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  1. Splatoon 2 has sold 11.9 million copies and is the 9th best selling game on the Switch.
  2. MW_Jimmy

    Boom Street

    This week started with me looking at videos of Boom Street, then hoping that it might be miraculous announced for the Switch at the Nintendo Direct. It wasn't (I understand that this was such a massive flop I'm not sure we will ever get another version in English ever again). So I picked it up on Friday and learned the mechanics over a couple of games against CPU. Tonight though, I managed to organise a game through Wiimmfi and played a 3 hour game online! I came last but it was certainly a lot of fun, and learnt a lot from watching and talking to veterans players:
  3. I've heard it described as Phoenix Wright without the courtroom scenes and has scenes which are quite dark for a Nintendo game. Game scenario was written by Yoshio Sakamoto of Metroid, Wario Ware and Rhythm Heaven/Paradise fame. He is consulting on this remake. Personally, having a new old game with such history is really special and hopefully captures similar vibes to other 80s adventure titles. Not sure on that price tag though.
  4. Worth mentioning here as well - the Famicom Disk only games Famicom Tantei Club Parts I and II are finally getting English releases. These games came out in 1988 and have never been officially translated, and only the 2nd game has a fan translation. That's a 33 year wait for a Nintendo game to be localised for the west! The games are being remade by Mages/5pb of Steins Gate fame. It's only been mentioned as a digital release currently and £50 bundle on the eShop. I do kinda wish it was closer in style to the box art of the original though!
  5. I think it all looks great! I'm very much interested to see what they do with the single player campaign this time around as they have so much of the world built-up I could definitely see them going all out this time.
  6. They announced a new Crayon Shin Chan game on the Japanese Direct that totally looks like a My Summer Vacation/Attack of the Friday Monsters. Would not be at all surprised if some of those folk are involved.
  7. Totally! Pretty sure it was the original, unlike that shit annoying cover of Have Love Will Travel I hear in that insurance company adverts. Most jarring part in the entire Direct - the music mixed with these characters playing a game that I can't tell if they are parodying something? Are those characters even in the game? Weirdly bland even with all the superfluous presentation efforts they made.
  8. DING DING DING! No More Heroes is probably coming this year now, but still feeling good on all my other game release/announcement predictions.
  9. Yes! Although I used Revolution it works with Nintendont aswell. You must play w game from an ISO dump in order to utilise the Wii WiFi adapter: https://amp.reddit.com/r/PSO/comments/d8ih7k/nintendont_bba_support_for_all_versions_of_pso_gc/ The other benefit of this, is that there are ISO patches that offer improvements. I've patched my PAL copy to enable progressive scan, widescreen, increased draw distance, and most helpful of all - utilisation of the C-Stick to switch between 4 custom button pallets increasing the available slots from 6 to 24! These patches can
  10. Nintendo need to release a proper Chibi Robo. Not a camera game, or a 2D platformer, but a proper 3D adventure where you find junk to power up and help out your family like on the GameCube version. Of course this won't happen as Skip Ltd are now defunct, so just release the GameCube version Nintendo because most folk haven't played it.
  11. I'm not sure that's the explanation as DQVIII didn't release until 2006. My only thoughts as to why is that it was a decision made on trying to keep the game humourous. Or perhaps the Japanese has lots of regional dialects already and it was easier to get a large range through a UK voiceover studio. The Japanese versions of Dragon Quest don't have voice acting at all so it's a really strange situation whereby I could see a future when the English voices become the default version worldwide.
  12. And finally today, February 15th it's the 20th anniversary for PSO EU release date! I'm pretty sure I bought it on launch date, but can't quite remember for sure. I know that I didn't go online straight away though - Dreamkey wouldn't let you use your own ISP and instead you had to pay per minute through BT. So it wasn't until sometime in the summer when two things happened - DC:UK had a cover mounted Action Replay that bypassed the Dreamcast region lock and I picked up a copy of US Dreamcast Magazine which had a demo disc with a new version of the Seganet browser that allowed you
  13. You joke but Minter is all over the place on the pricing of his games and absolutely no consistency between platforms.
  14. Original Mortal Kombat feels pretty punk to me. Ugly digitised characters, one-note gameplay, and US mainstream media worried on the effects of videogame violence.
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