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  1. Right. I shall walk back to my tent here at Glastonbury and do this SBC. Results to follow!!
  2. I have so many cards I could.do any Icon without much issue. Just dunno which to do to improve me. I feel slightly ripped off that the top icons aren't the movement cards too.
  3. Worth all the graft??? Should have got Sane
  4. The Icon SBCs for Pele and Gullit are not the moments ones. I never realised that! Feels like a bit of a rip off now!!
  5. There are better, but much much worse!!
  6. Ok. I'll go first. Pretty happy with it...
  7. Done. So drumroll...... Who got what Icon? I'll do mine in about 30 mins... dreading it
  8. I got that cunt in the TOTS SBC. After packing Lehmann in the last Icon Swap Deal, I have felt the pain of getting the very worst it can offer. At least with Sane its a great card! I'll end up with the icon though, yes. And probably end with with Lehmann 88 card to sit alongside the 85 one I already have. However, thinking aloud, You need 2 icons for Gullitt / Pele SBCs i think.. so may be the route to go.
  9. I think any icon would just be fodder for me. Unless I pack Pele, which we know won't happen. Sane looks very usable even as a pacey super sub.
  10. Also on 13 now. Didn't think I'd both but spent a bit of time over weekend hammering through them. Sane card or Icon is the question now. Or take Modric + 1 to throw into a SBC.
  11. He certainly wont be ousting Van Basten and Cavani. So is Gullit the be all and end all of Fifa 19? If I was to aim for one player now is it him?
  12. Dabbur 93 AUT1 striker. Awesome SBC fodder or maybe even a great bench striker?
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