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  1. Zwei is the one I really want to. Never been ported as far as I am aware.
  2. Cool - I'm probably picking up both SMT games because they seem different enough in style and gameplay.
  3. Quite a few RPGs on sale, most around a fiver on the eShop currently: Radiant Historia SMT IV Apocalypse SMT Strange Journey Etrian Odyssey V Etrian Odyssey Nexus How are the SMT titles and is it okay to play Apocalypse before IV? Phoenix Wright games are also on sale.
  4. How are people playing these Picross games on Switch? Sounds like a stupid question but I'm very used to now playing with a stylus and not sure what I would do on the Switch. Is there a type of stylus that should be used?
  5. Hmmmmmm. It looks like they've struggled to put much of a game in there at first glance. Dropmix had the benefit of the physicality and therefore time-limits felt like it could be a challenge, but I'm very unsure on this.
  6. 01 - Jessy Lanza - Oh No 02 - Kero Kero Bonito - Bonito Generation 03 - Emiliana Torrini - Tookah 04 - John Talabot - fIN 05 - Glasser - Ring 06 - The Juan MacLean - In A Dream 07 - Carly Rae Jepsen - Emotion 08 - TEEN - The Way And The Color 09 - Say Lou Lou - Lucid Dreaming 10 - Phoenix - Ti Amo 11 - Japanese Breakfast - Soft Sounds from Another Planet 12 - Project Pablo - I Want To Believe 13 - Sapphire Slows - Time 14 - Matthew Dear - Beams 15 - Shintaro Sakamoto - Love If Possible 16 - Nite Jewel - Real High 17 - VV Brown - Samson & Delilah 18 - Lindstrom - Is Alright Between Us As It Is 19 - Kelly Lee Owens - Kelly Lee Owens 20 - Rhye - Woman
  7. I discovered the 3DS Theme Shop this weekend, and I am completely addicted to the Hanafuda theme song:
  8. Yeah - I've yet to pick up but it's on the list - just a shame that it's a fairly weak selection of available M2 ports. The Japanese definitely got some better collection's. I've just ordered Starfox and Ace Combat which I hope are just as good with depth as Pilotwings.
  9. Throughout the last two years I've had a borrowed OG 3DS from a friend and in that time I've built up a small library of games with the intention I'll play all the stuff I really want to, and then sell it on. I had to give it back finally last week and long story short couldn't imagine not ever being able to play Pilotwings Resort again so: £120 in Argos, which is pretty good for a new console. Although I thought it was a bit extravagant and unnecessary at first the step up to a new 3DS XL is just outright ridiculous. The 3D effect is absolutely amazing now. It's always worked for me but it's just so more comfortable. The unit is solid, screens large and immersive and not nearly as washed-out. Secondly, having my own 3DS meant I could finally pick up some download titles - Sonic 2 looking good - and then straight away with Streets of Rage purchased justified. I don't think I was quite prepared for how good this would be in 3D! Just insane to me what they've done with the depth and different layers - feels like I'm peering into a miniature paper craft world. Appreciate having the level select option in there too so I can skip to Stage 7 and start throwing bad guys off the lift. I can see me spending quite a bit on download games and quite unlikely to see price reductions now.
  10. Currently the 3DS Shopping Channel has looped to the July 2014 theme - and it's an absolute classic:
  11. MW_Jimmy

    Nintendo Switch

    FFS. Obvious trap is obvious. Just looked up online and Outer Worlds is getting a physical release (as a code in a box).
  12. MW_Jimmy

    Nintendo Switch

    Annapurna published games tend to get released physical by iam8bit (Sayonara Wild Hearts, Wattam) so would totally expect them to release one of their most popular titles last year as well.
  13. MW_Jimmy

    Nintendo Switch

    I didn't bother with a screen protector although I deliberated for weeks. I bought the felt strips for the switch dock for £2 instead which made me much more comfortable using it.
  14. MW_Jimmy

    Nintendo Switch

    I'm probably 80% PS4 and 20% Switch but varies massively depending on what I am playing. Some of this is natural due to Switch titles often more expensive than PS4 (Dragon Quest XI is a good example). Indie titles too I'll generally pick up on PS4 because I like trophies/achievements, but generally don't care as much for short narrative experiences. Switch is mostly played handheld around the house and a little bit in coffee shops. I like tabletop at my desk too.
  15. The entire soundtrack is absolutely amazing and nails the feel of PC Engine/Mega CD era game but this is the current favourite because of that intro:
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