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  1. MikeBeaver

    Nintendo Switch

    Golf Story is coming to a cartridge at some point this year ( September ) through Limited Run Games, and as with all their Switch titles so far, it will be a pre-order system, so no need to wait on the site, hitting refresh at stupid times of the day, unless you want the actual lmited run special edition that they will more than likely produce. If it's like their other titles, it should be about £30 for one with the shipping, not sure how cheap it is on the eshop, but it's nice to have a cart and box and at £30 it's more than reasonable
  2. MikeBeaver

    Pokemon Go

    200k exp away from 36, it's been a mighty grind so far, sometimes I hate living in the countryside, I'm without a car for the entire week, so Monday to Friday I get 4 stops and a gym on the walk to work, a few spins on the post office run in the afternoon and then the same 4 and a gym on the way home. Some old cunt with more money than sense has started playing in the last month or so, he drinks in my local and quite happily throws money at the thing, he's maxed out his carrying abbility for bag and captures, spends shit loads on sodding rasps and then when you go to take down the one and only gym in our village, he will wait till you've almost beaten his 'mon and then fully heal with Golden Raspberries, it's utterly infuriating as I refuse to put money in and need my 50 coins a day from sitting in the gym, and in his own words as to why he wants to sit in it and not also go for the 50 coins per day thing.. " well, it's the prestige of it inn'it, don't want no one else in there, I wanna be on top", fucking twunt! Sorry, that turned into bit of a rant :p
  3. Yep, same here, I started with Primrose, moved on to Alfyn and then collected Therion before time ran out, everything spoken or written was in standard English Any decent pre-order prices anywhere? Amazon is £45 would like to try finding it at least a little cheaper.
  4. Well, that's my 3 hours done, it let me finish up the section I was in and battle the boss, so that was 3 characters in my party ( started on Prim's story, same as the previous demo ). I'm quite enjoying it so far and would have liked to carry on the story for the rest of the day, I am considering starting again though, this time without watching all the cutscene stuff and trying to get to a fourth character, hmmmm, speed running a demo sounds like an interesting idea to be sure
  5. Accidentally wandered into a danger level 20 cave... needless to say I've just been one hit killed and it's gone back in sleep mode to charge
  6. MikeBeaver

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    I watched it and cringed, they may very well be that excited about the titles announced, I was very pleased ( and so far dissapointed ) to see the FF VII remake announcment, but I didn't run round my mates house jumping and screaming, but anyway, that's just me, they do things differently and that's fine, it's why I don't watch them and avoid their stuff, I don't hold sway that anyone who watches it and doesn't appreciate it is dead inside, it's just not for everyone, let's leave it at that.
  7. I'm wondering if it's the full game there but locked behind that 3 hour wall? And if that is the case, now that hackers are deep into system files, is it going to be a case where the full game gets kind of leaked via the demo if they can tinker with it in that way? I'm just thinking about it, I have no idea if any of that is possible of course, but seeing the balls up Sega made with Yakuza a few months back, it's not out of the realms of possibility.
  8. MikeBeaver

    Nintendo Switch

    I've been looking about and they are $12 on Aliexpress for the ribbon, it's a pretty straight forward job to swap it round
  9. MikeBeaver

    Nintendo Switch

    Do you expect it to be the ribbon cable for the button that is the problem? If so, I have a right joy con that is fully borked and I shorted the pins out to use it for hacking the system, I'd hapilly pop the ribbon cable out of it and sent you that if you are comfortable taking your one apart to replace it. ** EDIT ** Ah, I've just seen which one SR is, it's on the ribbon strip that I've used with the pins
  10. You can use normal AA if they are the same voltage, just wedge them in with something non conductive, it's OK for testing if it powers up but won't hold up to tough play sessions.
  11. Just reading through the Polygon article and they saying that you can use ANT standard 3/5 mm headset with the game for voice chat, no mobile app required !!! Surely this should be up for discussion and shouted from the rooftops??
  12. Lets look at this objectively, at least it means @elmo and @jcafarley can SERIOUSLY fuck with Matt on the TCGS E3 Podcast, no matter what they say happened, he will be wrong :p
  13. MikeBeaver

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Come on, I didn't like Dan for ages, pretty much until he moved out to the East Coast crew, but no way does he deserve to be likened to anyone from that Essex show? He's annoying I guess, stupid, deffinitely, but he is still no Joey Essex :p
  14. Saturday AND Sunday alarms went of at 4:30, tomorrow I am staying the fuck in bed till at least 9 :p Especially as I'll be off to my mates in a bit to check out Microsofts E3 event, talked over by Giant Bomb. Watched Ghost in the Shell ( 2017 ) erm... I think I need to rewatch it, it made bugger all scense, and I've seen and understood the original !!
  15. Well, this weekend has held some more recent treasure, so far the highlights are :- Wii U and 3 games - £40 PS Vita OLED, 3.60 fw, 16gb memory car and FIFA 13 cart - £45 12GB PS3 Super Slim ( no leads or pad but working fine ) - £8 Ponyo on Ghost in the Shell ( 2017 live action ) - £1 each ( both of which I have wanted to watch again and for the 1st time respectively ). Cards Against Humanity, used but tidy condition - £3 There are lots of other buys, but none as bargainous as the ones above, this weekend has seen 1 boot yesterday and 4 today, roughly 200 miles driven and a 4:30 am alarm set for both days, as for if it was worth it.... I'll let you know after I've had a nap :p

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