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  1. I'm fighting the urge too - but I have enough stuff to be playing as it is. Gah!
  2. Right. On the dancing and fishing 'mini games' I can never seem to get the timing right to hit 'Y'. Any suggestions?
  3. Well, certainly arcade perfect versions of several of the Taito Legends games. On my wishlist would be... Bubble Bobble Rainbow Islands Parasol Stars Bubble Symphony Puzzle Bobble (1, probably) New Zealand Story Chase HQ Operation Wolf (using the touchscreen?!) Plotting Arkanoid Something from the Space Invaders stable (can't for the life of me remember the name of the quite modern one) Edit: Space Invaders Extreme, that was it! Rastan Saga At least one Darius
  4. Man, seeing all the Konami packs makes me long for a definitive Taito collection.
  5. Just completed it - some nice brain benders. Definitely a hint of The Witness about it in parts too, but very much The Portal Parable..!
  6. Fondue


    Hey folks So it turns out Stella Cidre no longer exists, and I was going to get some in over Christmas (my dad and I both like it - not sure how it's become a Fondue Christmas Tradition though). Is there any cider out there that has a similar taste? Or do I need to go crazy and buy lots to try (no hardship)?
  7. I bought this in the Switch E-shop sale and, though I've only played for about an hour, really enjoying the rather insane nature of it. And I'm still not entirely sure I know what's happening! So many questions! How do I up my carry limit (or whatever it is)? If i try switching characters in battle instead they seem to do a massive load of hits to everyone on screen - what's that about? Are there good character combinations? ARGH!
  8. I just finished A Little Hatred too - but really really wish I'd reread the earlier books first. Whilst the story in it doesn't rely at all on prior knowledge, I'd forgotten some of the characters and relationships from the First Law and I'd have gotten more out of it, I reckon. At least I know what I'm reading next!
  9. Ah! Thanks! I'll sorry about that if I get anywhere near a good run on ascension 1!
  10. So I finally got a winning run on all three characters now (really digging the defect at the mo) but not sure what these 'keys' are for that have now appeared. Any explanation would be appreciated!
  11. It's on BBC Iplayer too (with proper commentary!)
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