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  1. Oh man this was #QuiteWellSuitedToThisHardware already so I was prepared to triple dip and by a third copy. Extra game modes only sweetens the deal.
  2. Ooh that's fun let's have a go at this: Gran: OP Ryu. Bizarrely plus in many situations where you wouldn't expect him to be. Katalina: What Imp said. Charlotta: Rushdown E. Honda with a demon flip. She has headbutt, butt slam and hands. She also has links off EX hands like Honda. Zeta: Best fireball in the game. Solid buttons, horrible abusive stompy pressure. Ladiva: What Imp said. OP Zangief. Ferry: Dhalsim with a DP, crazy mobility options, Feng Shui Engine and ludicrous hard knockdown setplay. Preposterous character. I love her. Metera: What Imp said, though she also has really nasty King of Fighters short hop rushdown for some reason. Lancelot: Yeah he's odd. Rushdown/mix up character with safe pressure and high/low/left/right mix ups with a really oppressive fireball used to help him get in. He also has a bit of SFV Nash slipperiness about him with his teleports. He feels like one of those characters who massively exploits a lack of knowledge. If you don't have specific answers to him he'll get away with murder. Lowain: Oddball with a stupid gimmick. It's a shame as I really like the character he is before he summons YGGpeaceout. Has Marvel-esque assist type special moves with his little robots and the boyz. Vaseraga: Yeaah, some kind of Boxer/Hugo/Abigail hybrid with enormous buttons and tonnes of armour. Has a command grab, and an EX command grab that he can cancel out of a stance when he's pressuring you. Can also make his rush punches safe or even plus on block if spaced correctly. He's the sort of character who's usually terrible in anime games but the more Streetfightery pace of this makes him very potent. He won TSB recently, beating a lot of the supposedly top tier characters on the way. Percival: Big damage, one button confirms into super, oppressive corner control/rushdown. Big bully.
  3. I've still never been to a Merseybeats, definitely looking to change that soon. I play Ferry. Even if she gets nerfed to hell I can't imagine having as much fun with any of the other characters. I like pretty much every character too, but she is an absolute delight to play. Between us SFO mans we've got: Benners playing Vaseraga/Ladiva Savant playing Katarina Broodoo playing Zeta with a side of Lowain Thai Son playing Metera with a side of Beelzebub Simatron playing Narmaya with a side of Percival Between five of us it's pretty good coverage but we have no Charlotta, Lancelot or Gran. Lancelot in particular is going to ruin me the first time I fight him. Shenanigans abound. I've briefly played against Gran when I played Imp but that's the only time I've ever fought the character. The only online I've done is the ranking matches they force you to play (got rage mail from one game!) and a short dabble with Imp. It's such a good game.
  4. Who do you play Jonster? I've been doing fairly sizeable house sessions every Sunday since the game came out and we have fairly good character variety but there are still a number of match ups I've never played.
  5. "Klopp got schooled". I presume Atletico's plan was to defend their lead (failed) and catch Liverpool on the break (barely a sniff until Adrian gifted them a goal). Simeone is a genius. Klopp should have told our forwards to take their chances and also told Adrian not to pass to the team in black. Maybe he thought it went without saying, the absolute muppet.
  6. I think it’s one of the finest games ever made too. I don’t think early access has ever been done better or used more effectively by a developer. The balance and polish it has because of that is astounding. I play it more than I play fighting games. No game has ever managed to do that to me.
  7. Yussss. Any excuse to post this. It's so rare for K-Brad to struggle for a retort but he had nothing here. Also:
  8. She's amazing. I love the buttons and the mobility as much as anything else. If she didn't have the cats I'd probably still play her just to whip fools in the face from full screen. But yes, the well of tech for her between the ball super, the cats and her movement options seems to be infinitely deep. Sako has insane stuff with her, and NecroUndine who won the first NLBC tourney for the game has loads of great tech as well. I also like that you have to single hit confirm the EX whip off the far standing heavy. Feels so satisfying when you get it, and it's a really useful skill to practise for other fighting games.
  9. Dhalsim with set ups is quite accurate, but closer to SFV ultra-mobile Dhalsim where the zoning and limbs are only a part of her game rather than 90% of the character like in SF4. She wants to harass and annoy you and keep you out but she is just as keen to put you in the blender. Her spidey swing is very much like Dhalsim's SFV float too. She also has a touch of the ST Dhalsim where her dive kicks are actually useful for both movement and offense. Then she also has an absurd corner game, is terrifying at mid range and has an invincible DP that Dhalsim would kill for. Her ball super is insanely potent, AND she has a Feng Shui Engine style super that gives her UNIST style chains on her far normals AND gives her the option to dive kick multiple times. She is very, very strong, in most people's top 4 along with Gran/Charlotta/Metera. I absolutely love her though. She was recommended to me by some SFO people who know I love lame/big buttons characters who have tricky installs/things on the screen gimmicks. I played her for 10 mins in training, was instantly hooked and was then told I'd be a community villain for playing her. Whoops!
  10. I always read them joffles. I watch all the tournaments too, I just don’t have many gameplay tales to report. This version of the game is definitely the best one though.
  11. Hello darkness my old friend The Dracovish used fishious rend.
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