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  1. MikeBeaver

    Nintendo Switch

    get the thing hacked then, I've been ONLY playing FF7 on mine for a good couple of weeks, in fcat, I am now going home to play some more of it :p Ripped my disc with any2iso on the mac, stuck the sd card in, dropped in the retroarch foldeer and off I went, I know it's not the all singing fancy new version, but it's a fantastic game still and I've not finished Disc one since it was a new release, I'm almost there
  2. MikeBeaver

    Nintendo Switch

    Luckily, with their Switch titles, it is an open pre order, you've got two weeks to just waltz over, place an order and wait for it to arrive ( it's a long wait :p ) less limited than when they have x thousand copies of something, but still nice to own some of them on a cart which you can keep or sell as you wish
  3. MikeBeaver

    Nintendo Switch

    Celeste is coming to Limited Run Games on January 1st, it'll take months to arrive, but physical media
  4. MikeBeaver

    Nintendo Switch

    It's more than likely got a bit of dirt in there, others up thread have had success in spraying air underneath the cap and around it to dislodge anything, personally I've just been changing them out with replacements as they are so cheap and it's a five minute job to swap round for a fresh one.
  5. MikeBeaver

    Nintendo Switch

    Down on the stick or the buttons? If it's the stick, you can try a can of compressed air to clear the blockage.
  6. MikeBeaver

    Dave Perry is back...

    Just risked the awkwardness of someone walking in my office door and played it... fucking hell, it could only be more cringe inducing if he'd got the Maybot dancing along to it as well!!
  7. MikeBeaver

    Analogue Super Nt

    How much were the normal unit's? 249 seems about right, but the site is saying the others were over $400, surely they are not doing it for $150 cheaper? And if so, why?!?
  8. Go back in March... I'll be there with goodies :p
  9. MikeBeaver

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Nintendo is what Genesisn't
  10. ME!! Probably because I once threw one down the stairs in anger at EB games refusing to take it back, especially as I'd sold my SNES and a bunch of awesome games to listen to "Where did you, learn to fly?" to this day I hate that sample
  11. I worked in a small independent and copies of Knuckles Chatoix on the 32x were 99p each, no one wanted them... similar thing here, haunted by the lost chance
  12. MikeBeaver

    Nintendo Switch Homebrew Thread

    You still need to do the pin thing and send the payload via a computer or Android device, but only if you shut the system down, if you leave it in sleep mode the hack remains. You can have it set to auto boot into the RCM mode to negate the need for the pin thing but I found that brings it's own set of issues, as in, I left it for a day or so without charging, in auto RCM mode, I then had to spend two hours faffing around to get it to actually boot, I've had that turned back off since and also have just kept it in either sleep mode or on charge. I'll probably get banned at some point, as I forgot to delete the home wifi connection and weas sat playing FF VII on Retroarch for several hours, not noticing I still had wifi on and it'd connected to my router, oh well, it's made me play a good amount of the game that I usually wouldn't, I've managed to make it out of Midgar for the first time in about 10 years :p
  13. MikeBeaver

    The future of emulation

    Fuck me... I just went to see how much it was on Amazon as it sounded interesting, it's hitting triple figures!! eBay is a little better, but £60 is mental Does sound like a really cool title though, may have to try and emulate it on the JXD.

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