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  1. Gringo

    Playstation Vita

    I was going to ask (assuming it doesn’t contravene forum rules) how a complete noob like myself would go about installing home brew on a completely vanilla Vita?
  2. Gringo

    Battlefield V

    I definitely welcome this as sometimes in BF1 the most expansive combat zone can turn into sniper alley.
  3. Gringo

    Battlefield V

    I cautiously like the idea of limited ammo. If implemented correctly it could work to making the game less of a John rambo fest. I’ve also made the switch from medic to support in BF1 recently so it’ll my time to shine.
  4. Gringo

    E3 2018: EA Play - Everything was GARBAGE

    Thanks for the replies. Didnt know the history of EA wrecking C&C.
  5. Gringo

    E3 2018: EA Play - Everything was GARBAGE

    Forgive my complete ignorance but could someone explain the reason a C&C mobile game is so bad?
  6. Gringo

    Fallout 76 - Prepare Your GaaS Masks

    Dear lord that's a bad one. I'm blaming posting it at 5am whilst on nightshift
  7. Gringo

    Fallout 76 - Prepare Your GaaS Masks

    I didn’t mind the base building so i built a really fortified defensive position ready to reign death and destruction upon waves of raiders and super mutants who were no doubt planning to assault my wasteland utopia. Then no one showed up. Ever!
  8. Gringo

    Football Thread 2017/18

    Had a second look at the pitch invader. Almost looked like he wanted Ronaldo to play a through ball to him
  9. Gringo

    Battlefield V

    I am excited as I haven’t played a WWII multiplayer shooter since Wolfenstein enemy territory many moons ago. I loved the style of BF1 but am worried that EA are going to venture away from that model to a much more customisable version with this game. Digging up every tenuous reference possible to justify face paint and Mohawks.
  10. Gringo

    Battlefield V

    I’m definitely liking the sound of the game from that detailed list. Starting to get a bit of pubg fatigue. Feel like when this comes out i’ll be ready for a more standard multiplayer shooter.
  11. This is pretty much how I feel after watching it. Decent enough and worth a watch but not a 'must see'.
  12. Gringo

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    Thanks @Talk Show Host That is a very comprehensive list of tips. Will certainly take them onboard. I have noticed reading back through the thread that you are a massive fan of the game. I'm definitely not going to rush the it. I might be playing it for years with my limited game time but that is fine.
  13. Gringo

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    I have just started playing this today and my first time ever playing a Witcher game. Hope it's as good as everyone says. Any must know tips?
  14. @Chow what Xbox are you playing on? I’m on an S. As I say, I loved the game up until a few patches ago. I can put up with the loot issues and buildings takin an age to load on drop but the gun play has lost something for me. I still play on our regular 4 man squad Monday’s but I going to focus on other games more. Have hardly played anything else since it was released. Just a bit frustrated with it I guess.
  15. I take it most of you guys play on PC? The Xbox version is broke to the point of being virtually unplayable for me. The last 3 patches seem to have made it progressively worse. The gun fights seem down to randomness rather than skill and I’m just not having fun anymore.

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