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  1. Fucking daily rewards turned off. Boo!
  2. ...so you can't use the same EA Login and play with the same UT across PC and PS4?
  3. I've seen so many videos like this (not just FIFA related) with slightly disingenuous reactions to make me feel like they are all fakes. Anyway, Ronaldo is crap. 44 standing tackle and 41 interceptions? Pff.
  4. According to the leaderboards, I've made a 13.5k transfer profit, so I must have been lucky with some of the packs. I just didn't notice anyone any good....there were only some middling 1-2k sales. The SBC's allowed me to sell a further few benchers, netting me Bonaventura. Spent 2 hours this morning making sure I got the best deals! This will do for now, nothing else I can do. I've got a bench full of players too, but literally nothing left of any value (but a ton of fitness and contract cards).
  5. It's for the Let's Move Forward SBC. They look like this:
  6. ...also, don't anyone do any of the Daily Objectives...they don't seem to be working. I've bought 2 healing items now and it still says 'Incomplete'. The weekly ones seem to be logging BIN purchases though.
  7. No, the reward just says 'choice of 5 players, all Gold, Max 80'. I think there are 4 early SBC's: 1 GK pick, 1 CB, 1 midfielder and one attacker. Open the pack and it shows you the 5 players to choose from. If you're not sure and need to look at your team, just don't click anyone and go back to your squad...it looks like the pack has been redeemed, but if you try to open another one, it says something like 'Your previous player was not chosen, please choose now before continuing.' I thought I had a double, but wasn't sure, so had to go back and went through all this!
  8. Yeah, I've got him and Bonaventura alongside Bakayoko now. They will last a few divisions! It's worth doing all the crappy Bronze SBC's, as you get (untradable) player cards as rewards, so you can sell your benchers for cash and keep the untradables! You get a choice of 5 players, minimum 78, or 80, differing positions, etc. Then you can choose which one you want to keep. I don't remember that in 18?
  9. Look at this French kid...is there anything he can't do?! Bargain.
  10. Right, that's enough messing about for today. Not bad for nothing!!!
  11. I'm in the middle of a France/Italy hybrid...Balotelli is a great link. He's playing alongside the wonderfully named Kevin Lasagne. It's like someone asked a kid to make up an Italian footballer. I literally only bought him because of his name. I can't wait for him to score.
  12. Well, I got a load of shit AHAHAHAAAAAA.

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