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  1. Don Wiskerando

    Xbox One backwards compatibility - Server Runtime Error

    I can see it here https://marketplace.xbox.com/en-GB/Product/MGS-2-AND-3/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d8024b4e0840
  2. Don Wiskerando

    Perfect Films

    Adaptation. The Cage performance(s), the script, cinematography and the sheer audacity of Charlie Kaufman to pull off the ultimate script-stunt. In my opinion it is flawless, never drags and I could watch it every day forever.
  3. Don Wiskerando

    Upstart Crow BBC2 Mondays 10pm

    Just watched the latest episode and, fuck me, Tarbuck and Mitchell were good in that last bit. Also Enfield has really grown me over the 3 series'.
  4. Don Wiskerando

    Films that are good for the soul

  5. Don Wiskerando

    Aliens: Special Edition

    Not John Lee?
  6. Don Wiskerando

    Aliens: Special Edition

    For Barry Hercules?
  7. Don Wiskerando

    New BBC2 idents

    This one makes me think of a vulva.
  8. Still not working on Switch. I assume it will go live later today but I can't find a time.
  9. Don Wiskerando

    Gaming Podcasts

    100% wrong
  10. Don Wiskerando

    Mark of the Ninja Remastered

  11. Don Wiskerando

    Nintendo Switch

    I'm playing Hyper Light Drifter for the first time on Switch. I am enjoying it but I've found that some of the environmental elements are a bit too small to make out in handheld.
  12. Don Wiskerando

    Star Wars Episode IX (December 2019)

    The Skywalker family are fucked up but even Luke and Leia wouldn't contemplate making a full Skywalker, surely.
  13. Don Wiskerando

    Katamari Damacy

    It's more likely that cows are DLC.
  14. Don Wiskerando

    Biggest discrepancy in gaming - your opinion Vs everyone

    Katamari Damacy. It seems to have been universally lauded on here as a quirky, fun, time-waster filled with delightful characters and charming music. I felt like I was trying to push polygons through treacle while being shouted at by King Rollo. I found the whole thing to be tedious waste of time. This means that I am a bad person.
  15. Don Wiskerando

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Thank you sir/madam.

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