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  1. I used my CL Kroos to help get this card. Also did the Laport cars to upgrade my CL one.
  2. They are just CL TOTW equivalents.
  3. Nice!! Fuck it I'm. Edit. I'm not.
  4. Lovely card. Just can't fit in my teams.
  5. I packed CL Ederson yesterday on a CL upgrade. Dross in today's 3 player SBC. All duplicates.
  6. I did loads of the TOTW upgrades. I was so pissed off with FIFA over the weekend that I didn't care. My packed highlights were... 87 Mahrez 88 Mertens 84 Valencia 88 Koulibaly As nice as that list may luck for the amount of challenges i did it wasn't worth it. I have 2 teams. With new added icon (bought in frustration today lol) I'd love to make a hybrid from them.
  7. Oh and did an 82+ and got Gilk again!! Had to laugh really.
  8. Did another TOTW. Got a 76 rated Irish guy again. So discarded him.
  9. Yeah I have 2 untradable Mertens cards now! TOTW is deffo better though
  10. Im hammering the SBCs and I did get TOTW mertens. I am pleased yet I do have his CL card so it's not that great. Can't complain too much though
  11. TOTW upgrade.... 83 rated squad and got this... woo...
  12. I've properly lost my love for this game this weekend. Quite strange. Black Friday pack luck was just ridiculous. Played in weekend league for first time in this version. Hated it. Such an unenjoyable experience. After 5 games I've canned it. Now another fucked SBC. I'm not go all steely and delete but will probably only do the squad battles and some SBC going forward.
  13. They've fucked another SBC up. I've done 2 x Serie A premium upgrades and both times received La Liga Packs. Not impressed!
  14. Just did a prime gold players pack from the latest flash SBC

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