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  1. IO is expensive when you have a large multi GPU compute cluster. Not single chip parts with hundreds of gigabytes memory bandwidth (which is noticeably less that what the XsX can offer up). There are a lot of no name youtubers popping up since the announcement as to why the computationally weaker machine will actually be better due to ‘reasons’. I guess as Microsoft actually showed off games and hardware they missed that the machine also has dedicated high speed IO hardware which has not been discussed in detail yet.
  2. Nothing like a good ol' bit of PC brute force to make up for the lack of specialised hardware, same as it has always been.
  3. https://www.techradar.com/au/news/god-of-war-pc
  4. He also spent 20 minutes telling us that HDDs "are bad". I dont think many developers needed telling. I would be amazed if what we got was the GDC talk as it was. They were advertising it on the main PS4 blog so they knew what kind of audience they were going to get.
  5. The XBsX GPU is not a particularly wide GPU compared to what developers already have plenty of experience with in PC land. My own GPU has a thousand more shaders for example.
  6. Yea, this almost confirms he doesn't. Back when I was getting early access to Nvidia graphics cards from a contact in their developer relations team I was under strict instruction to not say anything about them under threat of losing access. These companies dont just give out information to no name Youtubers to make videos.
  7. PC Master Race


    Some one let her know she can solve it all by typing iddqd
  8. AMD demo's are always cringe inducing, the 'Ruby' stuff they were doing a few years ago was awful. Nvidia have a much better example of real time ray tracing with their Star Wars demo.
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