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  1. Do iiiit If you can win at Ascension 0 then you can win at 1-5 no problem, plus you’ll improve as you go. The difficulty noticeably jumps roughly every 5 levels.
  2. Do iiiit If you can win at Ascension 0 then you can win at 1-5 no problem, plus you’ll improve as you go. The difficulty noticeably jumps roughly every 5 levels, and hh
  3. If Jorbs ever stopped streaming I don't know if I'd ever be able to sleep again. His stream is the best wind down viewing in the whole world.
  4. Clocksucker strikes again! I like Worship+ changing from Innate to Retain. Makes it much more practical to plan for the Divinity turn. Love the VFX they added to Judgment in this morning's patch also haha. Killing Spheric Guardian with it in one shot, completely ignoring the 50+ block, feels fantastic. Fairly significant buff for Akabeko too, +9 on your first attack played is not bad at all. Stuff like Backstab gets a lot stronger with it now, and if you have Whirlwind, for example, it'd be worth waiting to play that as your first attack and getting +9(!!!) on it. Dramatic Entrance is also much improved and it makes Bottled Flame a lot stronger too. Then you've got Mutagens and Bag of Marbles Synergy if you are using it on turn 1, and Necronomicon where if you make the first attack a 2 cost it'll have +9 the first time *and* get played twice. They've also changed Snecko Oil to draw five cards and then randomise the cost of the cards in that hand for the rest of combat. That is much much better than it was.
  5. They don't time out no. There's occasionally an issue with the PS4 firmware updating and stopping the Brook from working, but the update for the converter tends to be available immediately and updating takes two minutes. They're very good. I'm still on my 360 TE as well. Changed out the ball top to a different colour a while ago so it was easier to spot it at tournaments but other than that it's still going strong on the original parts. What a great purchase it has been.
  6. Oh that is so much better for vigilance. And yeah, flurry of blows coming back into your hand but demanding two energy seemed to completely defeat the point of it. Good stuff. Always an exciting time when they're all patch-happy like this.
  7. Artifacts protect against debuffs. You can get them via potions (Artifact potions) and certain cards (Core Surge with The Defect, Panacea from a shop or Colourless card event and The Watcher's power that gives her artifacts). Silent and Ironclad don't have any of their own cards that give them, so can only do it via potion or Panacea. There are also a number of enemies that have artifacts, such as the Sentries elite fight in Act 1. They're denoted by the little gold cog symbol undeneath their health bar, with the number attached showing how many artifacts (commonly referred to as artifact "charges") they have. The most straightforward use is to block a debuff that the enemy intends to use. So if you fight a blue slime and he's trying to make you frail, if you have an artifact it will block that frail and you then lose one artifact. Against enemies with artifacts you have to get rid of theirs before you can apply any debuffs. Cards that cause multiple types of debuff or debuff multiple times can remove multiple Artifact charges at once also. Uppercut with Ironclad for example causes both Weak and Vulnerable, so can get rid of two artifacts in one action. Or if the enemy only has one, the artifact will block one debuff but the other one will get through. Similarly, bouncing flask with The Silent applies poison multiple times, so each time it bounces on the enemy it will remove one artifact. There are also relics that apply debuffs that can be useful for removing artifacts from enemies. Bag of Marbles, for instance, applies vulnerable to all enemies at the start of combat. Where it gets more tricky and the fun opens up is that there are a number of mechanics in the game that you might not immediately spot as being debuffs but that you can totally block with an artifact. For example, with Defect he has the card Biased Cognition, which gives you +4 Focus and you then lose 1 Focus every turn. The loss of Focus each turn is applied via a debuff called "Bias" which can be blocked with an artifact. So you can use Core surge to get an artifact, then activate Biased Cognition, you'll get the +4 Focus but the downside of the card will be blocked and you get to keep the Focus. Or with Ironclad's Flex, where you gain strength and then lose it at the end of the turn. An artifact can stop you losing the strength at the end of the turn and let you keep it. This can also work with potions. Flex Potion, for instance, gives you +5 Strength and then removes it at the end of the turn. Once again, an Artifact can stop the strength removal and give you the +5 strength for the whole fight.
  8. It's from my excited day 1 scouring of the patch notes and some information relayed from friends, so no it's not a comprehensive change list. I think it is all of the relic changes but there were other tweaks too. Oh, I also found out that the calling bell curse is an unplayable, unremovable curse. Like a non-ethereal Ascender's bane.
