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  1. There was a post on Resetera the other day that has stuck with me regarding Balan Wonderworld where the guy said he sounded awful but he was going to buy a couple of copies anyway. I mean...why? The amount of spare cash washing around the people on that forum must be out of this world.
  2. My eyes might be squiffy but to me it looks like this has had a bit of a visual polish too. Looks lovely, crisper somehow.
  3. Yeah, I had a great time with this while it lasted. I kind of just stopped playing it though after completing the 3rd dungeon - no fault of the game itself really, it just felt a bit...hollow? A bit more meat on the trading system and something else to spend the dosh on would be brilliant. Unless tbf I'm missing a massive amount of endgame by jibbing out too early.
  4. Buying and crafting has done for me. I'd picked up quite a few blueprints (somehow)
  5. I'm trying to, or using the perks I've invested in that recharge RAM as hacked enemies drop to chain attacks. When it works as I plan it it's immensely satisfying, watching 4 or 5 goons drop down in quick succession, all equally confused and angry.
  6. Not for me but can see how your mileage may vary. I've been enjoying it as a stealth game tbf, going through missions without being spotted. If I do I've got to either shoot and pray or run like hell because I can' take much punishment. I'm only level 14 though so once I got the perks I've been chasing I'll start pumping stats elsewhere.
  7. I've been exclusively putting points into Intelligence and now only use a gun in the most hairy of situations (very few and far between tbf). My Contagion > Short Circuit > Synapse Burnout loop just rattles through enemies. Though if I feel someone deserves it they get the Suicide treatment.
  8. Arrrgh. I'm going to be really, really annoying and say that *this* is the one worth trying for you then. The fights are tighter (and shorter), the traversal is a joy. It's had the fat removed (as far as I have seen so far, stuff like needing environment-specific items to stay alive in hot or cold locales, paintballs for tracking etc. is gone) without losing any of the personality. The moment-to-moment you describe is faster and more 'action-game' than I remember it being before. The series may well not be for you and I apologise if you end up wasting cash on it.
  9. And do what I didn’t and check the Rewards app on your console ( it the game pass app) regularly, there’s a heap of easy to earn points there. I didn’t know it even existed for a good couple of months
  10. I think the shock is more Day One on Gamepass than a Sony developed game appearing on another console.
  11. On nitpicks - I really miss the bed there used to be in the player house. I would make a point of taking myself to it and saving when I'd finished a mission as part of a weird post-hunt ritual. The collapsing into bed animation was brilliant.
  12. Had a great Gig mission last night, infiltrating a Dojo to extricate a prisoner. It had a bonus objective to avoid raising the alarm and my total investment in Intelligence and hacking paid off handsomely, sneaking about on the rooftop and zapping fools with a combination of Short Circuit to weaken and the IMMENSELY satisfying Synpase Burnout to finish them off. I was the nerdiest Batman ever and it all felt very Deus Ex.
  13. I was recommded this: https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B072PTK61S/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 by a fellow forummer and it's been great so far. Only issue I've had is loss of Bluetooth connection with the controller but that seems to be game-dependent (Dark Souls 3 suffers particularly badly). I'm probably missing something but does the back compat over Cloud mean I can now remote play the announced games? semi-portable Morrowind and New Vegas could play havoc with my productivity.
  14. For all the jank in the NPC look and animation, the actual environment of Skyrim is absolutely stunning, even now.
  15. The fact this has an option to 'chit chat' makes me far happier than it should. But on the Hunting Horn; am I actually using it correctly? At the moment it seems to work like a faster Hammer but I can't tell if I'm getting the buffs or not. If I perform the double button press combo (for instance, A + A for Attack Up) is that instantly active until I peform a different combo? Or (and I think I'm getting it) can I perform all 3 in quick succession for the ZR+X attack, delaying the initial buff in favour of getting all 3 at once, with the risk I'll get combo-broken? Or sh
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