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  1. The misjudgement by the press in the lead up to this has been great, Woods going to break Nicklaus’ 18 majors (although that had died down significantly over the past few weeks) and McIlroy being the favourite. Instead we’re getting a really interesting spread, some great golfers didn’t make the cut (looking at you Big Phil), defending champion Molinari way down the leaderboard and what seems like a bunch of golfers with the physicality of darts players leading the pack going into the weekend. Makes a nice change from the usual athletic, photogenic good brand sponsors being talked about! Westwood winning would be an incredible Cinderella story. He recently offloaded a bunch of shite at charity shops near me (I was tempted by one of his US Ope participants trophy, only £125), so it would be great seeing him win.
  2. If you like R-Type, it's definitely worthwhile checking out Katakis on the C64. Developed by Factor 5 (of Turrican and Star Wars Rogue Squadron/leader fame) and published by Rainbow Arts, Katakis was a really highly reviewed "rip off" (or homage ;-) of R-Type. While Activision had managed to get the conversion license for R-Type, it took quite a while to get it released meaning Katakis was released before R-Type and basically pissed off Activision so much that they took out a court injunction on it, and won. Although they also got Factor 5 to develop the official R-Type port for the C64, although uniroinically it wasn't as good as Katakis (which also had an amazing Manfred Trenz soundtrack).
  3. Yeah McIlroy looked like he was feeling the pressure, but Woods (T144) looked genuinely awful. There’s quite a lot of good players are way down the leaderboard. Lee Westwood was in good form, maybe a bit of a dark horse there....
  4. As we move into more digital games, I really appreciate the physicality of my really old games. Picking up a Spectrum game box, reading the instructions (which are often either non-existent, hilariously awful or in such small writing that I struggle to read, even with my glasses) and I’m totally taken back to that time in my youth. I also get get a similar feeling from reading old magazines, reading the reviews and previews and remembering when I looked forward to my monthly copy of Sinclair User (or later, Your Sinclair). One of the games that captures a bit of that is Retro Game Challenge in the Nintendo DS, as you completed a game’s challenge, the months would progress and you’d get a copy of a magazine hyping up an upcoming game (which you’d eventually unlock) as well as giving tips for games that came out a few months previously (so you’d go back to the games you unlocked and try out the hints!). What was brilliant was how the games “improved” and progressed over time, the graphics and gameplay becoming more sophisticated. Although it was set in Japan in the 80s, it totally brought back that sort of feeling of when I was that age (and that you and your friend were lying on the floor playing the games, something I see my son and his friend doing).
  5. I’ve also got a load of 128k enhanced snapshots (48k games that people have recently added 128k music etc) that work with the DivMMC future if you’re interested. They’re a bit of a pain to find on the web, although they’re freely distributed.
  6. BTW, although it looks like the machine is in 48k mode when the DivMMC is connected, you can still load 128k tape games by pressing J then “” (it will display LOAD “”) and hit Enter, followed by pressing play on the tape!
  7. third time lucky or "turd" time unlucky? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neo_Geo_X#Controversy
  8. I presume they're planning on doing more "remastered" games like Hunters Moon (which could be installed on the C64 Mini) but annoyingly you can't actually play it on real hardware unless you buy the cartridge version : https://thalamusdigital.itch.io/hunters-moon-remastered "The downloadable C64 digital version is designed for use with a C64 emulator – it cannot be used with an EasyFlash cartridge, 1541 Ultimate, or Turbo Chameleon." Due to the fact that the game was made specifically to take advantage of the cartridge hardware, it won't be released in any other formats." There was a C64 Mini version made available, but I don't know if it is a D64 file? I'd buy this in a heartbeat if it would work on my SD2IEC, but seeing as Thalamus games tend not to work on it, I'm not taking the risk!
  9. Once you've seen this, it's hard not to see Ralph Fiennes as Rigsby.
  10. I remember Alien Wars in Glasgow's Arches, although I'm sure I read it was bought up and transported to Japan! I also remember going to the Trocadero as part of a P7 school trip to London, which was great fun but then being shocked at the cafe charging £1 for a can of coke (this was 1987), the equivalent of £2.47 now!!!
  11. I read recently that Disney Quest is now closed and torn down. And this is now a block of flats. There is an arcade cafe opened up in Edinburgh and there's also another arcade still in Portobello, although it only has newer games. (I wonder what happened to the old games in the other arcade? I remember about 15 years ago there was a stand up Cisco Heat left out the back of it just to rot, was going to take it but didn't have the room).
  12. I think if you're really serious about getting a C64, you'd be better waiting for this to be released (which, I will admit, may be some time away!) http://mega65.org I did give the C64 Mini a try and it just felt like a slightly updated version of that C64 DTV unit a few years ago. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C64_Direct-to-TV Even the games were mostly the same. While I get it that it may be a fun little toy for some people, I found it a bit lacking, but then I have got a bread bin C64 with an SD2IEC, so I'm probably not the target audience (BTW, the bread bin does have a SCART socket built in, so if your TV has SCART then it should work fine).
  13. Yes, it will force the spectrum into the “48k mode” screen (the c 1982 Amstrad screen) but press the red led button and you’ll get the menu.
  14. Great find, is it boxed or just the cart (usually in a clear case ;-) ) looks like the cart only goes for over £100 these days!
  15. Nostalgia with video games can be a killer sometimes. At the moment I seem to be reminiscing about a certain age in my life (around 1985-87) and I’m thinking of the games I used to play with my best friend from that time. And I think “wouldn’t it be great to catch up with him, play some Spectrum and C64 games”. Unfortunately he seems to have completely disappeared off the face of the planet, well there’s no trace of him when I search on Google or any social media platform. So I play Barry McGuigan’s Boxing in one player and raise a glass to him, wherever that crazy bastard is now....
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