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  1. Yes, so I'm not the only one who felt this way then!!
  2. The recent Lupe Kendrick twitter stuff has made me listen to Lupe who somehow I have never really listened to before. I had no idea he was such a lyrical monster.
  3. Dorehedoro was a wonderful surprise after randomly trying it. One of the best anime shows I've seen in some time. Such a weird and imaginative world. Pretty funny and lighthearted for the most part too despite being incredibly violent.
  4. Been on an Isley tip recently and this is a sweet jam I'd forgotten about
  5. Really? Wow, that's great then! I'll try that, thanks
  6. I'm on chapter 3 of this game I think, and enjoyed what I played but I kept having the feeling that the fact I don't have a PSN subscription was going to make the game even more of a slog than it's supposed to be, building roads and stuff seems pretty much impossible. I haven't played it in a while and would like to go back, but does it still remain enjoyable to play offline?
  7. Still have two more eps to go of this, but it is just stunning, the best thing I've seen on tv for ages. Heartbreaking, funny, and feels realer in all its complexity and weirdness than most things on tv.
  8. Loving the new perspective and appreciation of FF13 on this page. I flipping love the original FF13 (never played its two sequels though), loved it from the moment I first played it and still do. I think at the time of its release its lack of openness really blinded many a fan to its charms and braveness. Like Sprite said up the page, I've always been into FF for the characters and epic story, I can take or leave the openness, so I always clicked with 13, but I do think there is a lot be said for its tighter linearity, now more than ever.
  9. The new Ka album Descendants of Cain is predictably amazing for anyone who is a fan of his sombre music. I reckon this might be his best yet though, his penmanship just gets better and better. "our yogis did stretches upstate"!!!
  10. Eff me, that absolute banger has just made me reappraise my whole opinion of the Yakuza series. They are all masterworks!.
  11. Well this looks unbelievably good. I was one the biggest naysayers early on, but I'm happy to eat my words if it's as good as it looks, episodic or not. I can't even believe graphics like those are possible on PS4, it looks like a PS5 game.
  12. I utterly agree with this. I have finally just completed S3, and for me it was just pure joy from start to finish. It was everything I I could have hoped a Shenmue 3 would be but didn't dare to. The game must have been coded in love, it's almost overwhelming, around every corner there's some gorgeous sight or beautiful and entirely unnecessary (for any other game) detail. The kids playing in the flowers, the glow worms, the butterflies, the smudges on the hotel door glass, playing that face Rock Paper Scissors game with Shenhua, the cute QTE fail cut scenes, the innocent questions you and She
  13. Put me in the "the bad reviews have only hyped me more" category. This is what I've always wanted, Kojima totally untethered and out of control. A perfect storm of insane hubris, budget and creative freedom. This was always likely to be a mess, but it's going to be a beautiful mess of the like we don't get enough of. Something a bit different at last, thank god.
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