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  1. Yep. Limited Run only ever secure the publishing rights in the US. Wonderboy: Dragons Trap had a different publisher.in each region (Arc System Works/Limited Run/Nicalis) Another thing they do is that they immediately hand the rights back to the developer after publishing - this means that there is nothing stopping the developer republishing the game with another label in the future.
  2. I would like to know too! Either this is something that only certain games do (perhaps Sonic 2) or it was bullshit or lost in translation.
  3. There will be a small period of time now when we will just enjoy having the consoles and playing what's on there - and then the hacking conversation will start. I am as always fascinated to see how quickly it happens.
  4. @Benny Guardian already stole your thunder - gone for a 20yr position though: https://www.theguardian.com/games/2019/sep/19/50-best-video-games-of-the-21st-century
  5. MW_Jimmy

    Nintendo Switch

    That's even worse than expected! I don't get why Square keep cheapening out on their ports. Hard pass
  6. MW_Jimmy

    Nintendo Switch

    The Dragon Quest collection looks to be an absolute mess of redrawn graphics in different resolutions. Hope there are some options otherwise this is looking like a disappointment.
  7. Looks and sounds great! Might be my new skin. Love the Tetris sound.
  8. I'm dead against using alternative store fronts not for our region. Feels scummy but not quite as scummy as G2A. I saw Kero Blaster is half price currently at £4.50. Excellent run and gun, great world building and characters - highly recommend.
  9. The small issues (sound emulation and lack of decent CRT filter) are a bit of a shame but I don't think I can really pass the opportunity to buy new Sega hardware in 20 years. I'll probably finally play through Bloodlines and Light Crusader and I can continue to practice chipping away at Dynamite Headdy.
  10. MW_Jimmy

    Nintendo Switch

    Kirby Super Star 8 games in one!
  11. MW_Jimmy

    Nintendo Switch

    Those SNES pads that Nintendo are selling (at some indeterminate time) don't seem to have a home button?That's a bit rubbish.
  12. MW_Jimmy

    Nintendo Switch

    That fills me with confidence! Spend £55 on a controller that has a deKay/10 chance it works properly or take it apart and fix it myself with sellotape.
  13. I'm hoping there is a way of getting the themes I missed, specifically the Splatoon one. I decided to unlock the Donkey Kong one and it is rubbish
  14. MW_Jimmy

    Nintendo Switch

    I'll have to try it out again on some SNES games. When I played Tetris 99 with it, it was utterly terrible. Never had a problem with the PS4 D-Pad.
  15. Some might even say, perfect for Switch. I hope it's a success and is ported far and wide because that looks really lovely.
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