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  1. YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!! Thanks Popo. Finally set a time with 2 seconds to spare. 4:17.25 which I’m sure is rubbish but it’s a time none the less. In your face hairpin.
  2. Could anyone please advise me on how to take the hairpin corner on the expert track? I just can’t seem to do it no matter what I try. I’ve tried both steering settings and both gear settings. Watched the few videos I could find but I still can’t manage to do it in an adequate way. I keep getting understeer and going off the track or almost slowing to a halt getting round. I haven’t managed to set time a time despite having spent the last hour trying
  3. I didn’t get on with the arcade controls either. Was getting 3:22’s. When I switched to normal I’m down to 3:15.14. i really need to practice the other courses. Yet to post a time on either. Does anyone change their view?
  4. Am I wrong but I thought it said 2 player online on the eShop description. 8 player offline.
  5. Nah. You’ll pick up many swords along the way. Don’t need to be specific Witcher ones. You always just need a steel and a silver sword. W3 was my first experience of the Witcher universe. I watched the YouTube catch up video and that was plenty to understand what was going on.
  6. I had never played civ before. The tutorial was fairly crap and doesn’t really give you enough info on the mechanics imo. Quill18 has a 6 part series on YouTube which gives a comprehensive guide to the basics which i’d recommend.
  7. Have you played civ before? You have to unlock tech on the science tree before you can build certain tile improvements and it also depends on the tile type as well.
  8. Cheers @bradigor. I’ve only been playing a week after not having played Tetris in years. Best finish is 11th. I’ll keep giving it a blast. Watching the clips in this thread and elsewhere I’m a little in awe of the ability of really good players like yourself.
  9. You guys got any tips for how to do T spins? I’ve watched videos but in the heat of battle all knowledge goes out the window.
  10. Spent the evening playing in a squad. We got a win and a couple of second places. I quite like it as a BR game goes. It mght be because the player base is smaller so all the really good FPS players are on apex, or the fact that it’s new and people are getting to grips with it but it seems like a BR I can actually get kills in. Still would have have preferred new maps for the main game though.
  11. I’ve had one game so far and it definitely has that pubg feeling of instant death stalking you at all times. In saying that I spent a large amount of time not seeing anyone and promptly died at the hands of the first person I came across.
  12. Played my first game of this tonight and finished 58th. Hadn’t a notion what I was at even though I’ve been lurking in this thread for a while whilst I was trying to convince myself that I really needed a switch. Must study it a bit more closely now.
  13. Gringo

    Nintendo Switch

    After lurking in this thread for months and stalking HUDs I finally bit the bullet and my switch has arrived today. Got the Mario Kart bundle and an online pass so I can hoover up them sweet 95th place finishes in Tetris 99.
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