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  1. MikeBeaver

    London Gaming Market

    If I had actually made it, I had a small stack of Neo Pocket boxed carts to take along, the first year I sold there ( 2016 ) I let an AES with 3 boxed games go for £360, it was early in the day and I was in a good mood ( also half pissed through drinkin whisky to numb toothache pain ) in 4 years of going there no, I have NEVER seen another AES console at the Donny market. Glad you nabbed that arcade stick, would have been on my list of things also, it's amazing what gets left till the end of the day, I had a boxed Woody VCS at Doncaster, priced at £70, it sold at around 3pm, the chap buying it couldn't believe it had been there all day and was so pleased to have found it in nice condition and at a good price, think I paid 45 or 50 for it, so was more than happy with a £20 profit, a lot of the traders there do it full time, myself and my mate Karl ( ScaddingK who was there today ) only do Doncaster and occasionally London, so we're more there to shift rarer stuff at prices where they willgo, always happy to haggle as there isn't another show now till next March and taking less stuff home to sit in boxes for a year is a ball ache, but yeah, there is a LOT of traders, still think it was better when @Cauterize was running that one, had a much less corporate vibe to it.
  2. Started last night, finished it a few moments ago, roughly 3 hours ish, got lost in a few places, but mostly straight forward. Art style and music are amazing, if this isn't at least on GB's "Style" section at GOTY time then there is something wrong with them. I didn't find it fun as such to play though, the platforming and movement all worked well, I just wasn't sure why I was doing what I was doing, but still felt compelled to carry on and get it finished as I just loved the look and sound of it,, glad others have enjoyed it though.
  3. MikeBeaver

    Retro Game Club - March ‘19: Link’s Awakening

    I think the room below you is the bastard where you need to kill enemies in a certain order, if it is, I lucked it a few hours back, but yeah, if there are three things to kill in the room below the screen you are on, they need to be done in a cartain order.
  4. MikeBeaver

    London Gaming Market

    One of the people at Doncaster a fortnight ago was steadfastly saying "NO" to haggling before the actual customers came in, and she still sold a shit ton of stuff to other traders, it is vulture like early doors, I was selling at Donny and between stuff for other shows and for myself, managed to get through just under £500, it's a shame I'm unable to make it, as from what I have heard, LGM is the best one of the bunch that Andy runs for takings, and after my worst take at Donny in the 4 years I have been going, I was looking forward to the cash. Other things to do would be to keep anything overly valuable further back the table, things have walked in the past, my second year someone had away with Metal gear on the NES ( boxed ) and R-Type II on the GB ( Also boxed ) so that's around £185 I wouldn't see again, and those are just the ones I know about, always helpful if you have someone there to help you out, extra eyes and to cover if you need the loo, worth taking a pack lunch also
  5. MikeBeaver

    Retro Game Club - March ‘19: Link’s Awakening

    I'm just going to use the cartridge on an old gba sp... managed to spend several hours on it today and have now fucked my save file up.... grrrr
  6. MikeBeaver

    London Gaming Market

    I didi have two tables booked for this, but due to some health issues last weekend I have had to pass them off, if it's anything like the Doncaster show, it will be good, you WILL be hassled by all the other traders before it opens to the public, my only advice is to refuse any and all haggling for things, everyone there selling is obviously there to sell, if they want something fro you, they already think they can make extra cash out of it.
  7. MikeBeaver

    Retro Game Club - March ‘19: Link’s Awakening

    Been a little distracted over the last week, so only started this earlier today, chucked the ROM onto the Switch and am playing through RetroArch, only pottering through the first dungeon so far but it's not grabbed me properly yet, I have fond memories of playing through it years ago, so hopefully after a few more hours I'll get back in the swing of things.
  8. There is a 13 ish minute catchup from season 1 on Prime ( well, there was last night ) that sort of goes through the whole season in quite som edetail, and shows what happened at tthe very end, well worth a watch
  9. MikeBeaver

    Xbox One X just died and MS are utter tripe

    This is of no use to you I expect, but that does indeed sound like a faulty HDD, if it were to happen again to you or anyone in the future, it's usually a 105, 106 and 101 error that pops up, won't let you restore, if you do manage to get it to the restore screen, it goes awry. Mate of mines Forza Blue OG console done the same, I swapped the drive out, did all the awkward formatting gubbins ( it's NOT as simple as a PS4 unfortunately ) anbd had it back up and running.
  10. MikeBeaver

    Retro Game Club - March ‘19: Link’s Awakening

    I'm in, picked up Link's Awakening DX from VGM today, so I'm onboard right away
  11. MikeBeaver

    Alita: Battle Angel

    Nope, I've not, no nostaligia for it either I am afraid, only time I saw anything Speed Racer related was at Play.Com Live several years ago, looked alright, should probably give it a watch
  12. MikeBeaver

    Alita: Battle Angel

    Went to see this last night with my gf, I thoroughly enjoyed it, I’ve only watched the anime before, so the mars connection and roller derby were all new to me, and the other half also enjoyed it, she said she was engrossed throughout and if I hadn’t mentioned going, she’d have never watched it as she had no knowledge of the anime of manga. it was literally 12 hours ago that we were watching it, but I’d happily watch it again right away, it’s been several years since I last watched Avatar, and I couldn’t careless if I never saw it or a sequel again . if you’ve not seen this, go to the cinema and support it, it’s the only good anime adaptation I’ve ever seen!!
  13. Hope you've been into settings and turned off auto updates
  14. MikeBeaver

    Final Fantasy X/X-2, the HD remaster (now on PS4)

    Just be sure to get a brand new copy if you're at all interested in X-2, that was a download code in the box, so any used copies will likely have had that redeemed.
  15. MikeBeaver

    Nintendo Switch

    Hmmmm, more like 2 or 3 though please, 4 was a little too super powery for me, I think 3 was the pinacle of humour / gameplay / feel, by the time 4 hit, there really wasn't any need to even get in the vehicles, just zipping about the city was so easy with all the character upgrades, so I shall be pretty excitde to get back into this one, although I really wouldn't mind revisiting the second also at some point

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