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  1. MW_Jimmy

    The 3DS Resurrection thread

    I second this - I've borrowed a 3DS recently and immediately fell in love with Pilotwings Resort. The 3DS is really well done and I've always loved the Wuhu Island setting. Best music! I've also played a lot of Rhythm Paradise Megamix which is the best of the series and has almost everything, with the best part being selectable Japanese/English so you can choose the best versions of songs like: And it has a few new greats like Kitties!
  2. Actually, a Transformers battle royale would be amazing. You could have a far faster and more interesting traversal and then become a Mech for one on one encounters. Make it so movement speed is significantly increased if you stick to roads and allow teams to setup traps, wacky races stylee.
  3. Kyle playing Tetris to the Undertale music and his ridiculous chatter is the funniest thing in ages. 2hr11min mark:
  4. I was mostly referring to the list produced by Vlambeer at the time: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/10/16/rockstar-crunch/ I suspect that the vast majority are, but that is purely speculative conjecture, and it must be very hard to articulate if it's a project borne from "free time"
  5. Indie games tend not to be developed in the hotbed of crunch. Buy independent!* *not exclusively (obviously)
  6. MW_Jimmy


    That Naoto stuff is awful and unfortunately/fortunately something I wasn't aware of on my playthrough due to how I played the game (I didn't romance Naoto). My takeaway throughout P4 was one of the group finding acceptance of each other and how they are, and in Naoto I didn't perceive this to be any different.
  7. MW_Jimmy


    It's Hashino apparently - I know what you mean on P4 at times, but the difference in my head, is that Catherine presents itself as a deep, modern, mature take on relationships. It's pretty much the games raison d'être. Which it does well enough for the most part, and the new character Rin sounded like this was going to be more progressive, and everything looked like it was going to go well and... yeah. Still Hashino isn't involved with Persona anymore. https://www.polygon.com/2017/5/4/15545254/persona-5-director-leaves-katsura-hashino
  8. MW_Jimmy


    So it seems like this remake has some very problematic LGBT storyline issues. I can't say I noticed much offensive in the original, but reading the new ending spoilers, I think this is a hard pass now.
  9. MW_Jimmy

    What reasons are left for keeping hold of a Wii U?

    I've never owned a Wii U but Ive bought, and need to play, TMS and Bayo 2. The HDMI out for the Wii games wasn't something I'd considered - is this better solution than the HDMI converter for the Wii?
  10. MW_Jimmy

    How many games can you keep on the go at one time?

    I'm a bit surprised so far. You are all clearly far more disciplined than me! I think that's where I need to get to for RPGs. When I played Persona 4 (which needed playing around 2 times a week to keep going) I had to get down to a reasonable number of games at once, and then maintain for months. I love JRPGs but the commitment to them is so difficult.
  11. And does it feel comfortable or a burden? Would you rather just stick to one game? Do all of these free-to-play phenomenon (Apex Legends/Tetris 99) help you play a wider variety of games week by week? Personally at the moment, right now, I feel that I'm at my maximum. It's fine because out the games below there is only really one I care about the story to any degree, and so the rest fit around. At the moment: 7 Dead Space Metroid Samus Returns Moonlighter Resistance Pokémon Picross (my current daily login curse) Slitherlink (at times) Time Crisis: Razing Storm The problem really comes when I have an story led experience I really want to get into (generally an RPG) and then I know I can't maintain the list I have, so it always feels like a commitment. The post is sponsored by my stupid gaming backlog (TM)
  12. I've just found out Tetris 99 is developed by Arika. That automatically makes this the best playing/feeling version of Tetris in years. All the Pros are freaking out, and hoping (again) for a grand master title next.
  13. Beat me to it. An almost a ridiculous level of additions here. I'd like to think that these will be added to the PS4 version but I'm not convinced. The fact you can change between basically the 3DS version and console version, both soundtracks and both VOs on the fly is very neat indeed.
  14. Entirely agree with the legitimacy aspect - they just need to bring across more of their cosy image! It almost seems like they've just recreated Game Trailers, maybe because that's what they know, but that image was not something I ever warmed to. It was Kyle Bosman show which was very 1-2-1 and it was only after EZA that I really started to notice the other personalities. Streaming wise, Kyle again in his flat is the best stream going and wouldn't want to loose that either!

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