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  1. I don't have Gadget, but I might try and buy this because, well - just looks at it
  2. Normal steering is basically digital steering. Try arcade steering and use the gate around the analogue stick to fine-tune your steering (i.e. always hold up for neutral, and roll the stick around the edge for corners).
  3. Ah, I think I got the tracks mixed up. As you were... :p edit - my post on the 2nd page was from an older time, too.
  4. I hate all of you. Hate. Looks like I need to Virtua Man-the-fuck-up.
  5. Yeah, that's fair enough. Accessibilty certainly isn't a bad thing. You're an absolute savage.
  6. Poll needs an 'I invert Y by default regardless of control scheme because who actually moves their head forward to look up' option.
  7. They might be on to a winner if they can get Daeswon Song to hendorse it. Sorry.
  8. Fortnite already handles this well, plus you could always opt in/out. There's no reason not to do it now they're free from constraints.
  9. All of this stuff is lovely and everything, but I think I'm most excited about the prospect of meeting up with Phogoth again and absolutely ruining his day.
  10. They've just announced it's coming to all platforms. Phew.
  11. They're always going to 'screw over' someone, somewhere though, aren't they? The Russians must be fucking livid.
  12. Looks like it's time to replace my trusty Space Tractor.
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