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  1. 3 x Original PS2 systems, 2 with HDD's installed, 1 x 160gb, 1 x 300gb and haklf silver half black. All playing discs and stuff off the HDD's. On to the Wii consoles shortly. Once all of these are sorted / tested, I'll sort some proper pics out, but for now it is just a never ending pile of stuff to get tested and put in complete "sets" with controllers, cables etc.
  2. 5/10 working xbox's, 3 crystal and 2 black are dead, shame, as one of the dead crystal ones has some lovely / horrid ( delete as you find appropriate ) lights inside, would have kept it for myself, but it's coming up with a service message, and I suspect it's something to do with the massive 160gb HDD slapped inside, cba sorting it out. Moved on to the PS2 slimlines now, one is standarrd , works just fine, the other "had" a Matrix Infinity 2.0 installed, but it wasn't working, so am in the middle of removing it.
  3. First Xbox tested... it's going very slowly, mainly because it has Coinops 7 installed and loads of emulators, I've accidentally got stuck playing MK 64
  4. It worked just swell on the UK systems here, as I used that to test them, didn't work on the N64 though and as yet to try it on a PAL SNES, those are getting tried later. No, but I HAVE installed it, I'm aware it has bugs and serious issues, but I've played all the Saints Row games, even finished 3 on the Switch, so how bad can it be, really?
  5. Done Done And done. Got to do the days parcels, then I can get cracking on with testing more tat / doing repairs, which is obviously more fun
  6. I've had to put some work into things here and there, and with the remaining PS2's/Xbox's/ Wii's, I am expecting more problems, as those are machines that tend to have issues with reading discs and HDD's in the Xbox's, but we shall see.... might get up and go start work
  7. It's not "quite" that bad any more, I had an empty shell to swap the top round on, but I'm going back in tomorrow, the GD-ROM sounds a bit flakey and I have a spare, plus the power switch is sticking down, but that can get dealt with at a later date, like when it goes up on the bay, for now I just wanted to get it sort of going, tomorrow involves testing 2 PS2 slims, 3 PS2 originals, 10 x Xbox consoles and 7 Wii's, fucking hell, I saved the best for last eh?
  8. Here’s a few shots from early in the day, excuse them being on the piss, blame the forum and iOS not playing nice. im giving up for the day, 8 hours at this shit and I’m drained.
  9. Hamy update, I've soldered in a USB cable, it charges and fires up, like the Supaboy, it's only NTSC/J + U, PAL games are unsupported
  10. Next up:- Gears of War 320gb Xbox 360 S with matching controller, working. iPega PG-9700 Gamepad ( Android handheld, currently trying to charge it up ) Various crappy famiclone handhelds, I'm lumping in an AtGames thing with these as it's also shit. Hewlett packard ac200 Action Camera ( no charger and online specs indicate it's only 5mp, so probably shit ) "Hamy" Portable SNES ( Kinda like the Super Boy ) This has had it's charging port pushed in and needs looking at, and the battery cover is missing.
  11. It's the original one, takes a barrel jack, there was only one in the pile of cables that fitted, so I couldn't help myself and had to try it... by Christ, it looks gorgeous.
  12. Boxed Sega Saturn, working a Treat Dreamcast has been re-shelled, it actually works!! Retro-Bit, Retro Duo Light Blue Original DS Boxed Retron HD 2 x JXD 7800b handhelds ( Boxed ) One is new, all inserts, original factory screen things on.
  13. More tested / fixed and working. Super Boy Handheld SNES / SFC console N64 ( Cartridge slot was faulty, have swapped it for a good one I had in a dead purple N64, and switched the shell round at the same time.) Sega Game Gear - Recapped and an RGB / VGA out board fitted Faulty Game Gear ( Needs a recap at the very least ) PS4, 1.77 TB free space All rear warranty stickers had been removed, so wasn't expecting it to work, seems fine, currently installing Watchdogs : Legion to make sure the drive is tip top. Dreamcast ( looks like it's been inside a smokers
  14. I caved and plugged in the Nt, with a PSu that didn't even have a sticker on it... it only fucking works!!! retron 5 No3, SNES port pins are all chewed up, scrap. retron 5 No4, needs a fw update, doing that now.
  15. More tested and working White DS Lite Wine Red DSi XL Atomic Clear GBC Microsoft Surface Pro ( 1st generation ) 128gb GBA SP ( reshelled ) works but the screen has been damaged during the reshell process by the looks of it White Original 3DS, with the Ambassador games. PS TV, with a tasty 64gb official memory card inside!! PS Vita 1000, running Henkaku with SD2Vita adaptor and 64gb Micro SD 2 x Retron 5 ( the controllers on the other hand... fucking useless things, 1 out of 4 works so far and I've been tinkering with them )
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