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  1. It's a good list although not surprisingly I, like everyone here , would place things in a different order and add/remove a couple. I'd have put Alien Isolation on it, and although I really enjoyed RDR2 I would have said that Max Payne 3 was the better of the two Rockstar games. And no Vanquish? The game is as close to perfection as a game can be.
  2. I find easy games pointless to play so this comment puts me off buying this. Are there difficulty settings in the game to make it challenging?
  3. Oil & Fire is helpful with that guy
  4. YESSSS! Syndicate made the final list! I've been waiting so long for this, I love the cold, brutal gunplay, it's so cool. From my list of wanted BC games I got them all bar one, Max Payne 3. Damn shame. I can only hope that it will be remastered one day.
  5. Don't kill and save at least two of your friends gets you the good ending.
  6. I spent at least 150 attempts to do the final boss over four evenings up to last weekend. I got to the final phase only once, it was phase 3 that kept doing me in. I grew weary of running up those steps to do battle yet again even though the fight itself is excellent (though gruelling). So I started a new game and ,boy, have I seen a big improvement in my skills. Where once I struggled with each and every boss/sub-boss, now I know their moves and weaknesses so I'm tearing through them, and as for the difficulty spikes I had with Guape, Lady B and GenA...... I've done them all first attempt. Absolutely no cheesing, just head-to-head, toe-to-toe fighting, and the battles have all remained enjoyable to fight and satisfying to beat. After all those discussions about the game being too hard it turns out it's not, it just takes a little longer than most other games to learn. I've only played this game since it was released, I've put well over 150 hours into it, and, although I'm a slow learner and had a couple of rage moments, I've persevered. I think I've actually begun to 'git gud'.
  7. Oh I'm sooooo going to remind you of this if you mention bloody Tenchu bloody Z again.
  8. Polygon article - Galactic Mapping A really interesting article on how one explorer's documented travels has inspired others to join in with mapping the Milky Way in Elite:Dangerous That's star systems, not stars or planets or moons etc. I think it''s impressive that since the game''s release over four years ago that players have discovered 144 million systems, that's an immense number. Playing E:D was the first time I began to get a smidgen of an idea of just how big our galaxy is.
  9. Why is TCM always refered to as a 'she'? Surely the clue is in the title that it's a he.
  10. Nah they're not. To me they're minor assists in a fight, not essential but there to break an enemy's combo. I keep forgetting to use them. Yeah they can make a fight easier but if it was unlimited then people would just spam them making a fight pointless.
  11. Which sub-boss was it?
  12. I started again weeks ago when I hit the GenA brickwall, it doesn't take too long to get back to him, especially now you'll have learnt all the basics. But instead of doing something so drastic as restarting why not revisit all the places you've been to warm up. Also make doubly sure you've gotten as many gourd seeds and prayer beads before the fight because it is a toughy.
  13. There's nothing more up at the temple until you beat Genichiro, then the story progresses further and new area's open up to you.
  14. The guy who cut your arm off.
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