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  1. So far I've watched all of Atlanta again and Rushmore. I've got Commando lined up for tonight, then I think The War of the Roses which my wife has never seen.
  2. I've just started this from season 1. Two episodes and it's holding my attention. Without any spoilers, I would like to know if there is a proper resolution to the story before I go any further?
  3. There is a bug on the Xbox that is affecting Atmos more generally, not just Disney +.
  4. I wish that Disney plus had all of the One Shots that they made for the home releases. As far as I can tell the only one they've put up is The Consultant which came with Thor (it's in the extras section for that film). I'm particular I want to see the one that shows the Mandarin in prison, also with a brief Justin Hammer cameo. Sort it out Disney.
  5. Rushmore and The Life Aquatic() but no Royal Tenenbaums ()
  6. I didn't get the motorbike exit the first time I tried in Dartmoor after sneaking out through the underbrush. However it did pop the second time I tried, after walking across the stone bridge and strolling through the main gates. This may be a coincidence but having spent years in software testing it does look like the sort of bug you find when you can take multiple paths through a piece of code.
  7. Hitman III already in profit according to this interview. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/amp/2021-01-27-hitman-3-recoups-project-costs-in-under-a-week Well done to ioi. Thoroughly deserved.
  8. As part of a disguise? Yes. As a crude tool for murder? Only a sniper rifle. Anything else would be so gauche.
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