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  1. 2 and the stand alone DLC are fantastic, one of the best JRPG's I've played in the last 3 years, and that includes Tokyo Mirage and DQ XI
  2. List is upside down!!!
  3. Just stay away from those bastard Savage Encounters, they'e evil, and they scale, no matter what level you are, or what dungeon, they're deadly!!
  4. This si just as fantastic as when I first played it on the Wii U, back then, I put over 20 Hours in and was at Chapter 3, lighting lamps, I've breezed past that now on the Switch version, it has been a really nice JRPG to jump into straight after DQXI ( Which got to be bit of a slog towards the end and I'll go back to it eventually to wrap up the story ). But this, this is great, the combat is sublime, swapping folks in and out to get the ideal session going, and the Japanese language / Subtitles is no issue at all, reminds me of playing JRPG's back in the day and having to read everything there
  5. I played the unreleased demo, it was alright, some nice call backs and nods to the original, and I certainly wanted to carry on playing once the demo ended, I just think I'll be grumpy that it ends at Midgar and like you, will have at least a 2 year wait for the next section, if it ever comes.
  6. But they are ONLY releasing part of it this year, which is quite the shame, it's good that it is looking quite well done, but it's a, not turn based and b, not even half way finished :-(
  7. I play most of my retro gaming through emulation, it's just a lot easier, nearly always on some kind of hacked handheld ( PSP, then Vita, a JXD 7800b for a while and now the Switch ), but I have an inability not to buy more and more games, if it's cool, quirky or stupdly rare, I seem to need it, I don't, but I still feel like I do, part of me nows that at some point, a LOT of this will have to go, my bedroom looks the same as it did when I was in my late teens, only now there is an ever increasing amount of figures, games and general gaming shit piled precariously on top of each other. My office is just as bad, admitedly, my business is selling the things, but my personal collection has gradually started taking over small areas and then larger areas of the place, and for some reason I've started hanging on to sodding sealed games, mostly DS and 3DS, thankfully, my year and a half dalliace with getting a full set of "Limited Run Games" titles for the Switch has be curtailed, mainly due to the vast majority of them being shit titles, shit titles that have cost me roughly £1,500, maybe more if you add in some of the PS3/4 and Vita titles, but all sit there sealed, looking good on a shelf... as I type this I am getting the urge to purge... :-(
  8. MikeBeaver

    Pokemon Go

    Is "KingExplosionMR" anyone on here? If so, we're about to go Best Friends when you open the gift I've sent, be a star and let me know before you do, if you can, I could really do with dropping an xp egg to double up, this grinf to lvl 40 is almost over :p
  9. This is awesome news, but no ticket pricing yet or even when they go on sale, I just KNOW I'll bloody miss them, and I NEED a pair of tickets for this !!!
  10. Oh yeah.... erm, why did I even try to split the joycons, on a PSP game ??? I'm losing the plot, although I do wonder hpw well it would work with netplay against a Vita running homebrew, Hmmmmm **EDIT** Ah, that;s what they're saying there, but just about 2P matches, if the RetroArch instance of PPSSPP has adhock mlti support , it might just work.
  11. That knock off thing came out on PC the other day, TemTem or something like that, and the DLC for sword / Sheild got nnounced, so it's kinda back in the news, nowhere near as much chatter as DOTA gets though.
  12. Sorry, I got distracted by Pokemon Go. Results are patchy at best though. First up, there are a few awkward graphical glitches on the pre titlescreen thingy, you can't see what you're selecting, but a few clicks and I was at the main screen, picked and played a bit of the first game, it plays nicely, looks good and runs at a decent speed, nothing wrong that I could see. Only issue I am having is using split Joycons, your usage with Retroarch may differ, but I had to go to the main screen of the Switch, split the joycon and press the buttons so it knew they were plit, then open RetroArch and go throught the setting, I just couldn't progress any further, not through it not working, but because I'm thick and couldn't work out how to change key bindings once I'd split the JC, missing START & SELECT buttons to get into the config menu really hampered that.
  13. Totally didn't think of that, I'll give Powerstone a test tomorrow, off to bed here in a minute.
  14. PPSSPP works a charm on it, via the normal Switch OS, no need to drop into Android for that.
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