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  1. Cheers @bradigor. I’ve only been playing a week after not having played Tetris in years. Best finish is 11th. I’ll keep giving it a blast. Watching the clips in this thread and elsewhere I’m a little in awe of the ability of really good players like yourself.
  2. You guys got any tips for how to do T spins? I’ve watched videos but in the heat of battle all knowledge goes out the window.
  3. Gringo

    Battlefield V

    Spent the evening playing in a squad. We got a win and a couple of second places. I quite like it as a BR game goes. It mght be because the player base is smaller so all the really good FPS players are on apex, or the fact that it’s new and people are getting to grips with it but it seems like a BR I can actually get kills in. Still would have have preferred new maps for the main game though.
  4. Gringo

    Battlefield V

    I’ve had one game so far and it definitely has that pubg feeling of instant death stalking you at all times. In saying that I spent a large amount of time not seeing anyone and promptly died at the hands of the first person I came across.
  5. What witchcraft is this that you make blocks disappear?
  6. Played my first game of this tonight and finished 58th. Hadn’t a notion what I was at even though I’ve been lurking in this thread for a while whilst I was trying to convince myself that I really needed a switch. Must study it a bit more closely now.
  7. Gringo

    Nintendo Switch

    After lurking in this thread for months and stalking HUDs I finally bit the bullet and my switch has arrived today. Got the Mario Kart bundle and an online pass so I can hoover up them sweet 95th place finishes in Tetris 99.
  8. Gringo

    What is your comfort game?

    The golf club 2019. It’s great for a wee blast at the end of the day. Can hammer out a round in about 20-30 minutes. Throw in a couple of other people’s ghost balls for a mild bit of competition.
  9. Gringo

    How long have you spent gaming this week?

    2 hours on apex with three second places in a row then as soon as I left my mates the next game they played with a random and won. A damning indictment on my abilities. 1 hour on the golf club 2019
  10. Gringo

    Nintendo Switch

    @boybrown Aye I’ve read people’s reviews of the travesty that is big bash boom. Just hoping as it’s the main game they will actually produce something playable.
  11. Gringo

    Nintendo Switch

    Big Ant announced the new ashes cricket is also being released for the Switch this summer. Test Cricket on the go is gonna be sweet.
  12. Gringo

    Gaming tropes that need to go away

    As an extension of this is escort missions/levels. The annoyance of having a protect an NPC that can’t defend themselves and are too stupid to avoid the melee. I’m a level 99 killing machine, stay away from the fighting. Oh great, you’ve opted for crouching in a ball out in the open.
  13. Gringo

    Battlefield V

    Does the suppression spotting with the support class spot enemies for your whole team?
  14. Gringo

    Do minigames add anything to a game?

    I can never pass up a game of gwent in the Witcher 3

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