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  1. MrHendo

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    They don't give out a UK specific mp3. Everyone downloads the same file.
  2. MrHendo

    Crackdown 3

    But wouldn’t that make the agency commander and rebel woman boom out even more? I want more “quack quack, mother fucker!” and less “nicely done, agent!”. Seems a massive waste of Crews at this point.
  3. MrHendo

    Crackdown 3

    Can you mix the agent voice higher? I can barely hear Terry Crews.
  4. MrHendo

    Clash Royale

    I haven’t paid any proper attention to it, but I’m pretty sure I can make a hefty amount of cash every month from all the duplicates I get in chests. And along with all the war bonuses and stuff. I might make a note of my cash on the 1st of March and see how it’s changed by the 1st of April. I’m relatively frugal with what I upgrade, so the cash just sits there and cards I can max out but don’t want to continue to earn me money.
  5. MrHendo

    Clash Royale

    2nd deck well on the way!
  6. MrHendo

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

  7. MrHendo

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

  8. @CheekyLee You don’t have to agree, just let them drop everyone together. If you do want to agree, hover over their way point and ping it to agree. I’ve never seen a match go well where one team mate went off on their own at the start. Stick with your team, except as previously mentioned go in a different building at the start to hunt for weapons.
  9. MrHendo

    Resident Evil 2 Remake - no spoilers pls

    I’ve been using the Wesker DLC handgun as it sounds like it’s better than the standard. Though now I’ve upgraded the standard 3 times - anyone know if it’s worth dropping the Wesker and going full Matilda?
  10. MrHendo

    PSX/PS1 rare gems

    I don’t know if this would be considered rare, but you never hear people say anything at all about Hogs of War. Voiced by Rik Mayall, it’s a pun-tastic 3D Worms and I loved the hell out of it. Also, another favourite of mine was Bishi Bashi Special, along the same lines of a WarioWare type game. And I haven’t played it since it came out, but all the talk of the Crash racing game made me remember how much I liked Muppet Racemania at the time. Much better than it had any right to be.
  11. MrHendo

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Oh yeah, I absolutely am, but man it dragged on and watching the video form, that room got real tense, real quick. They got the right outcome, I’m more or less with Dan, it’s a bitter disappointment, even though I can admire just about everything in it, bar the actual playing. But regardless, Dan was right - they always let one person throw a strop and get their way and it was his turn. And he was never gonna fight to keep it off the top 10, so it’s like, “at least give him that”. Also, I enjoyed A Way Out, they make it sound like it’s a game that shouldn’t be touched, and that’s just crazy. Disappointing, yeah, but it’s still a unique and interesting co-op story that should be tried out.
  12. MrHendo

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Most disappointing is a real slog.
  13. MrHendo

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Alex doing his best effort to make top 3 in “adult acting like a petulant child” in day 4.
  14. MrHendo

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    He’s very reserved on these so far, only Jan probably speaks less than him, and that’s a push.
  15. MrHendo

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    I was more talking about the boy’s mother, not the antagonist’s mother. She said that Kratos’s dead wife was just a sexist trope but that character was what everything in that game hinges on and was by far the smartest character in the whole game. The latter, I bought that character arc, to be honest.

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