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  1. Got a Series X and it genuinely feels like it has revolutionised playing games for me. Obviously not the software (yet) but the boot up speed and quick resume. Any free 20 minutes is a chance for another level, to clear a side mission, a quick race etc. I’m playing more than I have in years. There is not even the tiniest sliver of regret.
  2. With so many games and so little time I wouldnt pay £70. I’m not as impulsive as I was when I was younger either, so I can wait for the price to drop, even if it was something I really wanted to play.
  3. I’ve never played any of them before. Don’t really know anything about the story either. I can’t wait to get stuck in.
  4. I think the AI is what makes the single player so good as they drive a lot like human players. They’ll smash into you at any available chance so every race is tense right to the end. They drive erratically and make mistakes, driving off the course etc.
  5. Thanks for the replies to my query. Think I’m gonna give Dishonoured a blast. Will endeavour to play both but it might be tight to fit them both in before the remastered Mass Effect trilogy is out, which I also haven’t played. I honestly think I’ve completed more games this gen than the last thanks to the XsX and GP.
  6. Star Wars: Ropes of the Jedi Having finished Arkham Knight I’ve seen a lot of positive chat about Dishonoured and Prey. Having never played either which would people recommend?
  7. One of the guys on the Cycling Podcast raised an interesting point in this weeks episode. Why didn't Brailsford/Team Sky/GB cycling put the same level of rigour into investigating the testosterone patches as they did in the Chris Froome salbutamol case if there was nothing to hide and no wrong doing?
  8. I finished this last night. Well finished as much as I'm going to. 246 Riddler trophies to find, no chance in France would I waste my time doing that. Also skipped a lot of other side quests which just feel like pure filler missions. All in all it was an enjoyable experience. I loved the world, the characters, how it all tied together. The combat was good, if a little fiddly at times. It was nice using the gadgets but I think they over did them and the perk system. A good few times it felt like you had to use the gadgets just for the sake of it. I didn't really put a lot of points into
  9. God damn Microsoft. So many games, so little time.
  10. Hello all Xbox Wreckfesters. People still on for tonight? Is the best way to organise it for people to add me ‘VPLGringo’. Once everyone is in the party chat start a server then join via me into the game?
  11. Yeah that certainly seems to be the consensus. Unfortunately Knight is the only one on GP at the minute.
  12. I’ve just started Arkham Knight. It does seem a bit bamboozling initially. I’ve never played any of the other ones so my logic is the driving shouldn't annoy me as much.
  13. Sorry @Mr Tony, saw the invite much too late
  14. Aye we’re on the Xbox as well. 16 player RLL mayhem would be good
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