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  1. Football Thread 2017/18

    Which they'll sell in the club shop as a badge you can pin to your shirt.
  2. rllmuk FC

    Yep i'll be on from about 9
  3. RPL United - Season 38

    I'm away for a couple of weeks as well.
  4. Pretty happy with that. Picked Gray completely by accident but looks like he's off to Watford which could be a good move. Not sure how often Rashford/Mata/Danilo/Moses are gonna play though, and worried about Bailly and Luiz getting too many bookings/suspended.
  5. Season 38 - Draft

  6. RPL Town - Season 37

    And me. Think I'm done for this season, I won't make it home until 10:30 tonight and the next 2 weeks. Good luck with the rest!
  7. RPL Town - Season 37

    Not gonna make the first game. Should be on for the second.
  8. RPL Town - Season 37

    Anyone about tonight? I'll be on from 9ish. Where did everyone play last week? I'm happy to move position if things worked better.
  9. RPL Town - Season 37

    Sheeeiiittt! Fell asleep, sorry lads. Well done on the 6 points!
  10. RPL Town - Season 37

    Yeah I'll be on tonight.
  11. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Premium Sale is on now. $35 to extend your membership or $30 for new subscribers.
  12. The Bookies

    Anyone know why Monaco are such heavy underdogs in tonight's French Cup semi-final vs PSG? 12.00 on William Hill. Worth a punt, Shirley?

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