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  1. MikeBeaver

    Titanfall 2

    Was chatting to someone in the pub at lunch about this earlier, they were saying they wanted a decent shooter as they'd just picked up a One X and which CoD should they get? Soundly pointed them in the direction of The Game Collection on Amazon, where it is currently £5.95 brand new and delivered, such a great campaign on this and for less than cheap take away everyone should own it or at least play it once.
  2. MikeBeaver


    To be fair though, there are folks like me who bought the Snes Mini, plugged it in and used it for five minutes, before leaving it to let the dust settle, I mostly got it as it looked cool and I could afford to buy it, if I wan't to play any of the included titles, I am more than likely to still pirate them and play on a more useful device such as the PSP, PS Vita, 3DS or Switch, handhelds are my go to gaming device but it's nice to have the Snes & Nes Mini sitting there looking all tiny and cool
  3. Have finally sorted through all the HQ stuff, it's all really well looked after and thew figures have been painted up rather lovely, out of the 3 expansions and the main game, all that is missing is a pit tile from Ogre Horde, the rest of it and Witch Lord still being unpunched, the previous owner looks to have just opened must of the expansions to paint the figures and then put the rest away. Taken all day to sort through them, but I've actually enjoyed fixing up the Warhammer figures that had pieces snapped off and generally enjoying how well these look, don't think they're the most detailed models ever, but the best ones I have seen by a long shot, really glad I got out of bed this morning
  4. That was including all the Warhammer and heroquest items as well, the Mega CD , MD1 and games was up for £100, which given the condition of the boxes for the consoles, was a steal
  5. Usually try to take a couple of hundred with me, perhaps 3 or 4 if it looks like a big weekend. If you wanna cover postage, you can have it, I'll be binning it otherwise. Was £170 for all of that, still baffled at how I managed to get it and no one else did
  6. MikeBeaver

    Game piracy in 2018

    If rumours are to be believed, then the Spyro Reignited Trilogy is only the first game on the disc and parts 2 & 3 are downloads, that's going to kill it for the 2nd hand market for sure They did the same a few years back when they done the online pass, back then it was fine if you were not really interested in the online aspect of a game, but gating 2 out of 3 titles to a download code is a pretty shit thing to do.
  7. £170 spent on one stall this morning, for a change it was I who was the envy of the usual booty buyers, will get some snaps up shortly once iCloud has done it's thing, but the lovely folks on the stall sold me a Boxed MD1 and Mega CD1, a fair few games, a rather large bundle of Warhammer figures and the board game and Heroquest plus 3 or 4 expansion packs, filled the back of the car up!! Currently enjoying (??) Chuck Rock 2 on the MCD :p
  8. MikeBeaver

    Socketeer: My New Game Inspired By Paradroid and Spelunky

    Just out of curiosity, how much capital woul be needed to get it on the Switch? Always wondered what the associated costs for things like this are as for smaller indie's it must be quite the barrier to entry, even with something that looks as awesome as this. The music is really good from that trailor and I'm down for getting the Xbox version once it's out
  9. Not able to hit any boots this weekend or next as I’m playing driver for a band, but rocked up at one their houses to crash last night and the room I’ve been given is literally full of games, spotted a Gamecube, Snes and ps1 right away... trying to get said band members mum to sell them to me :p :p
  10. MikeBeaver

    Game piracy in 2018

    I did once, got two copies of Firza 5 from GAME digitally for 1p each, used one and swapped the other for a Sunset Overdrive code as gir for piracy and pre-owned, you can walk in a shop, hand over money, go home and without ANY faff, play a preowned game, same can’t be said for pirated stuff, there’s always something you need to do, and quite often a trade off with missing online functions, and of course, no resale value as it’s a copy.
  11. This little collection was £13, not tested the c64 yet but Astro wars works great on a mega drive psu
  12. I've just picked her up, so only level 3 currently, but as I've gained new characters, I have swapped out my highest level character, slowly bring up a team who will hopefully all be about the same level by the time I am done. Going forward I'll be taking the appropraite character on their story quest, along with the weaker members to make it a little more challenging and also because I'll be doing all sorts of grinding to get them higher
  13. Accidentally wandered into a danger level 52 area yesterday... I ran the fuck away VERY quickly :p Love how you can just be waking around, all powerful, feeling like you can take on anything and then you flip to the next screen and the rols are reversed and you're fleeing for your life, amazing how much of a breath of fresh air this is seeing as it's a throw back to older style games.

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