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  1. I got TOTW Stuani. of absolute no use to me!
  2. I was going to attempt it but it's some SBC and will cost a fortune!
  3. EA access is 10% off plus you can get the Xbox credit 13% off at the moment too.
  4. Not sure if I'd sell him or not! You'd have to use him for a bit first.
  5. Compared to Lucas it's a total rip off really. Unless you pack a special player I guess.
  6. You can get his CL card (83) for under 30k
  7. I packed Mertens CL card last night
  8. I packed Courtios in a CL upgrade.
  9. I got Rakatic and Otamendi in one pack from my pre order packs. I did get walls on the other but I forget who. Gonna have a blast to try and qualify for weekend league I think.
  10. I think it's harder, I play a fair bit of squad battles and that has certainly been made far tougher.
  11. My mate got 82 Rashford. My other option were guff Clyne 80 being secong choice
  12. I did too, Goncalo Guedes. No idea how good he is though.

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