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  1. I guess I should buy Dark Souls for the 4th time now it’s been re-mastered and is so cheap. Maybe I will actually get past the first boss this time.
  2. That Incredible Hulk Omni is on my to-read pile as well.
  3. I have over 6000 pages of physical comics to read, plus my subscriptions to Marvel Unlimited and Shonen Jump - which btw has to be the best £2 a month anyone can spend. So I am fairly sure I have enough to keep me going for quite a while yet.
  4. The animation is really ropey though, it’s the reason why I have avoided watching it.
  5. I personally find the Xbox UI perfectly fine now after the last update, it was a complete bag of shite when I got my One X last Easter but now I would say it’s no worse than the PS4’s UI.
  6. Gamepass means unless you have a love for all things Ubisoft or EA, you basically never have to buy another game again and even the former has had a few games on the service.
  7. Charliemouse

    NFL 2019!

    And joining the Bucs it seems.
  8. Charliemouse

    NFL 2019!

    I am so happy we won’t have to face him twice a season anymore l
  9. The original English language cut has loads of scenes missing and was in-fact even given a name change to Warriors of the Wind.
  10. The Invisible Man (2020) it was pretty good I guess, though after reading the reviews, it was all a little underwhelming. 3/5
  11. I personally feel, if the art wasn’t so cartoony the series would have never been published, all the blood and gore would have been too much, if the art has been drawn in a more realistic style.
  12. No they don’t. I have to admit I prefer reading on my iPad Pro, but I still buy plenty of physical books as they just look so pretty in my bookcases.
  13. Do they have the English Dub? As I am finding the dreadful English accents used for the characters fucking hilarious so far.
  14. Jeph Loeb really did write some terrible comics for Marvel, I have just given up reading his Hulk run as it was utter shite, moved onto Bruce Jones‘s Hulk now and that’s so much better.
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