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  1. Sensible move there to take him off, save him for the final and less chance of him being goaded into another card.
  2. Got high hopes for this one
  3. Seems to be working fine here, just played a bit of Tetris Effect and GTA V, both through GP, no issues.
  4. Stop it, right now!! I am not ready for the disapointment when it doesn't turn up
  5. FAST Rmx, it was alright, but yeah, not 100% an F-Zero clone or much more than a 7/10 game, but it showed what they could do if given the F-Zero licence, they have the technical know how to do it, the thing shuttles along at a right old pace
  6. They could have bought Zenimax for that !!! yeah, except THEY don't need to make it, they could farm it out to Shinen, or someone else .
  7. I guess because it's simply fucking amazing, it is what, £50 or there abouts, and offers quite frankly hundreds of hours of game time, and none of it is dull, I've played through it twice, and would probably do so again. That list of 13 games has sold over 200 million between them, add in the rest and I really do wonder if Nintendo will finally hit the 1 Billion software units sold by the end of the Switch's life cycle.
  8. That's sort of good to know then, means if they a elooked after, they should last a while longer
  9. So far I have spent since 5pm working on 10 3DS XL's ( one I had on the shelf, the other 9 came as a job lot for just under £300 ). 3 of them turn out to be USA region, 2 of those work, the other needs work 2 are dead, Black screen, tinkered with the WiFi chips, nothing, so they're done for. the other 5, 3 are together and working, one needs a lower screen, which are on order and on route from China and the fifth I'm now about to check, after letting the ribbon connector soak in some white vinegar for a while. My back aches, the place is covered in screws and bits of
  10. Yep, it was an Ipswich Town game, he got a few games "off"
  11. Is it due to the number of times it's being used, or just the materials of the ROM breaking down physically?
  12. Nah, Chelsea to win it, can't bear to City lift it tbh.
  13. Well, ain't this just a steaming pile of shit
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