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  1. It never occurred to try and deflect because of the size of the bastard. This is the only souls game where I have bothered to learn the parrying so I'll give that a go. Thanks all.
  2. I've played and beaten all of the previous Souls games but I am absolutely stuck on an early mini-boss I just can't find a consistent opening.
  3. Is this ever getting an Xbox release or should I just buy it on Switch? Edit: Bought on Switch and after 4 hours I love it. 1 of those hours has been spent, stuck at the top of Glacial Peak.
  4. I liked that Billy was wearing Thoroughly enjoyed that after finding season 2 disappointing.
  5. That's like when Sandy Frank created a sister for Zoltar in BotP. Probably made more sense in 1980.
  6. He lights his cigarette with it. It needs fixing because its missing the part that he throws out of the window. I realise I am posting this a decade to late.
  7. I would like to see the Doom of Valyria on screen because it's the only way I'll ever get to see a good version of the Cataclysm from Dragonlance.
  8. Loved Blake's 7 growing up, and Darrow's turn as Vimes in the stage version of Guards Guards. It remains the only Pratchett adaptation that I've enjoyed and it was largely down to his performance. RIP indeed.
  9. Drago's Dogma Get inside the mind and philosophy of one of cinema's greatest villains as you train to fight Rocky Balboa. Victory can only be achieved by bringing America and Russia together in the quest for world peace.
  10. The geiger counter clicks and the score just merged into this terrifying soundscape It's both compelling and awful at the same time.
  11. Carrot always knows more than he is letting on. Everyone knows what Jon Snow knows.
  12. Great Giana Sisters got an official release.
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