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  1. bimbam

    Pokemon Go

  2. bimbam

    Pokemon Go

    New to the whole Friend thing so just adding a bunch from the last few pages My code is 5078 6898 3522 Really got back into this now with adventure sync, makes it so much more interesting having buddies and eggs go quick. Finally got a Snorlax from an egg after 2 years
  3. bimbam

    PlayStation VR

    I love both Skyrim and Doom, my only experiences of both so far being on Switch. I mainly love the oh my god how am I playing this on a handheld thing, so I’d like to re-experience them both in a new mind blown sort of way in VR Dont see much said about them though especially Doom, are they any good? Are they blurry?
  4. bimbam

    PlayStation VR

    Finally got one of these a couple of weeks ago and adore it, had some stunning experiences and with my kids and family also love it Astro Bot and Wipeout are exceptional One question though - does everyone else’s view seem like looking through a net or really speckly, especially during dark images and across the whole field of view? Its not the game image itself as it moves with the headset and just looks like it’s on the visor I know the image quality isn’t supposed to be great but this seems odd and not by design so just wondering if it’s normal?
  5. bimbam

    Nintendo Switch

    My digital is the same.
  6. bimbam

    Nintendo Switch

    My experience with my 5 year old from a few pages back: Today we’ve had another game with her 10 year old cousin, which was even more fun and exciting for her - they both came 1st and 2nd I’m sure your 5 year old will love it
  7. bimbam

    Nintendo Switch

    My 5 year old has never really got into games other then bits of iPad and DS stuff, but she’s mega competitive and loves board games so thought she’d try this Shes just got 4 stars on her own, beating me and her Mum and through the whole game was giddy with excitement with every star, until she then won and ran around the house screaming I’m the winner and jumping up and down. Her 1st tooth also fell out today so is excited for tooth fairy, it’s the best day ever apparently
  8. bimbam

    Nintendo Switch

    What time do preloaded games normally unlock? Hoping to get a go of Mario Party at midnight...
  9. bimbam

    Yoku's Island Express

    Think you hold the button rather than press it, just hold it as you approach one when it goes all slow mo
  10. bimbam

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah you’d think so but Nintendo, I think it just means it will automatically backup from the next time you play and save a game, or you could manually do it through the OS one by one. So no bulk upload either automatically or manually, unless I’ve missed something
  11. bimbam

    Nintendo Switch

    Do you mean after doing a save or just as in all your games automatically doing it from the start? If the second I thought this, think it doesn’t automatically do them all at the start and you have to back them up manually one by one
  12. bimbam

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Anyone got Human Fall Flat? Videos look like it could be good in co-op but has anyone tried it?
  13. bimbam

    Do/did your parents game?

    It was my dad who got me into gaming, but no idea why as he hasn’t been into it before it since. Bought me a C64 and I remember playing Fiendish Freddy Big Top of Fun a lot with him Other than that there was a random time when mum and dad told me in the morning they’d played my Tekken game when I was in bed, thought they were messing about but they described how they’d pulled of Laws XOX triple kick thing and seemed legit No idea how they booted it all up
  14. bimbam

    Nintendo Labo - What's in the box?

    This new video is brilliant, looks like an actual meaty game with fun multiplayer stuff, can’t wait to go through the building process again most of all though:
  15. bimbam

    Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

    Does the DK DLC include any new multiplayer stuff or just a new SP campaign? Really hoping for more MP content but searching online doesn’t seem to mention anything

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