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  1. I agree it's a horrible move, but I think you can just turn them off if you don't want the extra fight money they bring.
  2. Citrus

    Games you keep buying despite not liking them

    Divinity Original Sin 1 & 2. RPGs with X-Com like combat sound just about perfect to me, but I got very little enjoyment out of either. I blame the RLLMUK thread on the second game for making me forget how much I disliked the first.
  3. Citrus

    Overwatch - Bob!!!

    No problems here (also PS4).
  4. Citrus

    XCOM 2 - War of the Chosen

    The PS4 version of War of the Chosen is a broken mess. Frame rates far lower than the original game, audio problems and a lovely bug where explosive damage doesn't register. I'd avoid until patched, it's a real struggle at the moment. Don't know if it makes any difference, but I'm on a Pro and I've tried it with Boost mode on and off.
  5. Citrus

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo

    That turnip price is about 500 more than I've been offered all week. Please add me if you're feeling charitable. FC: 2638 0597 2995
  6. Citrus

    Anchorman 2!

    Isn't most of the dialogue improvised?
  7. Citrus

    Megadrive Screenshot Challenge!

    45/50. Some sneaky alternative answers on this one.
  8. Citrus

    The Spectrum Screenshot Challenge

    92 on the Amiga quiz for an ST owner. The increased number of colours almost threw me on a couple.
  9. Just finished the game, loved it, but it was far too easy. For a second run through would you recommend using NG+ or starting from scratch for the tougher challenge? If it wasn't for the enthusiasm of the people in this thread I never would have heard about this gem, so many thanks.
  10. Citrus

    Dark Souls - Prepare To Die... You Died.

    Bugger it. 30 hours in and I slice up the Blacksmith (Andre?). I can't stop myself taking swipes at the ghost's of other players and this time it cost me. I'm screwed aren't I.
  11. Citrus

    Rumour: Next-gen Xbox to be revealed at E3

    I think frames must be fattening. All those extra ones you pc boys have seem to go straight to your hips.
  12. I don't think Caine as Alfred works. Perhaps he's too big a name, but it's like the adventures of Batman and Michael Caine at times.
  13. Citrus

    An Idiot Abroad

    The Strangerers?
  14. Finished once and immediately started a second run. Great game. I avoided this thread until the first run was complete and I'm sure it's been mentioned, but the combat is much improved on the Hardcore setting. I wish I'd used it for my first playthrough.
  15. Citrus

    Red Dead Redemption - Never coming to PC

    Back in stock at Game and HMV stores in south west London for those still looking.

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