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  1. MrHendo

    Ever been totally hooked on one game?

    Same as @Gotters here - stupidly addicted to Clash Royale. They do enough to keep me coming back with new cards and new features.
  2. MrHendo

    Clash Royale

    I made a rough spreadsheet for token trades and as some people’s rllmuk names are different to in-game names, I’m not sure who to send the link to. Don’t want to just post it publicly as it can be edited by anyone. So anyone who wants the link, message me on here!
  3. MrHendo

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    I got about halfway through yesterday before I realised it was a mistake. I was gonna carry on listening but then they had a call-in question from the British girl or guy (not sure which) re-doing the “from Brooklyn” meme and I had to turn off. Reminded me why I stopped listening to the after show podcast.
  4. MrHendo

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    I was watching that live and thanks to Jan having the game name at the bottom of the screen, I turned the sound down and watched random YouTube videos until they moved on. Took a while!
  5. I played a few hours on PS4 - is the migration process a one-off or can you bounce between machines at will?
  6. MrHendo

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    I forgot about Dead Cells - that will definitely be in there. Probably in place of Vermintide 2 on my version of their list. Could even be Tetris Effect that ends up in the top spot.
  7. MrHendo

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Tetris Effect will do well. I don’t think RDR2 will make the top 10. If I had to guess, and in no particular order: Into The Breach Call of Duty : Black Ops 4 Tetris Effect God of War Monster Hunter World Forza Horizon 4 Spider-Man Mega Man 11 Hitman 2 Vermintide 2 Dead Cells Alex is the one who has played AC : Odyssey the most and he’s cold on it. Jeff won’t let Smash Bros. in and they won’t have time to play it much, unless they get very early copies. I would say God of War will win as that’s the one everyone can agree on the most.
  8. MrHendo


    Best tips I can give you for that early start:
  9. MrHendo

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    I’d like to be able to customise the layout. The “latest” bit should be further up on the main page, I’d like to move it up a bit.
  10. MrHendo

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Big thanks to whoever it was that recommended Big Mouth! Finished the last episode of series 2 today and every episode had me laughing out loud, which is a rare occurrence these days.
  11. Nah, the video was busted. It was meant to have beginning game impressions and then late game impressions at the end, but the late game stuff wasn’t there so they took it down to fix it. Giant Bomb are streaming it now and very disappointing that it’s Brad and Ben fooling around in the open world and not Vinny.
  12. MrHendo


    I’ve been going back through it a lot recently. One new character that has done everything bar kill the last boss (to keep all the locations open in case anyone wants a hand anywhere) and mopped up the last of the DLC trophies, and my original character which is now NG++ sitting at something like level 220. Going back to it, it’s genuinely close to perfection. The only real gripe I have is connecting even with someone you password play with, is a real chore. Me and a mate have been doing chalice dungeons and sometimes just sitting there for minutes waiting to connect, for no apparent reason.
  13. MrHendo


    3 years later and finally it is done.
  14. MrHendo


    Bit of a long shot, this. I’ve finally got the platinum and now I’m after my last trophy for the DLC which is get all the weapons. I’m really struggling with the fight against the two quick big bastards in the well in the fishing village. If anyone happens to be available for the next 4 hours or so, let me know. I’m currently attempting to summon from the lighthouse lamp to go down the lift, run past the brains and kill those bastards in the well to get the weapon I need. EDIT: Never mind, got it.
  15. MrHendo

    Better Call Saul!

    Lalo reminds me of a young Tommy Lee Jones.

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