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  1. Event has started, a 15th, 2nd and 1st has secured my GB Tetris theme, for some reason it feels even more panic inducing when in the final 10, the music just ramps up to 11
  2. MikeBeaver

    Nintendo Switch

    It is, if you ever plan on going online with it again, hence I have a machine for emulation and another for tetris 99 Am FTP'ing over JSR to it as I type, was trying to get it on the SD card via USB, but that's been a pain, fucking exFat and OSX
  3. MikeBeaver

    Nintendo Switch

    Sega might not, but Reicast has an Alpha out for the Switch now and JSR works ok from what I've read, not tried it yet myself, but Rez portable runs pretty nicely.
  4. MikeBeaver

    'Dumpster diving' at the tip?

    Ahh, yeah, I thought that about half an hour after I replied :p Yep, I had a fairly recent time machine of it which I can dip into when needed, it had all my BTC and LTC on it, so that got dragged off and stuck on a CD, it's working, but still really slow, that could be because I've robbed most of the ram out of it for other systems, poor thing only has 4gb atm.
  5. MikeBeaver

    'Dumpster diving' at the tip?

    It's only the disc drive mechanism, if it fails entirely, I'll just get replacement parts, left it running doing updates, left uncharted running and no over heating as of yet, for £50 it means I can fuck about playing some PS4 games for a while and if it does die, it'll go on ebay as a faulty console, it was only £50 after all.
  6. Always worth getting, even if you use them to trade up the quality of your boxes or pass on in exchange for ones you want yourself
  7. So, this weekend hasn't been too terrible for games related stuff, find of yesterday is a toss up between a working PS4 for £50 ( console only ) or Metal Gear Solid on the GBC for £1 Other notable things were a US DS Lite in Pearl Pink, lovely condition with NSMB, Mario Kart, Simpsons and the obligatory Brain Training for a tenner, two other DS lite's for £15 the pair, and Morrowind on the OG Xbox for £1. Today has been less exciting, mostly stuff for the office, Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Keyboard 2 for £35, set of Sony RF Wireless Headphones for £2 ( I've been for a walk, they run about quarter of a mile from the base unit! ), Wii with NSMB, Mario Kart, Wii Sports and Just Dance for £15, OG Xbox, 2 pads and 6 NES games for £25 and the Black Panther DVD for £1 to watch later Suns out now though, so I am expecting there to be loads more tatt to buy in the coming weeks
  8. MikeBeaver

    'Dumpster diving' at the tip?

    This seems to have sort of sorted it, it boots first time every time now ( well, the five times I tried it last night ) although I left it running at work last night updating the Litecoin block chain, it had restarted when I got back here earlier, but it "might" have done some updates over night. As for dumpster diving news, the usual carboot dump reseller chap was there yesterday with a PS4 that had clearly been dumped, £50, no controllers etc, just the standard 500gb machine, I took a punt on it, apart from a loose lid where the HDD goes and a piece cut away from the lip, it plays fine! It seems that the previous owner had skipped it because the discs take a while to go in / come out, I'll give the drive runners a clean when I get a chance, spent an hour or so using his profile to play Uncharted 1 for the first time yesterday, then he signed in elsewhere so I lost my progress, left it over night downloading all the updates for No Mans Sky, looking forward to getting to play some PS games for a change for sure.
  9. I think CC deserves another play through now I've heard that music again, only ever beaten it once, as back in the day I bought it on import ( still have it ) and the swap trick wouldn't work at the end of disc one Was just as good circa 2013/14 when I did that play through as I remembered it being on release, the combat in that really was great.
  10. It's off putting as fuck, for some reason it's made me dislike it a little, could be that t is more noticeable now, or I just woke up on the wong side :p
  11. Loks like it plays similar to third person action games, rather than a turn based system, leading more to action styled gaming rather than thoughtful use of your move set. I always found the ATB fun and challenging, working out if an attack, casting magic, using an item was for this turn or the next, it had a different type of strategy to it, with this, it just looks like a generic push the A button to attack as much as you can and dodge a little, with the old set up, you had to plan ahead, in a way, I see turn based combat similar to Chess, could just be me though, maybe there will be people out there who like it, maybe even I will once it arrives and I've dug it out of a secondhand basket somewhere, but there's no excitement from me for it and that is a shame, I am exactly who this game should be striking nostalgia for, instead, I see it and I'd rather complain about it on the internet.
  12. Is it me, or have they changed the look of the Ghost blocks and the shade of grey for the junk you receive?
  13. Hence why 12 was the last I bought day 1, 13 I picked up but did'nt finish until the Vita release and have not bought another ( well, Type-0, bu tthat just compounded my resolve not to get anymore) since, FF is dead to me, I'll always be able to replay the old ones, of course, but it saddens me to see the shit the series has become, and this is fron someone who still has a plethora of FF merch adorning his bedroom
  14. MikeBeaver

    Retro repair and refurbishment

    I've just done one with a piece of wire, it's only temp, just to make sure that was the problem, it won't be getting switched on till a proper 1.5a quick blow fues arrives, £1.40 delivered on ebay

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