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  1. Gaming Magazines

    Yeah I loved that whole period of gaming in the mid 90s and the story of all these new machines, that’s why I love and still read those File magazines that Edge did, 3 big compilations of their content over this time Loved this too with its 20+ page reviews, think it’s the first time I’ve seen it mentioned in these sort of threads and it’s made me remember how amazing it made Tekken 2 look with its screenshot overload
  2. Nintendo Switch

    I think Nintendo are missing a trick by not releasing little slide on ends for the Switch to make it more comfortable to hold in handheld without the joycons attached - especially with Labo coming. I remember early in it’s life people saying they couldn’t do touch screen only games because they have to allow an on tv option but Nintendo are clearly also doing off tv only stuff, and with kids walking around carrying the Switch unprotected with Labo it makes sense to release soft slide on bumpers slightly wider than the Switch which have no functionality other than making it comfier to hold and protected from drops. Would be cheap to make and loads of different designs and just make it far more usable for handheld use and allow them to steal some tablet market share with quality Nintendo touch screen games and mobile ports and video apps etc. Guess from the Labo dimensions for the bits the Switch slot into they aren’t planning anything like this but seems a waste of the touch screen and tablet form, I know it’s no ipad but stealing user time from tablets can only be good for them along with profits from the accessories themselves
  3. Nintendo Switch

    eshop working fine for me now so fill your boots
  4. Golf Story

    Yeah I’ve hit this, was loving it up until then as well Apparently they’ve submitted a patch for it a couple of weeks back which sorts out existing saves so looking forward to getting back to it, how long does it generally take for patches to go live after submission?
  5. Crystal Maze Coming Back?

    That was hilarious tonight. What the hell was that guy doing in the planet game
  6. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

    Really loving this so far and only at the end of world 1 One thing that's bugging me but not sure if it's just me, is the camera control in battles. Not sure why in the over world have much more control over the camera as in battles can only move it to 4 positions, it's often difficult to see anything especially in enclosed levels with high walls. Is there something I'm missing?
  7. Nintendo Switch

    Rayman Legends demo on the shop now. Me and Mrs 100%'d this back on 360, really tempted to go again, my proudest gaming moment, game was solid. Hopefully we can finish Overcooked by then but that's getting really tricky too
  8. If this is the one I'm thinking of then I too spent ages trying to find it after the mask was insisting there was one about somewhere, but gave up in the end. Will try again later, determined not to use a guide
  9. Splatoon 2

    Downloading the game now, will try to join if it's done soon!
  10. Yeah, it's really drawn me back in. Finished the game a while back on 110 hours and kept trying to dip back in but with no real direction, thinking I'd seen everything and struggling to find more shrines, yet now I see huge areas untouched so now going round them all finding loads of Koroks and new stuff. Havent touched the new quests or trial or anything yet so feel like I've got loads more to do again. Great idea holding this feature back. And as @Fletch said it's weird remembering exactly what happened 100 hours ago just from seeing the path fill in
  11. You can accelerate with Y as well which makes it much easier to just dip onto B to brake. Much less painful as well in hand held mode using Y Not sure if everyone else uses Y instead of A - was really uncomfortable with A so tried Y on the off chance and was pleasantly surprised it works.
  12. Nintendo Switch

    Love how this machine already fits into my life. Obsessed with Zelda at the moment so taking it to work to play on dinner hooked up to the car speakers is a great respite from work, then getting home and playing 1-2 Switch with my 4 year old is great, it's the first game she's really showed interest in and understood how to play. Then when kids have gone to bed I switch between TV and handheld Zelda depending on what the wife is watching (she's getting into it herself so getting more TV time recently), then have a hilarious time with us both playing Snipperclips. Brilliant first week, bring on Mario Kart.
  13. Nintendo Switch

    I created a Japan account to access the eshop but now my News section is all in Japanese, even after logging in as my main UK account. Anyway around this or just delete the user?
  14. I'm so impatient I'm 99% going to return my late Shopto order and pick up one from Argos today who seem to have plenty in stock Only problem is my Shopto one is my first choice Neon and Argos only have grey, trying to decide if worth changing colour just for the sake of getting it today instead of tomorrow
  15. I called 0121 275 0500, then I think 0 to speak to someone. Only ever used DPD twice in the past 2 weeks and both times they've fucked up

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