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  1. Moreno is 26k on Xbox but 87 rated...
  2. Werner POTM again - not sure i'll be able to resist this time!
  3. 12 of 12 icon tokens complete. Anyone else going for it this time?
  4. 3 and a half hours mate. Stay strong
  5. I don’t have hundreds of rare gold players
  6. Next one, Richarlson lol. No more.
  7. Gundogan. That's actually my best pull in these packs! (i've opened a LOT of them)
  8. congrats! I shall do one when I get to a PC and also post my results.
  9. My pack luck is considerably worse than Pants' It's can't be a money thing as I do buy packs. Best ever however was an untradeable TOTS Reus last version. Game was dead by then though
  10. 2 Lloris and a Kane from 3 packs? I’d be lucky to get that in 2 months and spending 100s of pounds.
  11. I did the Ziyech challenges. well worth it! What a lovely card to use, one of my favourites for a long time. Helps with the Icon squad battle challenges too! I have the three online complete and I’m 2/3 through offline now. Also got the CR7 99 loan, again handy with the offline Icon SBC. The card is a different level.
  12. I will be doing the same next version
  13. TAA SBC has dropped for those interested.
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