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  1. Gaming Magazines

    I’ve always thought Edge to be well written, it’s been consistent through the years. I, however, have not been so consistent. Early on I found it to be much too worthy and heavy, but later, as my interest in games started to broaden, I found it fascinating, and read it cover to cover. Lately, parental responsibility mean I can only dip into my subscription copy, and still haven’t read that epic Final Fantasy article (I will get round to it soon). I guess what I’m trying to say is, if you think a mag is duff, maybe you’re just not the target demographic anymore. Although who Games TM is aimed at, I’ll never know
  2. Doctor Who

    I like it. A distinctive look without going over the top. I'd have a different t-shirt every episode, though.
  3. Nintendo DS Appreciation Thread

    Well it didn't on my copy, and I tried every button, twice, which is why I had to yell 'OBJECTION!' on a packed London Underground train, like an absolute twat.
  4. "I'm keeping this retro console and games because my children may want to experience the history of gaming in an authentic way". Also fits in with "Yes, i'm still a gamer. OK, I only game for 15 minutes a day, usually last thing at night, when I'm so tired that the simplest puzzle or slightest reaction test is to much for me, but I'm still a gamer!"
  5. The Greatest Games Systems Of All Time

    Dreamcast (10) Amiga (9) PC (8) N64 (7) Gamecube (6) Wii U (5) Saturn (4) Xbox Original (3) PS2 (2) SNES (1)
  6. Your Most Played & Favourite Console...

    For me, its the Megadrive. I have a soft spot for the Dreamcast, surely the most magical of machines, and am proud of my N64 and SNES and my small collection of stone cold classic carts. I really like the Saturn, too, and its unusual feel. But the Megadrive was the console I had in university; i bought one second hand just on a whim, and people just started bringing games in. 'Oh, i used to have one of those' they'd say. Four player games of Madden (94 i think it was), Bomberman, Micro Machines and Super Off-Road Racing, competitive Street Fighter 2 with a guy who was an even match for me, Sensible Soccer with my Zipstick, the girls in the flat letting off steam in Streets of Rage 2. Someone saying 'here, try this its ace' and playing Shining Force 2 for ages. List the games and its beaten by the other consoles. But because of time and place, its my favourite. Best impulse buy I've ever made.
  7. Your Favourite Game Pad (or other controllers)

    Growing up with the Commodore Amiga, I was very attached to the Zipstick: I take this over the stiff, hand-ache inducing Competition Pro any day. To this day, I find it impossible to play Sensible Soccer any other way. Could use it on a Megadrive, too (only one button, mind). On my old PC, I used to play the original 2D Grand Theft Auto, and used this little beauty: Saitek Megapad The d-pad had a lovely clickly action, just felt high quality for a 3rd party. As for more modern machines, although really its a 360 pad that I've used the most (and still use on PC), this comes a close second: My first wireless controller. Sure, it didn't have rumble, but man it felt good having no wire.
  8. Well this looks lovely. My sister asked me what i wanted for my birthday, so I've asked for this. Thanks!
  9. Amiibo by Nintendo

    Zeldo BotW back in stock at nintendo: https://store.nintendo.co.uk/amiibo/zelda-amiibo-the-legend-of-zelda-breath-of-the-wild-collection/11396527.html
  10. Post Your Gaming Setups

    Yamakazi 12 year.
  11. SNES Mini

    I'm going to be buried with mine, so technically...
  12. Rllmuk Top 100 games of our times: 2017 - VOTING CLOSED

    01. Super Mario 64 02. Rez 03. Ketsui 04. Outrun 05. Super Mario Galaxy 06. Mr Driller 07. Zelda: A Link to the Past 08. Outrun 2 09. Geometry Wars 10. TkX 11. Paradroid 90 12. Ico 13. Super Hexagon 14. Bomberman (Saturn) 15. Jeanne D'Arc 16. Animal Crossing New Leaf 17. Stunt Car Racer 18. The Chaos Engine 19. Braid 20. Virtua Racer
  13. Games that eluded you

    Skies of Arcadia on the Dreamcast. Played this when it first came out, and loved the story and the art, it was just beautiful, and I really wanted to continue playing, I was totally absorbed. But then I was in this area amongst some treetops and I just couldn't figure out where to go next, and where to land the ship, and the random battles just kept coming and whittling down my energy over and over again... In the end I cracked (literally cracked - i still have this hyper-tense feeling as i write this) and just haven't been brave enough to go back.
  14. Games that eluded you

    Mario 64 is the game I'm playing right now (and loving it). I only got to 75 coins first time around, and I'm determined to 100% it this time. So this is a useful tip. This was a big difficulty spike in the game. Its the only level I had to try multiple times. It really challenges you to use his full moveset. I managed it after a couple of weeks of practice, and i'm sure i'm a better player for it. This took me weeks of practice. By the end of it i was so traumatised I'm still too scared to play it again. I'm a bit rubbish at games. Poor reflexes, bad judgement, etc. I'm a bit old, too. So if i can beat them with a bit (ok, a lot) of practice, so can you.

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