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  1. Ghibli allegedly doesn’t have the publishing rights for that one.
  2. Oh my God, Netflix just put up What Did Jack Do, the short film (17 mins) David Lynch made in 2016 and showed on his Festival of Disruption, but which has never had a wide release up until now. It’s absurd, strange and drenched in the trademark oppressive atmosphere that resembles Eraserhead a bit, but in its weirdness resides genuine pathos, warmth and heart. What a perfect little gift on a Monday morning. https://www.netflix.com/title/81226955
  3. Winnie the Pooh (2011) Brilliant movie, severely underrated.
  4. 1. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 2. Marriage Story 3. The Lighthouse 4. Knives Out 5. Ad Astra 6. 6 Underground 7. Sound & Fury 8. Ready Or Not 9. De Patrick 10. Paris Est à Nous
  5. Shows are structured completely different and are far more plot-driven than films though. It’s apples and oranges, different narrative mediums. 3,5 hours has always been a very long runtime for a film too. I didn’t think that the relatively thin plot and themes of the film justified the runtime either. There were a lot of meandering scenes, not contributing anything really worthwhile to the whole or repeating a point already made before, often multiple times (which is a problem I have with a few other of Scorsese’s films). It’s entertaining enough but really could lose some fat.
  6. Heh, that 6 for DS is the first time in years (since Battlefield 4 I think) that I really disagree with an Edge score. Easily the best game of 2019 and it’s been a year with lots of superb titles.
  7. I only just discovered this today and couldn’t find a topic on it, but this is brilliant stuff. It’s a found footage “film” presented as a series of Let’s Play videos by a guy who goes through a faux lost game for the PS1, slowly discovering its content throughout the 24 videos released so far. His voice-over is part of the diegesis and he’s addressing it all to an unknown second person. The sense of mystery and the eerie atmosphere as he narrates his playthrough is fantastic. It’s a genuinely original and extremely well-executed concept, well worth watching imo. Here’s the first video: Here’s a link to the channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZKQv0ZFHpeIUkOtNjtq4KA
  8. 1. Too Old to Die Young 2. Watchmen 3. The Boys 4. Mindhunter 5. Servant (so far at least)
  9. No. He mentions videolog-like devices to tell the story, like in a lot of videogames. His post doesn’t imply any of that, that’s just you fantasizing.
  10. The base game is dirt (sic) cheap atm but with all the dlc it gets significantly more expensive. Do you peeps recommend getting all the seasons or should the pack with S3 and S4 be sufficient?
  11. So Death Stranding ain’t gonna get reviewed? Lol
  12. [edit] Not the strongest of his relatively serious, critical videos I must say. I’ve watched the first two or so minutes and stopped because of the spoilers, but the points he makes so far are all pretty unfair and ill-thought-out. I mean, he’s basically expecting the game to control like Assassin's Creed or a 3D Mario with effortless movement and then slags it because it doesn’t.
  13. Why would all of that matter when the content is good? Is he spouting lies or something?
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