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  1. Likewise - nice! my only question is around Costa, may swap him out.
  2. OK, I couldn't resist. Becomes
  3. I’m tempted by the new Hazard Card. any thoughts? Any clue in what price may do? in other news, packed Prime Giggs, Aguero and TOTW moments Williams tonight.
  4. So was that for the 9 tokens? I’ve got 11 but thinking Dennis looks mint for 16.
  5. Yeah that’s the option I was thinking if I couldn’t Tetris him in somehow!! I have coins. 2.9m of them. But was going to get Bergkamp from Icon swaps as next icon!
  6. can't get him into my team withoiut changes! Unless anyone is brighter about these things than me? Ideally dropping Kimich to the bench for him. My 4-3-3 ends up a 4-1-2-1-2 - I'd like to keep the formation as it works nicely for me!
  7. 14 hours ago you were done with the game
  8. @Ballzzie You’ll have spend another £100 by tomorrow it’s got us hooked mate. I’d be happy with Barnes! I entered my first weekend league in FIFA 20. I’m chuffed with my 11 wins! I know you lot smash that but I’m proud of myself
  9. What’s the advantage of quitting with a bronze team over a normal decent one? Just curious.
  10. Are all the useless bronze teams that appear only to quit just folk dropping leagues?
  11. You can’t repeat it. So you could go one prime pack and an other icon. I see a the good players have dropped down to my level now and it’s unplayable again for me. It’s a shame I’m so shit as I just can’t compete now in Div 6 and 7. I was storming through all week now I can’t get the ball.
  12. I got Rio from a BOGOF Ultimate (got him in the free one!) but other than that it’s so rare I see anything over 83. Like Gooner has said in the past, I’m gonna create a new account next time.
  13. 88 Mertens classed as shit now? My best reward from rivals was 83 Milik from Napoli.
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