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  1. Pretty good offer on Flavourly, 24 short dated Northern Monk Neapolitan Pale Ale for £30. To be honest, it’s worth signing up to Flavourly and Beer52 for their free trial and cancelling, just to get access to their deals. They’re often doing good prices on mystery cases or short dated stock.
  2. OnionNon

    NFL 2019!

    Thanks @McFly, I’ve ordered Next Man Up (though Take Your Eye Off the Ball is an excellent name for a book!).
  3. OnionNon

    NFL 2019!

    Can anyone recommend an NFL-related Christmas gift for a friend, budget £10-20? Was thinking of a book but wouldn’t know where to start.
  4. OnionNon

    NFL 2019!

    @mrben09 what’s it like around the ground, much there to see and do before the game for fans? I’ll be there for Sunday’s game.
  5. OnionNon

    Cricket Thread

    The Edge is free to watch on Amazon Prime now. They’ve also got Death of a Gentlemen and Fire in Babylon up.
  6. OnionNon

    Cricket Thread

    Smith confirmed out of the next test.
  7. OnionNon

    Cricket Thread

    No, I don’t think there are prescribed periods like in other sports.
  8. OnionNon

    Cricket Thread

    New concussion rules I think.
  9. OnionNon

    Cricket Thread

    Stump mic picking up Stokes
  10. OnionNon


    Why not. I don’t mind a splash of Aperol or bitters in mine.
  11. OnionNon


    Porlex ones are worth looking at.
  12. Yep, they’re really good. I’ve got an Instant Pot.
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