  9. Apparitions are absurd with her also. They're obviously pretty powerful for all of the classes, but when they allow you to Wrath with reckless abandon they become especially potent. The Transient fight in the run I mentioned earlier was amazing too. Activated Wrath on Turn 1 and flailed attacks at it. Worked out pretty nicely but there were some pretty frightening numbers popping up on his side. It's hilarious how emphatically dead you are if you miscalculate lethal on the Wrath turn. Had one Champ Fight where I had two Fairy in a Bottle potions and lost them both on a 66X2 execute. Ouch.
  10. Man I had that same hope about the stack, but Wrath actually overrides Divinity and switches it off! So I played Crescendo+ and it reduced my damage from triple to double, and doubled my damage taken. It was not a great play.
  11. Jorbs has edited his save file to unlock Ascension 20. Ended up staying up waaaay too late last night as he had a run that got to the boss. He lost to Awakened one but it's crazy to me that he's playing her at that level already when I'm still getting wrecked on Ascension 0.
  12. Oh I love her. Haven't won yet. Best run just lost to Nemesis in Act 3, two floors away from the boss. Had a really small 16 card deck. Had Master of Reality + twice. Set one of them to give me Safety (12 block) and one to give me Smite (10 damage) retain cards every turn. Also had bottled sands of time (20 damage, 4 cost, costs 1 less for every turn it's retained). Bottled Flame let it start retaining turn 1. Key to this was then Crescendo+ (0 cost, retain, switches to Wrath mode) So I'd stock up on Safeties whilst waiting for sands of time to tick down and stacking smites. Also played Reach Heaven+ a couple of times so that I could get some Through Violence + popping up on the Wrath turn for 50 damage each. Also had great synergy with Brilliance, which is another retain card that gives energy when it's played, and this energy increases by one turn with each retain. This made the wrath turn even bigger as I often had 6-7 energy. Got rid of all my strikes. Also got rid of Eruption. As a signature starting card it doesn't seem nearly as good as Bash or Neutralize. At higher ascensions though it might be worth upgrading just for the 15 damage against the early fights. Also had scrawl (0 cost, draw 3 cards but you can't play any more skills) and Sanctity (8 block, if the previous card was a skill draw 1 card). The latter acts like a Shrug it off with Ironclad. The former is super useful for the Wrath turn, but it's also just as useful for drawing at the end of the turn when you've spent all your energy as you can draw out the retain cards and get a free +1 on them. It's really counter-intuitive to draw into 0 energy but she benefits from it a lot. I also had Crush Joints (deals damage and applies 2 vulnerable if the previous card was a skill) which is amazing with Crescendo+ as you can activate the Wrath for 0 energy then apply vulnerable with this. Or you can use it after Miracle to apply vulnerable for free before you start the turn of murder. Lastly I had Worship, which builds 5 Mantra. Play this twice and you get Divinity, which is a big turn of extra energy and TRIPLE attack damage. This won me the Champ Fight. My undoing was just lacking a bit more mitigation. The safeties were good block but the couple of turns I had without them cost me a lot of life. Ultimately the Nemesis' 45 damage turns were too much to withstand. Also could have done with that excellent power she has that gives her artifact charges. Being Weak is a pretty big problem for her! Character is a ton of fun.
  13. Loads of existing relic tweaks and a couple more complete overhauls. Hovering Kite now gives 1 energy the first time you discard during the turn. I think that's much better, especially if the other boss options aren't energy relics. Calling Bell now gives you one unique curse and three relics. Unclear on what the curse is yet though, hope to find that out shortly. Black Blood for Ironclad now gives 12HP. Ornithopter (heal for 5HP when you use a potion) and Meal ticket (heal 15HP when you enter a shop) are now common relics rather than shop relics. Orrery (Choose up to 5 cards to add to the deck) is now a shop relic instead of a boss relic. White Beast Statue (Potions after every fight) is now an uncommon relic instead of a boss relic. Wrist Blade is now +4 damage on 0 cost cards. I really like the Ornithopter change as I've always thought it'd be nice to have but not wanted to drop that much gold on it. Meal Ticket as common seems pretty strong! Fairy in a Bottle potion now brings you back at 30% health instead of 10%. That is a significant buff. For some of the more chunky Feed Ironclad decks that could be a ridiculous amount of health. They've also added the duplicate potion, which plays your next card twice. Lots of fun to be had with that I'm sure, adding Burst/Echo Form/Double Tap on command and also giving that functionality to cards that have never had it before. Limit Break springs to mind amongst many many others.
  14. Sadly not. The Beta branch testing stuff is only on the Steam PC version. Once it hits the main branch it'll be ported to the other versions.
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