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  1. Ederson. At least I had a tradeable.. Started a new RTG game. Much more fun.
  2. I love Roberto Carlos! Just for the free kicks!!
  3. Looks like this: Don't think I can get Ramos on 10 Chem though. OCD hates it.
  4. I packed an untradeable Dias from Man City. Wow. Him and Ramos are a brick wall. I had to throw Ederson TOTS in to gain Chem but he's excellent too, so quick off the line. The Rodri card is very good too and well worth the slog, not sure the Bamford card looks worth 12 SB games though. I also puchsed Soucek who, with a Shadow, is solid.
  5. I've not done the community one. My mate got AWB. Lucky fucker. I don't think any of them would even make my bench now though I'll save until better TOTS players come along. The reason I just can't do it.
  6. Just can't do it. I've seen R9 Moments, Cryuff Moments etc pulled. Can't risk another Pires lol
  7. Looking on the official forums, users are pulling some top cards in the current attackers icon SBC...
  8. 2 x 80+ PP in a row and I get Taglifigo?! The EFL TOTS I got the polish CB. Could be worse. Just. Sat with duplicate 91 and 90 cards to throw into a SBC now, just need a worthwhile one.
  9. Just think for the 84, 85, 86 and 87 rated squads you could pull mid Inzaghi.
  10. Not a chance on either. Such a rip off when there will be far cheaper TOTS SBCs coming. EA are losing it.
  11. Haha. Have to report back on performance. So many players don't live up to thier stats and even now Gold Varane, Mendy, Gomez and Walker will still beat any 99 rated attacker!!
  12. So TOTS has landed. Firstly, seems cards and ratings are dumbed down a bit this year. Secondly, they now dish out UCL cards in packs like nothing else, trolling wankers EA. Lastly, I packed a TOTS player, nice card TBF Polish dude from Napoli. Next pack, got him again. At least mix it up EA ffs.
  13. Mid Zidane is amazing, would be good to know how the Prime Headbutter performs @Jerec He's always subbed at about 65 mins for Bday Kent though, purely because I love being a cunt.
  14. Couldn't stand robben. Rooney never impressed me too much either. Klaiber is epic.
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