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  1. Sonic All Star Racing Transformed

    There are rumours that there is another Sonic Racing game in production, but it doesn't have his Sega friends in it, only Sonic's shitty friends. Which is a shame because I thought we could play, let's guess the game title. My entry: Hatsune Miku Magical Mirai Concerts present Sonic and Sega Supersonic Racing R featuring Ryo Hazuki from Shenmue III Kickstarter in association with Geoff Keighley (copyright: Doritos/Mountain Dew)
  2. All things Musou!

    I've only started this week, but the historical context to the storyline works really well to give some decent stakes to the proceedings. It looks nice, the characters are interesting, and the political background is intriguing. The game doesn't handhold with endless tutorials. Combos wnd weapons open up nicely with levelling. And the ever changing objectives as the battle progresses is really well implemented too (is this a Samurai Warriors staple?) Spirit of Sanada feels like a bit of a hidden gem.
  3. Daphne and Celeste... are BACK

    New album? New album! I think it has the potential to be a very interesting listen.
  4. All things Musou!

    I saw that tonight - worrying stuff to be honest and the footage makes it look whack. I started Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada yesterday, my first proper Warriors game I suppose, and I absolutely love it. The context the storyline gives the game is really welcome, and I love the parts that make it feel closer to Toukiden than a Musou.
  5. Mario Galaxy isn't it? Haven't played Odyssey but Galaxy is really magical and is packed through amazing gameplay ideas with a real good story too. Mario 64 is the most important and memorable though, just for the whole reveal and seeing it years before release on TV/Game Mags and being utterly floored by it existing.
  6. Sonic All Star Racing Transformed

    Sumo should just sack-off Crackdown Trei and start work on a Sonic Racing sequel. If they want to save some development time they can take the Crackdown environments they've built and place some tracks and pretend the entire game is a homage to Sonic 06. I expect a release this Summer.
  7. Easy Allies

    Peak. Outside. The. Box.
  8. Knack on Hard Mode is the Dark Souls of Character Mascot Platformers.
  9. Looks like I'm re-subbing to PS+!
  10. Weird and brilliant Australian / New Zealand music

    Big fan of all the punk rock bands from Aussie - Saints, Radio Birdman, Hoodoo Gurus etc. but I'll pull out some more fringe stuff: Those guitars straight away scream of the Aussie sound - this was a short-lived group from Steve Kilbey and his then-wife. Sunnyboys tracks always have really strong melodies and strong poppy hooks. Top miming! Nice to see Headless Chickens mentioned at the start of this thread - one of my very first singles was this that I'm sure my Dad picked out of the 99p bin because it was on Flying Nun records. "Kill the Fat Controller" led to some strange dreams as a kid!
  11. Nintendo Switch

    Countdown to scottcr proclaiming it genius in 3,2,1...
  12. Mixes for doing work to

    If I ever need to really focus writing something for work, this mix has become the background to some my most productive time since 2016, really helping me to knuckle down - just the right mix between tempo and unintrusive. http://www.stampthewax.com/2016/08/08/monday-morning-mixtape136/ Please share yours - I doubt it will dethrone this for me, but I can add it into the mix.

    @ngchol spotted a duplicate - Oh Sees and Thee Oh Sees.
  14. Still looking great. Definitely picking it up. Hopefully short and sweet.
  15. Yaeji

    I'm surprised how much I like this. Geeky Korean-English chill out raps. No album yet - just EPs. One to keep an eye on.

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