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  1. JLM

    Slay the Spire - Roguelike Card-em-up

    Yesssss!! 700 hours on Steam, here’s to 1000 more on the move. Can’t wait to destroy my next train journey.
  2. JLM

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Gun to my head, I wouldn't say Bucky is my favourite contributor to this thread. Not my absolute favourite anyway. Sorry to be so brutal but there it is.
  3. JLM

    Edge #333 | Playdate

    Down Town Nathan Brown, Evo editors tournament superstar, "shit at fighting games". The NERVE of some people.
  4. JLM

    Funny Things In Games

    Used to celebrate liberating towns and villages in Just Cause 3 by grappling a passing civilian and trying to launch them over the top of the highest building possible. It was a sign for all to see that freedom had come to their village and a beacon of hope for the surrounding areas. Ideally if I could apply the initial grapple when they were mid-way through praising my heroism it would be the funniest. Just Cause 3 was frequently hilarious though. What a fun game. Used to play pass the pad on it with a couple of friends and shout "MY CAUSE IS JUST!" when commiting unspeakable atrocities. We still use it from time to time when anyone does anything unacceptable in any videogame. Works well when doing a wake up super in a fighting game for example.
  5. JLM

    Edge #333 | Playdate

  6. JLM


    D.C. didn't allow the show to use The Joker name, and any Joker-lite character wasn't allowed to have green hair or be *too* close to the actual Joker, so they had to do a budget approximation of him. D.C. have weird rules about how their characters are used, and if they currently have movie plans for them they'll sometimes clamp down on them appearing in other media to avoid "diluting the brand" or some such nonsense. They forced the writers of "Arrow" to take Deadshot out of the show when they cast Will Smith to play him in Suicide Squad too. I always thought Jerome was fucking terrible and was surprised that a lot of people liked him. I thought it was a weak-sauce imitation of Ledger Joker with a sprinkling of the god-awful Leto Joker thrown in, though maybe that was a satirical dig at D.C. for only allowing the show to do a weak-sauce imitation of the character. Maybe it was choice by the actor. Probably not.
  7. Everyone who has played Total War *DID* come up wth a more coherent battle. It was deeply tedious to read.
  8. JLM


    That's not especially weird. Feels like it'd be a great place to discuss it.
  9. JLM


    I lied, I have one additional contribution. If I am eating a fry up, I would much rather it was that really shit greasy spoon ketchup that's been vinegared to hell than legit Heinz ketchup. I think it's a better contrast to the saltiness of the fry up.
  10. JLM


    One of my old housemates used to order pizzas with a wide array of delicious toppings and then drizzle the entire thing in ketchup. It used to annoy me to a quite unreasonable degree. Also everyone at my work (I work in Huddersfield) call it "red sauce" which, to me, makes them sound like children. Regular tomato ketchup for me is right near the bottom of the condiment tier list and is only above the sauces I actively dislike. Outside of a fry up or bacon sandwich it is dead to me as a sauce because there is an unfathomably vast ocean of sauce out there waiting to be sampled and almost all of them are superior. Also do you remember when Heinz did green ketchup for a bit? I bought a bottle and never finished it because the green poster paint appearance of the sauce made it almost inedible to me even though it tasted EXACTLY the same as regular ketchup. The power of the mind. I have now exhausted my possible contributions to the thread, so will close out on my new slogan. Ketchup: It's condiMENTAL.
  11. JLM

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Thought this was a fascinating watch: Also that Inter 11 is a list of incredible players whose names fill me with nostalgia. 2004-2010 were definitely my peak football watching years. Now I watch every Liverpool game and any other big matches I find the time for. Back then I would watch every second of European football I could get my hands on and could have named at the very least a first 11 and probably most of the squads for all major European sides. Good times.
  12. JLM

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    The Liverpoolfc.tv commentator (and Aldo!) live reactions:
  13. JLM

    The Spurs Thread

    Can't believe it happened two nights in a row. Get in there Spurs. As a Liverpool supporter I thought last night would do me in and now Moura's trying to finish the job. After two nights of shouting at my TV like a crazy person (and blubbing like a baby last night) I think my dog has lost all respect for me.
  14. JLM

    Football Thread 2018/19

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Holy shit. Two of the best semi finals of all time back to back. Holy shit.

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