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  1. More Wipeout... such a vibrant game:
  2. Purchased.. time to get those creative juices flowing.
  3. This game has currently halted all of my progress on Sekiro and Division 2.... says it all really.
  4. This is nowhere near Trials Rising levels of locked content though . All this game is asking us for you to place in the top 3 to unlock new events... Without this sense of progression the game would definitely suffer. EDIT: Hope to god this doesn't turn into a "Sekiro Easy Mode" style debate.
  5. @CrashedAlex just noticed that the controller sensitivity keeps defaulting back to 7 when you reboot. Any chance of it saving your preferences? Also any plans for a photo-mode?
  6. Think the tunnels are used to mask the loading between different environments, which may explain the odd stutter.
  7. Having now sampled the Hyper & F1 class cars its safe to say that Burnout is back! Can easily forgive all its imperfections and bare bones front end as it delivers where it matters most.. in the gameplay. @CrashedAlex really hope this does well for you guys and look forward to seeing what Post-launch updates you have planned.
  8. Annoying thing is I didn't even crash, I just accidentally eased off the boost button
  9. @parrapatheslapper as mentioned by others once you authenticate Spotify you can control it via the d-pad or directly via your mobile. It's not perfect but atleast gives you some control Also echo everyones love for Heatwave mode.. managed to chain 17 together last night. Oh and definitely lower the control sensitivity a few notches. It makes a big difference.
  10. @CrashedAlex really hope this works out for you and leads on to bigger opportunities to revitalise this dying genre. I've really enjoyed what I've played so far. The handling and relatively "light" feel of everything took a bit of getting used too, but I can already feel the pull of the friends Leaderboard beconning me back for more. Spotify integration works a treat too

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