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  1. Because it's free money and I'm terribly susceptible to bullshit internet opinion MM bought and downloaded anyway, between this and DQ Builders 2 it's been a very pleasant birthday.
  2. Ha, settles that. Plus a stylus?
  3. So I've got £50 Amazon credit burning a hole in my pocket and can't decide - Mario Maker or a Satisfye grip case?
  4. Haven’t played 19 but have logged hundreds of hours handheld in FM18. Interface took a bit of getting used to but it’s easy really.
  5. Probably already covered, but Crypt of the Necrodancer is now £3.59. Dived in as I've always liked the idea but not so sure whether I'd like the game itself. edit: covered days, and pages, ago ffs
  6. There’s a big ol’ shitshow on resetera too. For a place ostensibly ‘for gamers’ where gameplay rules all, they don’t half get upset about reasonably ‘compromised’ versions of fantastic games.
  7. Can’t wait for Witcher. Bit of a broken record but these big, expansive experiences are what I love most of all about my Switch. Something I can spend time with and luxuriate in on the sofa, not worrying about TV time.
  8. Witcher 3 Alien Both games I own but sit much loved but hugely unfinished with lack of PS4 time, so in. DOOM Links Awakening Panzer Dragoon Astral Chain Luigi oooh: Mario Maker as well. Some good looking indies ther of course. Eep!
  9. No Man's Sky, apparently...(though very much looks like bollocks tbf)
  10. As if it wasn't addictive enough, giving the old theme to you to use while you compete is a stroke of evil genius. No way was I not going for that.
  11. friedgold

    Nuclear Throne

    Great game but I'll be waiting to make sure it's bug free before diving back in. The Vita never got an update.
  12. Um...sort of? It's kind of part BotW, part open-world Souls, part Monster Hunter, part MMO (mechanically, at least). I think it has a rep as a Marmite game but this will be the fourth time I buy it without regret.
  13. Dragon's Dogma up for pre-load at £24.99, surprisingly. Was honestly expecting another tenner on top.
  14. It's brilliant on Switch. Few UI issues but touchscreen generally solves them and it runs really well.
  15. 3rd place is my best so far, and I can't see me bettering it. I thought I was going to have a heart attack.
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