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  1. They can have good coverage and versatility, but they don't get STAB (Same type attack boost) on the elemental moves they can learn. This sounds super jargon-y but it just means if an electric type Pokémon does an electric type move it'll do 50% more damage. Normal type Pokémon can only have this boost on normal type moves, whereas a Pokémon with dual typing can have STAB on two types of move. Also normal type moves are not super effective against anything. Also a weakness to fighting can be a problem as fighting moves are very common, so normal is seen as one of the weaker defensive types as it doesn't resist anything and has a notable weakness. Ideally you want good coverage across your team, so some of your Pokémon can specialise a bit as long as the rest of the team can cover their weaknesses.
  2. In the more recent games they have an indicator where, if you've already got the opposing Pokémon in your Pokedex (either seen or caught), it'll tell you on screen if the move is not very effective/effective/super effective against them before you pick it. I don't know if that's in this game but I'd be surprised if they've removed it.
  3. I think this is very likely. Generation IV is particularly under-represented in this game and those two are next up in the order of remakes. I will pay money to get Honchkrow back. They have me where they want me.
  4. I thought that's what I said. I think I should have quoted Paulando's post rather than being lazy and @ing. Atting? Atting.
  5. When a new generation of Pokémon comes out it can be nice to go into the game blind and discover them all for the first time. After the initial few reveals I personally made an effort to avoid seeing any more of them until launch day so I can enjoy the surprise. I'm sure this is the case for plenty of other players too. @Paulando the big grievance with this game is that more than half of all previous Pokémon from previous games cannot be transferred across to this game from the old games or be caught in this new game. This is a feature that was present in the previous releases and was expected for this one, so a lot of folks are unhappy it was left out. I am one of the many people disappointed by this, but this has then spiraled into a pretty ludicrous hate campaign against the game. By most accounts it's a pretty standard first game in the generation of a new Pokémon series, which is great if you love that sort of thing (I do, very very much) but won't set your world on fire otherwise.
  6. Mine hasn't either. I have ordered with Shopto instead and they had it in stock and dispatched immediately. If you do that and order today I reckon you've got a better chance of getting it tomorrow. EDIT: Ha, never mind, just got a text from SImplygames this minute telling me it's been dispatched now. Looks like their copies are in. I was planning to get both and gift one to my friend anyway, looks like I'll get both tomorrow.
  7. Yeah definitely. I try to plough through the story at speed to get the game unlocked and start breeding and crafting teams. If they do release super double battle later it’ll be hard to turn down. I have spent hundreds of hours on double battles creating ridiculous teams with my friend to try and go on streaks or see how far we get with teams riddled with 4x weaknesses etc. Also is that photo above evidence that if you have a download code you can get it now??? What is going on?
  8. I am disappointed about the National Dex (Honchkrow is my favourite Pokémon ever ) and move removal, though I suspect that most if not all of that content will be back later. Other than that, it's a new Pokémon game and I am positively frothing with excitement. Disappointed that SimplyGames seemingly won't be getting it to me early this time, cannot wait for Friday. So happy that I've avoided the vast majority of leaks and spoilers too, so there will be new Pokémon that are a total surprise to me. Haven't had much of that since Black and White as I went Spoiler-crazy with the last couple of games. How is it "a shadow of a former great" when the review basically says it's more of the same? More of the same is what I crave. That and the new monsters and abilities and balance changes and other little quality of life improvements (removing the need for HM slaves being one of my favourite recent ones). I'm slightly disappointed that it's actually slightly-less-of-the-same, but other than that I am at maximum hype. It's not Breath of the Wild. Breath of the Wild is Breath of the Wild though, so that's good.
  9. Yeah this is the most spoiler-free I’ve been since going into Black and White blind. I know the starters and I’ve seen a handful of the early reveals but since I heard there was a full leak out there I’ve been in a self imposed black out. Thanks for using spoiler tags everyone. Hope simply games manage to deliver before Friday.
  10. What a half, bloody hell I don’t think I blinked. Wijnaldum playing out of his skin. Fabinho too. It never ceases to amaze me the tight spaces those guys manage to squeeze out of. Those passes for the second goal. Couldn’t possibly call how this is going to end but 2-0 at half time is a damn fine start.
  11. I want to be able to put an all star team from all of my previous games together for the post-game Battle Tower. I also liked seeing all of the little tweaks and balance changes and seeing how they would affect my previous squads. I could do that in the previous games, I'm disappointed I can't do it in this one. The National Dex was in all of the previous games and it never made anyone obligated to try and get all of them, so the "game with thousands of these things to collect" thing shows a misunderstanding of the issue. It doesn't means that every Pokemon ever is in the game and you have to find them all, it just gives you the option to transfer whatever you want from your previous games, which was always a really cool feature to me. . The regional pokedex is a separate thing that the previous games have all had, but those other games had the national dex as well. This new game only has one of those things. Fair enough if it's due to technical limiations or because they're holding it back for DLC or whatever, but it is insane to me that people are saying it's an improvement or that nobody should be disappointed.
  12. Platinum is the third game for Generation 4, it's a sort of remixed/enhanced version of Diamond/Pearl. So Gen 1 you had Red/Blue and then Yellow. Gen 2 there was Gold/Silver and then Crystal. Gen 3 Ruby/Sapphire then Emerald. Gen 4 Diamond/Pearl then Platinum. They changed this up after Gen 4 and did: Gen 5 Black and White then Black 2 and White 2. Gen 6 X and Y didn't get a follow up game. Pokemon Z was heavily rumoured and some leaks suggested it was in development but it never surfaced. It's a shame as I had intended to do a Nuzlocke challenge on . Gen 7 they did Sun/Moon then Ultra Sun an Ultra Moon. My history: Blue. My mum bought this for me and I hadn't stated a preference. I picked Charmander. All of the other main series games I bought I asked my cousin and my best friend which version they'd be getting and then picked the other one. The only exception was X and Y where my cousin couldn't afford to get it on launch day and was going to wait til he got paid, so I bought X for me and Y for him. I much prefer Xerneas to Yveltal so went with X for having the prettier box art. Gold/Silver. I never had an original Gold/Silver cart :(. I got Soul Silver on the DS later to make up for this and picked Totodile. Ruby/Sapphie. As above, never played the originals but got Alpha Sapphire on 3DS to play it afterwards. Started with Treecko. Fire Red/Leaf Green. I have both of these. Found them unboxed at a car boot for £5 each. Was a ridiculously good deal so I had to do it. Started a Fire Red campaign and picked Bulbasaur. Diamond. Turtwig. White. Tepig. White 2. Oshawatt. I regretted not picking the little scamp the first time and made up for it at the second attempt. My White 2 team is spectacularly bad as I decided to pick all the 'Mons I'd rather do a hard pass on. I have a Sunflora. It is, unsurprisingly, not very good. X. Froakie. Sun. Popplio.
  13. Justin Wong vs Nemo from Canada Cup made me so happy. I’m a big fan of Nemo but I am a bigger fan of perfect neutral control and Justin Wong being dry as hell. I can’t emphasise enough how difficult it is to do this in SFV, especially against one of the best rushdown players of all time.
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