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  1. I have Redd on my island, he has a nice painting and a flowery pairing that are both genuine. Dodo code: 6DX4T. I’ll keep the gates open for a while. I’m afk myself. [edit] I have closed down, both paintings are gone
  2. Ahh, already have one of those but much appreciated
  3. Thanks! Left some bells in front of your house.
  4. I have to make just one more run if that's okay
  5. Nope, don't have a spare Tricero torso.
  6. I'll be right over! Do you need any fossils?
  7. Grobbelboy

    Edge #346

    I’m still waiting for my copy of #345 to arrive
  8. Yeah, your right. I mean the first shot after Murphy turns around and the gang starts shooting.
  9. That’s not entirely correct. You clearly see his arm missing at the end of the assault in the theatrical cut, the uncut version just has an extra insert where you see it getting blown off entirely with the first shot that’s fired (not in stages). There’s nothing really that messy about the editing of the theatrical.
  10. I think the most unfortunate cut is the removal of the shot of Murphy just before he gets the final blow to the head from Boddicker. They built and fully animated this insanely detailed and lifelike animatronic of Weller for that, but you only catch a very short glimpse of it in the theatrical version. It’s a good thing that just about every physical and digital copy of the film available right now is the unrated cut though.
  11. @Fieldini Got rid of my last bunch of turnips, thanks! Left some bells behind your guy. Got a total profit of around 5 million, should be enough for some inclines and bridges.
  12. @Marzipan Travolta Thank you, there’s a bag of bells on the left of your house!
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