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  1. I agree, I Spelunked 98% of the time on my Vita. Although I am waiting for the PC version now though, because it's what an expensive gaming pc was made for?
  2. It's just your muscle memory though, it'll get easier, stick with it. I've been playing a lot of Session and Skater XL so I feel your pain...but it does make sense after a bit. However, I did play a loooooooot of THPS back in the day, so YMMV... I am finding I come out of vert a lot by pushing forward, so need to learn to stop doing it.
  3. I can totally understand why they are holding back on any sort of new additional VR hardware yet, pitch the current PSVR bump in fidelity and quality as a PS5 bonus, get more people interested, get more games out, expand the base....then boom, introduce PSVR2 next Xmas with a ton of bells and whistles.
  4. ...actually, fuck....I never even realised. PSVR will be getting a big bump in quality, won't it? I suppose it's just like upgrading your PC and being able to dial up the shinies in Oculus/Index/Vive games.
  5. When the PS5 comes out and you need to ask your wife (stolen from Reddit).
  6. Seeing as this has just come out on Steam now and is absolutely killing reviews (97% Overwhelmingly positive!) has anyopne else picked this up? I've only just scratched the surface, but it's very good...really satisfying mining, I like mooching around planets and progressing slowly. https://store.steampowered.com/app/526870/Satisfactory/
  7. I'd seriously recommend something like this. I'm a bit out of the loop, so don't know if that company in particular are any good, but prescription lenses are the way forward. Something magnetic like this is probably better, as they can be easily popped out when you want to swap with another user. Glasses annoyance (and a big head) really spoilt early VR for me, ealding me to dip out in a huff. I am 97.4% sure I'm going to dive back in again now that these types of solutions are around.
  8. Anyone else look at the transfer window and work out who would be good for next seasons game?! The Prem will be great...Werner, Possibly Sancho and Havertz...Koulibaly at City.
  9. Ponyo is amazing. Some excellent, huge action sequences, but on the flip side has incredible attention to detail: I love how Sōsuke acts, a proper little boy...the food...the sea life...
  10. Yep, you don't want to be buying a 2070 for close to RRP, when the new cards won't be much more. Also, 2nd hand prices on the previous gen will plummet, meaning bargains to be had! What's the latest release rumour, August/September? 3090/80 first, then 3070 a month or so after? It's not long to wait for something that could save you £'s or mean you can get a super shiny new GPU...
  11. Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario Galaxy 2 rumoured for November....Sunshine!!!
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