. Do you think Potter will be able to get a tune out of him? Lallana is a lovely footballer but his injury record isn't the best, same hamstring injury (almost) every time too. It will be interesting to see if he can do 90 minutes regularly or if Brighton use him for twenty minutes here, an hour there like Liverpool have been,
  15. I was talking hypothetically, I don't think there is anything which could legally stop a member of the public with a bit of coding know how and a few TV's from generating heat maps or anything like that. I can't see how players can claim ownership of data which they didn't generate. If it is something like getting a fee just because they think they can have one then I really hope they don't win.
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